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JOB TITLE: Education Case/Development Worker
SALARY: Salary full time, NJC Scale 30 – 36 £28,486 - £32,980 Pro Rata (£22,788.80 - £26,384) depending on skill/knowledge level.
ACCOUNTABLE TO: The Management Committee, Tower Hamlets Law Centre
LINE MANAGED BY: Education Supervisor
The Pan London Education Legal Advice Service (PLELAS) project is an exciting new partnership between Tower Hamlets & other Law Centres across London. Funded by the London Councils it seeks to establish access to specialist education advice for communities across London.
This is a part time post - 28 hours per week (4 days). The post holder will be required to deliver an element of casework; however a key focus for the role is in the development of the project including the development of effective networks and partnerships. The PLELAS project covers all London Boroughs and is accessible to children, young people and their families. The post holder will need to be flexible in their working hours (time off in lieu available) and able to deliver outreach sessions across different venues.


  • To assist in the provision of the PLELAS project in partnership with other Law Centre.

  • To develop and manage partnerships between voluntary, public and corporate sectors.

  • To develop links with Parent Partnerships and voluntary organisations in order to develop their capacity to provide support to young people with education problems

  • To provide advice and casework in the category of education law.

Development and Support

  1. To identify, engage and manage effective partnerships between organisations involved in relevant services across the PLELAS project.

  2. To engage in project work, campaigning, training, publicity and information work and to provide support to other agencies as required.

  3. To participate in the PLELAS project group meetings where the day-to-day work of the Service is discussed and prioritised. To work in accordance with the agreed procedures and decisions.

  4. To work closely with and provide second-tier support to parent partnerships and generalist advice agencies across London.

  5. To support general evening advice sessions.


  1. To provide legal advice and assistance on a wide range of education problems, in accordance with the PLELAS project case criteria under the supervision of the casework supervisor.

  2. To conduct cases including temporary exclusions, permanent exclusions, admissions, Special Educational Needs, Statements of Provision, bullying, banning of parents, complaints against schools, and further and higher education, under the supervision of the casework supervisor.

  3. To see clients both in the Law Centre and in outreach sessions. To visit clients at home where necessary.

  4. To keep up-to-date with changes in education and associated legislation.

  5. To undertake casework administration including Legal Services Commission administration.

  6. To raise income for the Law Centre through Legal Services Commission funding of cases, under the supervision of the case work supervisor.


  1. To undertake work in accordance with the Solicitors’ Practice Rules with regard to the rules and principles of professional conduct and the agreed practice of the Law Centre.

  2. To work with professional supervision from the Education Supervisor and with accountability to the Management Committee.

  3. To attend staff meetings convened by the Centre Manager and/or Senior Solicitor. Staff are also encouraged to attend meetings of the Management Committee.

  4. To observe the Law Centre’s Confidentiality Policy at all times.

  5. To undertake all duties within the letter and the spirit of the Law Centre’s Equal Opportunities Policy at all times.

  6. To assist in cover arrangements during the absence of other members of staff or at other times as required.

  7. To undertake your own typing, filing, word processing and billing of cases.

  8. To undertake any other duties as may be reasonably required by the Law Centre.

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