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e Scooter Rent

Rome central railways station - Piazza dei Cinquecento,

TEL / FAX: 0039 (06) 48905823

e_mail: - sito web:


About us

We are specialists in the rental of two-wheeled vehicles, bicycles and scooters with more than twenty years’ experience, centrally located at Rome’s Termini train station, allowing tourists and other visitors to see the city, its archaeological sites and artistic treasures in a comfortable, efficient and fun manner. Our vehicles are also available for rental to business people in Rome for work, who know two wheels are the best way to get around town.

Our friendly, expert staff will help you choose the right vehicle and give you tips on best


Where to find us

We are conveniently located at the carpark of Piazza del Cinquecento, right in front of Rome’s Termini train station, we are open in the morning at 9,00 am to 14,00 pm in the afternoon at 16,00 pm to 19,00 pm. Metro Station “Termini” lines A and B. Buses lines H, C, and no.16, 64, 70, 75, 105, 110, 157, 170, 175, 204, 217, 310, 360, 492, 590, 591, 640, 649, 714, 910

Web site

...spring? 10%discount * if you book 7 days before

...spring? 10%discount * if you book 7 days before


A special, low subscription rate for those who are frequently in Rome. With our prepaid “Daily Card” save from 25% to 50% on standard rates. The Daily Card is valid for all scooters and bicycles. No additional discounts can be applied.



€   80,00

€ 118,00

€  189,00

€  254,00

€  313,00

€   366,00


€  20,00


€  32,00


€   61,00


€  96,00




€   184,00



 € 100,00

€ 150,00

€  250,00

€  350,00

€  450,00

€   550,00


Price include
- helmet and hygienic cap
- lock or chain
- third-party liability insurance

- City map

- Immediate Bike or Scooter substitution in case of mechanical failure,  at  our office.

- The vehicle must be returned with the same level of fuel, which was at the withdrawal


- Renter must be at least eighteen years old and have a valid driving licence

- All major credit cards accepted: visa, mastercard, eurocard, american express, bankamericard, diners, jcb carta sì

- A really good scooter driving experience in a crowded town is strictly required

Payment, terms and conditions

- When collecting the scooter, a security deposit is requested true throught credit card. ( 400,00 € for 50cc, 500,00 € for 125cc, 800,00 € for 250cc, 300cc)
 - Vehicle may be driver only by renters, who has driving licence

- Vehicle must be returned at the time stipulated in the contract

- Use of helmet is obligatory



Can a 50cc scooter carry two?


Will I pay for mileage?

No,mileage is unlimited.

Where do I park my scooter or bike ?
 We provide locks for both bicycles and Scooters at no extra cost.  Scooter parking is free, plentiful and easy-to-find in Rome (the same cannot be said for cars!)


Can I use my bike or scooter to visit the historic centre?

 Yes, Bikes and Scooters can enter the historic centre. Bicycles are also allowed in the pedestrian-only areas (Piazza Navona, Fontana di Trevi, ecc.) 


What’s included in the rental price?

The price includes helmet, hygienic cap, third-party liability insurance, free road assistance. Immediate Bike or Scooter substitution in case of mechanical failure, at our office.


With the 50cc  scooter can I drive in freeway?

No, is forbidden to go in freeway, it can be gone in all the other roads. 

Does need the driving international licence?

No, it doesn’t,it is enough the normal driving licence


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