Tossup #08-1 (Brandon, ns)

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Tossup #08-1 (Brandon, NS)

Based on the work of Gilbert Lewis, this theory supposes that all electron pairs, both bonding pairs and lone pairs, repel each other--particularly if they are close--and that the molecular shape is such as to minimize these repulsions. For ten points, identify this theory or its acronym.

Answer: VSEPR or Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion [accept if pronounced “vesper”]
Related Bonus #08-1

For five points each, identify the molecular shape of the following compounds.

a. carbon dioxide Linear

b. methane Tetrahedral

c. oxygen Linear

d. xenon hexaflouride Octahedral

Tossup #08-2 (ETC, H)

Around 220 BC, Qin Shin Huang ordered northern fortifications built by vassals from the Zhou dynasty joined together to hold off northern tribes, and this structure was later renovated by the Ming Dynasty over 200 years. For ten points, name this 6000-kilometer-long structure that can be seen from the moon.

ANSWER: Great Wall of China
Related Bonus #08-2

Answer these other questions about historical locations in China for ten points each.

a. Dating to the middle Pleistocene era was the remains of this prehistoric “man” at nearby Zhoukoudian.

ANSWER: Peking Man (Sinanthropus pekinensis)

b. Over 1000 years of Buddhist art are found at the Mogao/Dunhuang Caves, situated at an important point along this ancient trade route.

ANSWER: Silk Road/Route

Tossup #08-3 (Brandon, RMP)

From the Sanskrit for Black, she was the destructive avatar of Devi. She is depicted as a hideous, black-faced hag smeared with blood, with bared teeth and protruding tongue. Her four hands hold, variously, a sword, a shield, the severed hand of a giant, or a strangling noose, or they are stretched in a gesture of assurance. For ten points, identify this goddess most notably worshipped by a cult in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Answer: Kali
Related Bonus #08-3:

For ten points each, name these other Hindu deities.

A. The chief Vedic god, he is a warlike sky god whose weapon of choice is the thunderbolt.

Answer: Indra

B. This elephant headed god and son of Shiva and Parvati is a god of wealth and culture.

Answer: Ganesa or Ganesha

Tossup #08-4 (Brandon, L)

First and last name required! An ardent abolitionist, he graduated from Harvard in 1840. His early works included the witty satire A Fable for Critics and the long poem " The vision of Sir Launfal. For ten points, identify this author of The Biglow Papers and founder of a famous New England literary family.

Answer: James Russell Lowell

Related Bonus #08-4

For ten points each, identify these other Fireside poets from works

a. Author of "Barbara Fritchie" and " Maud Muller"

Answer: John Greenleaf Whittier

b. Author of the "Wreck of the Hesperus" and "Song of Hiawatha"

Answer: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Tossup #08-5 (Jeff, NS)

Bam-H-1, Hin-D-3, M-bo-1, Not-1, Taq-1, and Eco-R-1 are examples of this class of enzyme that recognize specific sequences of DNA and cut the strand at those sequences. For ten points, name these proteins useful in splicing DNA into plasmids.

ANSWER: Restriction Endonucleases or Enzymes
Related Bonus #08-5

Answer these questions about important proteins for ten points each

A. This enzyme catalyzes the unwinding of DNA strands

ANSWER: Helicase

B. This type of enzyme seals cuts in the DNA strands.


Tossup #08-6 (Brandon, GKT)

She replaced the controversial Linda Chavez as George W. Bush's nominee for secretary of labor. Previously, she has served as the head of the United Way. For ten points, identify this cabinet member, the wife of Senator Mitch McConnell.

Answer: Elaine Chao
Related Bonus #08-6

Identify these former secretaries of labor from a brief description.

A. Known for his diminutive stature, this Clinton appointee wrote the book Locked in the Cabinet.

Answer: Robert Reich

B. A strong woman, she served as Reagan's Secretary of Transportation before being chosen as Bush's secretary of labor.

Answer: Elizabeth Hanford Dole

Tossup #08-7 (Jason, L)

A loving wife borrows 250 pounds and forges her dead father’s signature so her ill husband can take a holiday in Italy and restore his health in this dramatic work. She keeps it a secret from him for seven years, until her friend, a Mrs. Linde, visits them. The secret begins to unravel, as her husband wants to fire Krogstad at the bank he manages, and give Mrs. Linde his job. Krogstad threatens to expose the forgery and ruin the family unless he keeps his job. For ten points, name this play concerning Nora and Torvald Helmer.

