Transworld Motocross’ Masters of Mini Just the faqs Everything you could ever want to know about dear old MoM

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Transworld Motocross’ Masters of Mini

Just the FAQs

Everything you could ever want to know about dear old MoM

(Somebody told me I needed to rewrite this – so enjoy)
What is the deal?

Now in its 6th season, The Masters of Mini (MoM) is one of the longest running Pit Bike Race Series in the Northeast! Transworld Motocross Magazine’s involvement since 2006 has allowed this once backyard event to grow into a nationally recognized race series.

The support for this year has come out of the woodwork – BBR, Sano, CHP, Pitster Pro, Red Baron, and Thumpstar just to name a few. All of the best companies in the business, and they came in big! We also have a new Presenting Sponsor in Maxxis Tires! We have contingencies, better prizes, more classes, and without question to best staff anywhere. We are excited to get the series going and have you join in what could be our best series yet!
The tour this year will be 4 events. Sadly, due to the closing of Mototown USA, we were left with no other options for a final venue since the other events were locked in with their dates. We looked into arenas, local tracks, and even warehouses – but in the end, we were all spoiled with Mototown and we felt lucky to have had two solid years indoors. That being said we have 4 of the best tracks New England has to offer and you won’t be disappointed!
So get your bikes ready, dust off your costumes and prepare to be humbled – because as good as you think you are – there is always someone who is better.
First things first – what is this shin dig going to cost me this year?

We all know the economy sucks, gas prices are through the roof and your boss hasn’t given you a raise since… come to think of it, he has never given you a raise (maybe you don’t deserve it). But for some reason the guy next to you has more money in his pit bike than he does in his truck.

MoM realizes that when you go to race you want to get your money’s worth so we kept pricing similar to last year. As always – you can save money by pre registering. Don’t contribute to the idiot tax – pre register! And just like last year if you think you have the Rocks, we have the Rockstar classes with even more prize money and more contingencies! Lastly, we have continued the policy that if two classes just ain’t enough, we have made your 3rd (and 4th) class a nominal fee.


Classes Racing


2 regular classes Pre Entry


2 regular classes Post Entry


1 Rockstar Class, 1 Regular Class Pre Entry


1 Rockstar Class, 1 Regular Class Post Entry


2 Rockstar Classes Pre Entry


2 Rockstar Classes Post Entry


Extra Class (3rd or 4th class) Non Rockstar

*Please note MoM never charges for Spectators – however some venues will for obvious reasons. So please be advised and bring as many friends as you can to cheer you on. Life is more fun with an entourage.

Not Bad – So what are the dates?

4 events over 4 months starting in August finishing in November

Tuesday pm August 19thMarshfield Fair, Marshfield, MA (SX)

Sunday September 14th – Rocky Hill MX, CT (MX on Quad track)

Sunday October 19th – Crow Hill MX, MA (MX on modified big track)

Sunday November 9th – Cycles 128 Beverly, MA (Asphalt race)

Wow, I can make all of those – So what bikes are allowed to race?

Nothing has changed here – it is still a pit Bike Race. All bikes must be air cooled 4 strokes with Open Cradled frames. Bikes may not exceed 12” rear wheels depending on the respective classes entered. Any bike that started life as a Honda 50, KLX 110, or DRZ 110, TTR 50, TTR 90, Extreme 107 or any of the Chinese knock offs that meet the above criteria are allowed. XR 70s are allowed and will no longer be severely mocked due to anti hazing laws but instead will be met with a curious stare. Basically use your common sense - if it is a pit bike you are good. No XR 80s, 100s, DRZ/TTR 125s, etc – those are big bikes – go enter a real race.

And the classes of 2008? (Please note the changes to allow you more racing)

Yoots ages 14-17, up to a 12” rear wheel

College Boy ages 18-24, up to a 12” rear wheel (its back)

Middle Age ages 25-34, up to a 12” rear wheel

Seniors ages 35-99, up to a 12” rear wheel

Fat Boy anyone 200lbs +, up to a 12” rear wheel

Poor Boy STOCK 49cc, up to a 10” rear wheel

Modified 50-89cc, up to a 10” rear wheel

10” Rockstar unlimited engine mods, up to 10” rear wheel

Limited STOCK 90-110cc, up to a 12” rear wheel

Women Think about it…, up to a 12” rear wheel

10/12 Open Open cc, either 10” or 12” rear wheel

12” Rockstar unlimited engine mods, up to 12” rear wheel
We designed this series so that everyone can race a minimum of two classes with one bike, last year we had a few brave soles racing up to 4 classes. Remember, your 3rd and 4th class is just $10 more per class – you want to race more, we made it affordable.
Class restrictions are based on age, engine size, your fatness and/or wheel size. We don’t get all NASCAR on suspension, frames, etc – honestly we think all that stuff is just more money. If you are really good it doesn’t matter. If you have questions just email us, but it is pretty straight forward.
How do I Pre-Register?

