Tri-Refresher 2012 ngc convention Sunday, May 20 Buffalo, ny, located at the juncture of Lake Erie and the Niagara River, is an excellent location for our Tri-Refresher

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2012 NGC Convention Sunday, May 20

Buffalo, NY, located at the juncture of Lake Erie and the Niagara River, is an excellent location for our Tri-Refresher. It is the premier destination for those interested in history, architecture, art, parks and gardens and has all the elements for those who are Consultants in the Environmental Studies, Garden Study and/or Landscape Design Schools. We will board the bus at 8:00AM and depart The Adam’s Mark Hotel for The Erie Basin Marina Test Gardens. It is here that the newest varieties of specialty annuals and perennials from around the world are trialed. Then, it is on to Tifft Nature Preserve, a 264 acre nature refuge dedicated to conservation and environmental education. Our next stop will be the Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens composed of eleven interconnected greenhouses. This striking 1901 conservatory is situated in the Olmsted designed South Park Arboretum. Following Lunch we travel to Delaware Park, another Frederick Law Olmsted Park, to view the Rose Gardens and the Japanese Gardens. The Buffalo Zoo Rain Forest exhibit is next on the itinerary. The Rain Forest is a recent addition to the third oldest zoo in the USA. This indoor exhibit features a new roof technology used for the first time in a USA zoo. The roof technology will provide full spectrum sunlight needed for survival of plant and animal life. As we leave for Forest Lawn Cemetery our route will take us to the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Darwin Martin House. The bus will pause while we view the newly restored Gardens and landscaping that compliment Wright’s Prairie style design. As our bus approaches Forest Lawn Cemetery we will be greeted by the 3500 trees, representing 200 different species, and the 240 species of birds and other wildlife. The cemetery is home to the Frank Lloyd Wright Blue Sky Mausoleum, the only place in the world where you can be permanently interred in a Wright designed structure. The bus is scheduled to return to the Hotel by 5:00PM.

The cost of this Tri-Refresher is $110.00 and includes all admission fees, tours, speakers, lunch, transportation and printed materials. Additionally, please include $5.00 for each school you are refreshing. (Taking the refresher for two schools? Total is $5.00 + $5.00 = $10.00) Wear comfortable footwear. You must be registered for the Convention to attend.

Name_____________________________________________E-mail_____________________________________ (As it appears on your Consultants Certificate)

Street Address ____________________________________________City _________________________________

State ________________________ Zip Code _________________ Phone ______________________________

Garden Club _____________________________________ State Garden Club_____________ Region ___________

Are you taking this for Refresher Credit? Yes ______ No ______ Please check the schools you are refreshing:

Environmental Studies ______ Gardening Study ______ Landscape Design ______

Most recent Consultant Refresher record:

School: _____________Event: __________________________ City/State: _____________________ Date: ______

School: _____________Event: __________________________ City/State: _____________________ Date: ______

School: _____________Event: __________________________ City/State: _____________________ Date: ______

Multiple Credit may be offered to Master Consultants in each of the schools in which he/she is a Master. Do you qualify for this Multiple Credit? Yes ___No ___.

Are you a Master Consultant in the school(s) you are refreshing? Yes ___ No ___.

Deadline for Registration for this Tri-Refresher is April 16, 2012 Tri-Refresher/Tours/Lunch/Transportation Fee is $110.00 along with $5.00 for each school you are refreshing. Check must be included with this form.

Mail Registration Form(s) and check payable to NGC 2012 Convention to Monica C. Hansen, Registrar,

21 Henning Drive, Orchard Park, NY 14127-2816 • 716-667-1434

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