ANSWER: A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

Related Bonus #08-7

Answer the following about plays by Euripides FOR TEN POINTS each.

A. Name the play by Euripides that starts off with Jason and the Argonauts obtaining the Golden Fleece from the island of Colchis with the title sorceress’s help.

Answer: Medea

B. Hecuba, Cassandra, and Andromache are title characters of this tragedy by Euripides that showed the evils of war and its aftermath.

Answer: The Trojan Women or Troades
Tossup #08-8 (Brandon, FA)

Born into a New York immigrant family, she received classical operatic training in Europe. She made her 1950 debut at La Scala in Milan singing in I Vespri Siciliani. A soprano with a powerful voice, she revived the popularity of many nineteenth century coloratura roles. For ten points, identify this Greek opera singer and wife of Aristotle Onassis.

Answer: Maria Callas or Karogeropolous

Related Bonus #08-8

Identify these other opera stars for ten points each.

A. He is known as the greastest Italian tenor of the 20th century. A native of Naples he is remembered for his roles in I Pagliachi and Rigoletto.

Answer: Enrico Caruso

B. A New Zealander of Maori descent, she gained fame for her role in The Marriage of Figaro.

Answer: Dame Kiri Te Kanawa
Tossup #08-9 (Kendra, SS)

According to this man’s philosophy, certain needs must be met before others can be obtained. He has split these needs up into three main categories: Fundamental, Psychological, and Self-Actualization. For ten points, name this man who developed a hierarchy of needs.

ANSWER: Abraham Maslow
Related Bonus #08-9:

Name these other psychologists from descriptions of their philosophies for ten points each.

A. This Swiss man studied cognition in children and believed in four major stages of growth: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete-operational, and formal-operational.

ANSWER: Jean Piaget

B. He believed in client-centered therapy, based the fact that people are innately “good,” a condition he called “unconditional positive regard.”

ANSWER: Carl Rogers

Tossup #08-10 (Jeff, H)

As part of the American Mission to France at the end of the 18th century, he played a prominent role in the XYZ affair. He became Secretary of State after President Adams fired Timothy Pickering. For ten points, name this Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a Federalist fixture on the court well into the 1800s.

ANSWER: John Marshall
Related Bonus #08-10:

Answer these questions about other Chief Justices for ten points each.

a. A former Secretary of the Treasury, he presided over the Dred Scott Case

ANSWER: Roger Taney

b. He presided over Brown vs. The Board of Education and Miranda vs. Arizona

ANSWER: Earl Warren

Category Quiz Bonuses
American History: 1851

American Literature: Works that are only related by name

Biological Sciences: Is it an amino acid?

Fine Arts: Go for Goethe

General Knowledge and Trivia: The 2000 Presidential Election

Mathematics: Sequences and Series

Popular Culture: People Who Collaborate with Wrestlers

Religion, Mythology, Philosophy: Gods in the shapes of animals

World Literature: Epic Heroes

World History: Medals

Category Quiz Bonuses
American History: 1851

American Literature: Works that are only related by name

Biological Sciences: Is it an amino acid?

Fine Arts: Go for Goethe

General Knowledge and Trivia: The 2000 Presidential Election

Mathematics: Sequences and Series

Popular Culture: People Who Collaborate with Wrestlers

Religion, Mythology, Philosophy: Gods in the shapes of animals

World Literature: Epic Heroes

World History: Medals
Category Quiz Tossups
Tossup #8-11 (Jason/ETC, AH)

Celebrating its fortieth anniversary is the passage of this Constitutional amendment. For ten points, name this amendment that granted three electors to the voters of Washington DC.