Email and request an entry form. You will be emailed your entry form. Fill the form out and mail it in with your check to the address on the form. You may request a number at this time. Numbers given out first come first served, you want your number - pre register. Pre Registration forms need to be in our hands no later than August 11th for the first event at Marshfield to count as a pre registered price. Please make all checks out to Transworld Media.

Why should I Pre Register?

Here we go… Here are 4 reasons why all the cool kids Pre Register:

(1) It saves time - Pre Registering allows us to enter you into the computer in advance instead of the day of. By doing this it saves us time and headache on race day, which means we start practice and racing earlier and you get more laps with a less grumpy staff. “But Dave, I am a jerk and really don’t care about you and your staff” – wow, ok…

(2) Special Privileges - Everyone who Pre Registers will get access to a special pre registered line so you can get through signups as quickly as possible “but I like standing in lines – it makes me feel important” Odd, but alright…

(3) Extra Practice - everyone who pre registers will get a special Pre Registered Only Practice in addition to regular practice (where applicable). “but I am afraid to make lines on a fresh track, I need ruts to tell me where to go…” OK, that’s just dumb…

(4) Free Gas - Well, not exactly but you will save $10 and by the time to tour gets going that might just be enough for an extra gallon or two of gas – so there you go. Again – we don’t want your money, we just want your help.

Pre Registered Entries must be in our hands no less than one week prior or they will be considered day of entries. (It doesn’t do us any good to get it 3 days early there genius!)
So what are the Pre Register Deadlines for Each Race?

Entry forms must be in our hands no later than:

Monday August 11th for Round 1 (Tues 8/19 @ Marshfield, MA)

Monday September 8th for Round 2 (Sun 9/14 @ Rocky Hill, CT)

Monday October 13th for Round 3 (Sun 10/19 @ Crow Hill, MA)

Monday November 3rd for Round 4 (Sun 11/9 @ Cycles 128, MA)

Hey, what is a Rockstar?

Originally this was to be the “Pro” class but too many people whined that they were not a “Pro” – So we said, “OK there Rockstar…” Simply put a Rockstar is someone who has more money in their bike than some people have in their retirement account. The Rockstar classes were added last year to bring the series to the next level and answer the question – “Who truly is the best of the best?” The Rockstar class also provides us with the perfect class to wildcard riders from to other big name events. Since 2006, MoM has sent riders to the Mini Moto SX in Las Vegas and we are proud to do that. Each Rockstar class will also have a modest cash payout after each event.

Now, for anyone who has a 10” bike with over 88cc and feels they are not a Rockstar, here is our take: Buddy, you claimed Rockstar status the moment you threw down mad cash for a completely modded out “50” without doing any of the work yourself. Done!


10” and 12” Rockstar classes will get the following payout:

Pitster Pro

10" Rockstar

12" Rockstar






















It’s not much but it is better than a sharp stick in the eye…

NEW this year – Championship Bonus!

Overall champions in the two Rockstar classes will be awarded the following*:


Pitster Pro

10" Rockstar

12" Rockstar


















All told, we will be awarding the potential of over $16,000 in cash through out the series to our Rockstars with the Pitster Pro contingency. We worked super hard to create this payout and there are a lot of cool industry supporters you should thank, so get on that – See Sponsor list!

* Please note that however unlikely, if we find a Finale venue, we reserve the right to move the championship funds over to the cash payout for the Finale like last year. Basically we took last year’s Mototown purse and made it into a championship bonus this year since we don’t have a $5000 finale. If by some miracle a 5th venue becomes available for December (when round 5 was planned) the championship bonus will roll over to that 5th event. Any questions on this just email.
Do I have to do the whole series or can I just jump in the events I want to do?

As always there is no membership fee so you can do whatever combination of events that you want – no worries. Each event will carry its own prizes and points. Points will go toward the championships awarded at the end of the series. Anyone can race with us!

But why wouldn’t you do all 4? We know there are a lot of other pit bike races out there this year and honestly we hope you support them too, but MoM is BADASS – just ask anyone who has gone before. If you aren’t doing all 4 events then you don’t love America – there, we said it!
What are Wildcards?

We used to do this with our snowboard events. A wildcard is a way for us to send our top riders on to bigger and better events to hopefully give them a shot at making a name for them selves. Instead of just giving out yet another trophy, we thought this would be a fitting award for the talents of the best of the best. As we have done in the past, we are again sending the series’ overall champions for each of the two Rockstar classes (both 10 and 12 inch) to the Most Prestigious Pit Bike Event in the country: MINI MOTO SX in Las Vegas!!!!

