Tropical Horticulture Questions – Week 8

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Tropical Horticulture

Questions – Week 8
What is the origin of the breadfruit?
What is the average temperature for breadfruit adaptation?
T or F - The jackfruit originates from the rainforest of the Western Ghats region of India.
How do you know when to pick breadfruit?
What other related fruits can be found, other than the rambutan, in the plant family Sapindaceae?
What type of fruit is the rambutan? Describe.
Which species of macadamia is rough shelled, sessile, and more spiny?

  1. M. integrifolia

  2. M. ternifolia

  3. M. tetraphylla

  4. M. minor

How long does it take a cashew tree to yield fruit?

  1. 6 months

  2. 8 years

  3. 2 years

  4. 14 years

Normal yields for an Acardium occidentale occur in which tree year?

  1. 5th – 6th year

  2. 12th -14th year

  3. 4th – 5th year

  4. 8th year

Which tree bark can be used to make a coarse cloth and sleeping mats?

  1. macadamia tree

  2. brazil nut tree

  3. pistachio tree

  4. cashew tree

Macadamia is primarily grown where and predominately on which soils?

T or F - Macadamia production in Hawaii is only profitable above 2000’ in altitude.
Breadfruit is in what family?

  1. Moraceae

  2. Fabaceae

  3. Ardoaceae

  4. Cycadeceae

Who brought breadfruit to the West Indies for slaves?

  1. Captain Bligh

  2. Captain Jack

  3. Captain Baker

  4. Captain Morgan

Breadfruit is ripe when ________ starts appearing on the fruit.

  1. honey

  2. butter

  3. latex

  4. dirt

Name two other plants in the same family as the breadfruit.

T or F – Most varieties of breadfruit are purgative if eaten cooked.
Mangosteen is also known as:

  1. Crown fruit

  2. Queen of the jungle

  3. Queen of fruits

  4. Royal fruit

Which of the following families does not originate in Central or South America?

  1. Annonaceae

  2. Passifloraceae

  3. Moraceae

  4. Sapotaceae

Fruit from the Passifloraceae family are what type of fruit?

  1. aggregate

  2. drupe

  3. berry

  4. pome

Which of the following tropical fruits set parthenocarpically?

  1. Artocarpus altilis

  2. Artocarpus heterophyllus

  3. Garcinia mangostana

  4. Nephelium lappaceum

The three minor fruits from Asia that are related to the rambutan known as litchi, longan, and pulasan belong to the family of:

  1. Oxalidaceae

  2. Guttiferae

  3. Moraceae

  4. Sapindaceae

The passion fruit is pollinated by:

  1. fruit flies

  2. honey bees and bumble bees

  3. bumble bees and hummingbirds

  4. beetles

Which nation is the largest producer of the cashew nut?

  1. Vietnam

  2. Brazil

  3. India

  4. Indonesia

T or F - Jackfruit is the largest of all tree-borne fruit.

Which fruit is considered the “Queen of all fruits”?

  1. durian

  2. mangosteen

  3. breadfruit

  4. jackfruit

Rambutan has an epidermis that appears:

  1. rough

  2. smooth

  3. hairy

  4. slick

Where did the durian originate?

  1. Sumatra and Borneo

  2. Spain

  3. Costa Rica

  4. India

In what types of soils can the carambola grow?

What is the fruit yield of the tamarind tree?

  1. 330 to 500 lbs. fruit/tree

  2. 100 to 150 lbs. fruit/tree

  3. 220 to 320 lbs. fruit/tree

  4. 500 to 650 lbs. fruit/tree

Cashew seeds are density tested using:

  1. sea water

  2. carbonated water (like soda)

  3. 2% milk

  4. solution of calcium carbonate

What is the largest tree borne fruit?

  1. banana

  2. coconut

  3. jackfruit

  4. mangosteen

Related plants to breadfruit in the Moraceae family do not include:

  1. jackfruit

  2. Valencia orange

  3. mulberry

  4. fig


  1. is the largest of all tree borne fruit

  2. requires acidic soils only

  3. is drought and cold tolerant

  4. will defoliate at temperatures under 60ºF

Which fruit grows best in wet, lowland, tropical climates in deep, rich, organic soils that are not calcareous?