Tossup #8-12 (Jason/Jeff, FA)

Known for his “ready-made” works of art, this man co-founded Dadaism and dabbled in cubism. For ten points, name this artist whose well-known paintings include The Large Glass (1923) and Nude Descending a Staircase, Number 2 (1912).

Answer: Marcel Duchamp
Tossup #8-13 (Jason, NS)

His classification system for plants was based on the nature and number of reproductive organs a plant had. His interest in botany was perhaps sparked when he was in medical school, learning how to prepare drugs from plants. For ten points, name this man who was a professor at the University of Uppsala, and who developed binomial nomenclature and the modern taxonomic system.

Answer: Carl von Linne or Carol Linnaeus or Carolus Linnaeus
Tossup #8-14 (ETC, SS/GEOG)

This city is the world’s largest processor of the jute plant and is located on the eastern bank of the Hooghley River. For ten points, name this city that was the former capital of British India located in West Bengal.

Answer: Calcutta
Tossup #8-15 (ETC 3, PC)

Among his film roles were all eight heirs to the throne in Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), Prince Feisal in 1962’s Lawrence of Arabia, and the Ghost of Marley in the 1970 film adaptation of the musical Scrooge. For ten points, name this prolific actor of TV and the movies remembered as Colonel Nicholson in Bridge On the River Kwai and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars trilogy.

ANSWER: Sir Alec Guinness
Tossup #8-16 (Alex, L)

Originally intended to be a work titled “Stephen Hero,” it was deemed unfocused and lacking artistic control. For ten points, name this semi-autobiographical work by James Joyce, rewritten as a 5-chapter novel tracking the life of Stephen Daedalus and his experiences with the repression of both imagination and sexuality in Ireland.

ANSWER: Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce
Tossup #8-17 (Jason 2, L)

He sacrificed his daughter Iphigenia to obtain favorable sailing winds to reach Troy. For ten points, name this tragic hero of Aeschylus, who is eventually murdered by his wife Clytemnestra in revenge for killing their daughter.

ANSWER: Agamemnon
Tossup #8-18 (ETC, NS)

First to notice that light was polarized when traveling through quartz crystals, he catalogued 848 double stars and made comparisons between the brightness of stars. These observations helped to make him theorize about the evolution of stars and the structure of nebulae. For ten points, name this German-born English astronomer who built the largest reflecting telescope of his time to discover the planet Uranus.

ANSWER: Sir William Frederick Herschel
Category Quiz Bonuses
American History: 1851

For fifteen points, in 1851, the United States arranged a conference to negotiate a peace treaty with the Great Plains tribes at what Wyoming fort?

ANSWER: Fort Laramie
American Literature: Works that are only related by name

For fifteen points all or nothing, identify the writers of the following related works: the poem “The Bells”, the novel For Whom the Bell Tolls, and A Bell for Adano. You have 20 seconds.

ANSWERS: Edgar Allan Poe, Ernest Hemingway, and John Hersey [respectively]
Biological Sciences: Is it an amino acid?

This derivative of glutamic acid is structurally an amino acid. For fifteen points, name this molecule that is the major inhibitory transmitter in the central nervous system.

Answer: Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA)
Fine Arts: Go for Goethe

His Piano Quartet Number 3 in b minor (1825) was dedicated to Goethe with whom he had a remarkable friendship. For fifteen points, name this German composer who influenced English music during his time with the Elijah oratorio.

Answer: Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
General Knowledge and Trivia: The 2000 Presidential Election

(DISTRIBUTE HANDOUT [Jason]) For fifteen points, name the Florida Congressman shown here from the 19th District born in Queens, NY, who made the claim that hundreds of people called him after voting since they were distraught and confused.

Answer: Robert Wexler
Mathematics: Sequences and Series

The nth term of a sequence has the formula 3n - 2. For fifteen points, what is the sum of the first 20 terms, for n = 1 to 20, of this sequence? You have 30 seconds.

ANSWER: 590 [The sum of the first 20 integers is 210. 3(210) - 20(2) = 630 - 40 = 590]
Popular Culture: People Who Collaborate with Wrestlers

(ETC 2, PC) The Rock contributes with a chorus on this rap artist’s sinly “It Doesn’t Matter,” which only peaked at #80 on the R&B charts. For fifteen points, name this member of the Fugees whose duet with Mary J. Blige “911” did much better.