Past winners: Todd Chrsuciel, Jason Healy, Tom Healy, and Billy Ainsworth. These guys used to be nobody – now they are nobody who got a Free trip to Vegas – see what we do for you?
In order to qualify for the wildcards you must have a Transworld Masters of Mini sticker on both your front and side number plates for each race you want to earn qualifying points – we will supply them at each race if you don’t have any yet (but shame on you for not already running them!)
Are there any Women’s classes?

Yes! Due to all the ladies who have supported us over the years MoM wanted to give back this year. We have added a Women’s Open class – up to a 12” rear wheel. So have at it ladies – BRING FRIENDS!

How do I choose my racer number?

Numbers are given out by request on a first come first served basis. Pre registered riders will always be given preference. So if you want to run your number please sign up early – email ( and request your number and entry form. We will hold it for you until we get your entry form (10 days max). This year we will not hold numbers unless you Pre register – last year we held numbers for guys who never showed up to one race – go figure…

As with last year we require that you have legible numbers (i.e. no duct tape you slobs!) on all three plates – front and both sides. We recommend black numbers on white backgrounds – they stand out the best. Silver, black on red, and pink may make you think you are cool but it doesn’t help our scorers (and honestly look dumb). Basically if we can’t read it you won’t get scored – but before you say “I don’t care about getting scored” please realize that you screw up the scoring for everyone behind you when you don’t have good numbers. Masters of Mini racers can get custom numbers made for $35 a set (front and both sides) from the following New England companies. These companies also have the special MoM graphics - support the companies that support you:
Skorbordz 800-352-5525 x 10

K Rae Graphics 978-567-8869

Core Design 203-364-9594
Pre Registered riders will get first choice of number – duplicates will be required to run a different number – “x’s” on 4 inch plates don’t really cut it. All riders will be required to run the Masters of Mini front plate and side panel stickers which we will provide you.
What if my brother, sister, mother, father, girlfriend etc wants to use my bike in a different class?
We had a couple of these situations last year and it is no problem. All we ask is that you please let us know when you (pre) register so that we know. Also – if you have two bikes with the same number, and someone wants to use one for a different class than you (classic girlfriend scenario) again just give us a heads up so we don’t make you/her change the number. Remember – your number is your identity. It is the only way we know who you are on the track. So take pride in making sure they are clean and legible.
What time are sign ups?

Each event is different so please note:

Tues 8/19 @ Marshfield, MA sign ups will be from 1-3p

Sun 9/14 @ Rocky Hill, CT sign ups will be from 9-10:30a

Sun 10/19 @ Crow Hill, MA sign ups will be from 9-10:30a

Sun 11/9 @ Cycles 128, MA sign ups will be from 9-10:30a

* Pre Registered Only Practice will usually begin within 60 minutes of Signup Opening

* Normal Practice will usually begin within 30 minutes of sign ups closing

How much time will I get to practice?

Each Practice will be broken down by age class

Yoots all riders ages 14-17 at least 10 minutes

College Boy all riders ages 18-24 at least 10 minutes

Middle Age all riders ages 25-34 at least 10 minutes

Seniors all riders ages 35+ at least 10 minutes

Pre Registered Only Practice will follow a similar schedule

Because of how tight we will be on time at each venue and to insure everyone gets plenty of race laps we ask that you be ready for your practice a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. We do not allow you to have two practices if you have two bikes – we just wont have the time, so if you really need to get an extra practice – pre register and you will get it. See above.
What is the format for each race?

Each class will have a Qualifier (Heat Race), a Consi (LCQ) and a Final (Main). Top riders will qualify out of the Qualifier straight into the finals, while others will have to try again in the Consi. The results in the final will determine your placement for that event and points will be awarded accordingly. This format basically insures everyone gets at least two motos per class. How many qualify depends on the track and how many gate positions there are. You will be informed at the riders meeting.

If turnout in a particular class is low enough to bypass the Qualifiers we will just run a two moto format and use the combined scoring you are used to with normal racing.
How is scoring assessed for each class championship?

2 Moto (National) Format

If a class is small enough we will run a standard 2 moto format in order to save time (which equals more laps). Points will be awarded for each moto based on standard AMA scoring to determine your overall standing for the day – 25 pts for 1st, 22 pts for 2nd, 20 pts for 3rd, etc. Both moto scores will be combined and an overall placement for the day will be given. Championship points (for the series) will be given for that event based on overall scoring which will again based on standard AMA scoring– 25 pts for 1st, 22 pts for 2nd, 20 pts for 3rd, etc. For Example – if you got 2nd in your first moto and 4th in your second moto earning you a 3rd overall you would get 20 championship points. (So no more than 25 championship points will be awarded per class per event)

Qualifier (Supercross) Format

Seeing how strong the turnout for some classes has been in the past, we are prepared to insure a quality event by applying a SX format - complete with Qualifiers, Consi, and a Final - for each class that warrants it. Everyone will be given at least two chances to race, (some will get 3 if you wind up qualifying for the Final through the Consi). Championship points will be awarded based on how you finish in the Final and be based on standard AMA scoring– 25 pts for 1st, 22 pts for 2nd, 20 pts for 3rd, etc.

