Triticale end-use: technological and nutritional properties 1

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Triticale end-use: technological and nutritional properties

1Bona L., 1E. Acs, 2S. Tomoskozi, 1-2B. Lango

1Cereal Research Ltd., POB 391, Szeged 6701, Hungary; 2Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science, 1111 Budapest, Muegyetem rp. 3-9.
Keywords: triticale utilization human consumption, ingredients, physical, chemical and technological properties
Triticale (XTriticosecale spp.) acreage shows a continuously growing trend all over the world, particularly in Europe. Its ancestor species (sp. Triticum, sp. Secale) are used in human consumption, the utilization of triticale as human food is not certain. The main focus of this paper was to study and compare technological and nutritional values of modern triticale cultivars and experimental lines comparing to control wheat and one rye varieties. Routinely used methods were applied to determine the main characteristics of the grain and flour of cereal entries. In this study, most of the physical and chemical properties (kernel diameter, hardness, Test Weight, flour yield, gluten content, Zeleny volume) of the triticale varieties positioned in between the parental wheat and rye attributes. However, thousand kernel weight (TKW) of triticale cultivar GK Szemes and grain hardness of cv. GK Idus surpassed all other entries. The study revealed that - having considerable variation - triticale grains are very rich in beneficial elements such us Ca, Mg, P, Cu and Zn. Dietary fiber (DF) content of triticales were between the rye and wheat controls. Total arabinoxylan content (TOTAX) of triticales were much closer to rye (6%) even some genotypes expanded it (6,5-7%). Health conscious consumers trend to use increasingly novel, valuable grain sources and products in their daily based diets. The inappropriate nature of triticale flours for baking industry seems to hinder the human utilization. Flour blends (wheat+triticale) exploiting favorable attributes of triticale may be a suitable way to use this valuable crop in milling and bakery products.
The research was supported by the Hungarian Science Found No. 242-2013.
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