  1. mangosteen

  2. jackfruit

  3. breadfruit

  4. rambutan

Describe the plant form of a durian

  1. cactus

  2. grass

  3. large erect tree

  4. small bush

Where did carambola originate?

  1. Borneo

  2. Thailand

  3. India

  4. Sri Lanka

What color does the ovary of a cashew flower turn after fertilization?

What tree nut is enclosed in a shell called ourico?
How many months does it take breadfruit to develop?
What century was breadfruit introduced to West Indies?
Breadfruit is a(n) __________.

  1. multiple

  2. drupe

  3. aggregate

  4. none of the above

Breadfruit is in the Moraceae family. What are some other fruits in this family?

  1. mulberry

  2. fig

  3. osage orange

  4. all of the above

  5. none of the above

If a plant has separate male and female flowers on the same plant it is:

  1. dioecious

  2. monoecious

  3. trioecious

  4. none of the above

Some of the common food uses of breadfruit are:

  1. boiled as a vegetable if under ripe

  2. roasted as a vegetable if under ripe

  3. ripe fruit is baked and made into sweets

  4. all of the above

When is breadfruit harvested?

Describe jackfruit.
Until what age will a jackfruit tree produce fruit?
Cashews are a native of:

  1. Brazil

  2. Ecuador

  3. Ivory Coast

  4. none of the above

Who was the first to commercialize the cashew?

  1. Brazil

  2. Africa

  3. India

  4. none of the above

Among the nine tree nuts in world trade, the cashew is ranked _______________ in order of importance.

  1. 1st

  2. 2nd

  3. 3rd

  4. last

Which fruit was thought of as food for the colonies during famine?

  1. durian

  2. jackfruit

  3. mangosteen

  4. breadfruit

Which is the “queen” of fruits?

  1. durian

  2. jackfruit

  3. mangosteen

  4. breadfruit

Which fruit NEEDS cross-pollination by insects?

  1. rambutan

  2. jackfruit

  3. mangosteen

  4. breadfruit

How long will a breadfruit tree remain productive?

  1. 50 years

  2. 40 years

  3. 14 years

  4. 4 years

Why are mangosteens propagated by seed?

T or F - Rambutans yield up to 50 MT/Ha.
What is the recommended spacing when planting breadfruit?
What is the largest of all tree-borne fruit?

  1. durian

  2. mangosteen

  3. breadfruit

  4. jackfruit

Describe the soil conditions that mangosteen is best adapted to.

Which of the following is also known as Moraceae, Artocarpus altilis?

  1. durian

  2. breadfruit

  3. jackfruit

  4. mangosteen

Who is the largest world producer of cashew?

T or F – Shelling during the processing method is manually done by women, who are paid for whole kernels and not for pieces.
What is the origin of the cashew?
T or F – The mangosteen can only be reproduced asexually.
__________________ is not eaten raw.

  1. rambutan

  2. mangosteen

  3. breadfruit

  4. jackfruit

T or F – Mangosteen is considered the king of tropical fruit.

T or F – The macadamia can be grown on lava formations.
Macadamia ______________ develops nutritional deficiency symptoms when grafted on Macadamia ______________ (fill blanks w/species names).

  1. tetraphylla; integrifolia

  2. integrifolia; tetraphylla

  3. tetraphylla; tetraphylla

  4. integrifolia; integrifolia

The post-harvest storage of the jackfruit at 52-55ºF is:

  1. up to 1 week

  2. 2-3 weeks

  3. 3-6 weeks

  4. up to 6 months

The ideal post-harvest storage temperature of the mangosteen is

  1. 55-60ºF

  2. 50-55ºF

  3. 39-42ºF

  4. 34-37ºF

To what family does breadfruit belong?

  1. Moraceae

  2. Rosaceae

  3. Sapindaceae

  4. Fabaceae

This fruit has male and hermaphroditic flowers that never produce pollen. All of its seed is produced parthenocarpically.

  1. durian

  2. mangosteen

  3. breadfruit

  4. rambutan

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