How many race laps will I get?

Each track is different and it all depends on what format we run per class per venue due to class entry size. We are very conscious that everyone is there to ride as much as possible and we will do everything to give you as many laps as possible – hey, we race too – but please understand that everything has to fit in a set time frame for each event. We ask for your patience in advance, but if you know anyone who has raced our events in the past – you will go home tired! If you are still worried, enter more classes – that is why we made additional classes affordable.

What is the MoM Shop Challenge?

The MoM Shop Challenge is a fun way we can have the shops bench race with each other for bragging rights. Each shop can enter as many riders as they want in as many classes as they want but only the top finishers for each shop per class will get points. Since there are 10 shop sponsors, scoring will as follows - 10 points for first, 9 points for second, 8 for third, etc. However, each shop potentially has the ability to score points in up to 12 classes per event. So make sure you pick a shop to ride for and get your buddies to do the same. Hutch Motorsports is the Two-Time defending Shop Challenge Champions and last year we bought him a ¼ page ad in the April issue of TWMX. So support the shops supporting you – it could help them out more than you know…

What is staging?

This is the key to our events going smoothly. You can only drop gates as fast as you are ready so having everyone in staging allows us to be more efficient (I know, it is a big word so look it up). The Staging area is made up of lanes which are divided by race class – you line up in the lane marked with your class at least 2 motos before your race. This ensures that everyone is in the gate early and therefore allows us to drop gate after gate with minimum down time between races. What does this mean to you? The more efficiently we run the race – the more laps you get to ride – simple. So please help us to help you – be in your staging area a minimum of 2 races before yours. Because of the tight schedule we will not hold the gate and walk the pits looking for you this year – you are all big kids, so we are sure you can figure this stuff out.

Can I ride in the pits?

No and I should slap you for asking. Honestly, please don’t be that guy. Walk your bike (yes the whole way) until you are on the track. If everyone was cool when they used to let us ride in the pits back in the day we wouldn’t have this issue but someone had to be a jerk (maybe the same guy who didn’t want to Pre Register) and now we all suffer for it. Help us out - we need to police ourselves or we won’t be asked back. Thanks for your cooperation on this.

Can I bring my girlfriend?

Yes, please do. Does she have friends and are they good looking? Why isn’t she racing with us?

Are there any prizes?

What are you 12? Does that really matter? Yes of course there are prizes, and we hook you up! Make sure to thank our many supporters when you see them at the races and go to our shop sponsors to buy sponsor products when you don’t win them. Support those who are supporting East Coast Pit Bike Racing! Seriously – it makes a difference – many of the MoM supporters come back year after year because they have told me that they SEE an increase in their business – so thank you for being smart with your purchasing power.

What type of gear do I have to run?

At this point in the game I honestly have to say that if you have to ask you shouldn’t even bother showing up. Dress for the crash – period! Even racing minis can be potentially dangerous and you as the rider must accept that responsibility and come prepared. But in case you are actually that new, here you go - helmet, goggles, gloves, long pants, long shirt and over the ankle boots (not necessarily mx boots), but I would highly suggest elbow guards, knee/shin guards, a mouth piece, chest protector and a suit of armor probably wouldn’t hurt…

If I am under 18 do I need to bring my parents to the event?

New this year – we were sick of hearing all the whining last year about how your mommy doesn’t love you and she didn’t want to come to the track. So this year we have a Parental Permission slip. It allows your parents to appoint someone to love you for the day at the track – it must be signed by your parents and notarized. You must also have your waiver signed by your parents and notarized. All this MUST be mailed in with pre entry. Don’t blame us, blame your lawyer!

What about cheaters?

Here we go… There are always going to be cheaters in life because people are afraid of a challenge, they want the easy way out. Well nothing worth having ever comes easy. If you haven’t been able to figure it out by now, The Masters of Mini is all about having a good time. So if your ego is so fragile that you have to cheat to feel good about yourself then at least have the rocks to admit it before anyone whines about it… And remember, you are all winners (in a Special Olympics sort of way)

Can I Protest?

Absolutely – we wouldn’t have it any other way and here is the proper procedure for a protest. You must submit $100 cash to the referee along with your protest in writing. We will then take your $100 to buy pizza and beer. As we enjoy ourselves on your dime, we will read your protest aloud and laugh our asses off at your whining. For more details see Is this real? below.

Is this real?

No – it is pit bike racing. Leave your agent, your lawyer and your mini dad at home please – this is for fun!

If you are high maintenance and have even more questions just email me -

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