ANSWER: Wyclef Jean (either name acceptable)
Religion, Mythology, Philosophy: Gods in the shapes of animals

This Egyptian deity was represented as an animal, not a human with an animal’s head. For fifteen points, name this god of fertility represented as a bull.

Answer: Apis (Hap, Hep or Hapi)
World Literature: Epic Heroes

One of Plutarch’s Latin works is entitled De Virus Illustribus, which is an epic poem about – for fifteen points – what Roman general who defeated Hannibal at the battle of Zama?

ANSWER: Scipio Africanus Major
World History: Medals

This medal was first bestowed upon 62 British officers for their service in the Crimean War. For fifteen points, name this decoration, the highest that can be awarded to British/Commonwealth forces.

ANSWER: Victoria Cross

Handout for


ategory Quiz Bonus: Current Events

Stretch Round
Tossup #8-19 (Anand, NS)

This array of computers is said to be a loose collection of hardware and software hacks. Such a design, however, allows an administrator to set up the equivalent of a “supercomputer” at 1/10 to 1/3 of the cost it would normally take to perform such an endeavor. FOR TEN POINTS, name this array of systems named after the hero of an ancient Danish epic.

Answer: Beowulf Cluster
Related Bonus:

For 15 points each, answer these questions about characters from Beowulf:

A. This man was Beowulf’s faithful servant.

Answer: Wiglaf

B. This king was the leader of the Geats.

Answer: Hygelac

Tossup #8-20 (Brandon, H)

Led by the Grandmaster Workman, it was originally a secret society. Its members advocated the foundation of workers cooperatives to replace capitalism. Their position was weakened by their refusal to strike or apply any other economic pressures. The organization reached its peak membership in 1886, just prior to the Haymarket Riots. FOR TEN POINTS, identify this organization, the first labor union in the United States.

Answer: The Noble Order of the Knights of Labor
Bonus (ETC, H)

Name these unscrupulous capitalists for ten points each.

A. In 1901, he helped merge Carnegie Steel and Federal Steel into U.S. Steel, the first billion-dollar corporation.

Answer: John Pierpont Morgan

B. After the panic of 1873, this millionaire supported the construction of New York’s Grand Central Station, and later gave $1 million to Central University in Nashville.

Answer: Cornelius Vanderbilt

C. He relinquished control of the Erie Railroad after trying to corner the loose gold market on “Black Friday” but still wound up buying shares in western railroad companies and the Western Union Telegraph Company.

Answer: Jay Gould

Tossup #8-21 (Jason, L)

Lord Henry Wotton and the title character become good friends, against the wishes of Basil Hallward, who wished the title character to be free of the influences of Wotton. He falls in love with Sibyl Vane, an actress, but she commits suicide after he cruelly tells her he is through with her. The protagonist’s life spirals downward into immorality. FOR TEN POINTS, name this Oscar Wilde title character that ends with Basil Hallward’s painting of the subject returning to normal after he kills himself.

Answer: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Bonus (Jason, RMP)

Name these branches of Protestantism from clues for ten points each.

A. Worship is based on the Book of Common Prayer, and it is a U.S. offshoot of the Anglican Church.

Answer: Episcopal

B. This denomination grew from the teachings of William Miller in the 1840s in the U.S.

Answer: Seventh-Day Adventist

C. An offshoot of the Anabaptists, this group named for a Dutch priest can trace its origins back to its first meeting of Swiss Brethren on January 21, 1525.

Answer: Mennonite (named for Menno Simons, do NOT accept “Amish”)

Tossup #8-22 (Josh, SS)

General features include living as nomads, living in small communities usually consisting of a group of related families, and depending on agricultural groups for goods that cannot be produced. The best-known group of people that live in this manner, may be the Lapps of northern Scandinavia. FOR TEN POINTS, name this food producing technique that involves the raising and herding of animals.

ANSWER: Pastoralism (accept word forms)
Related Bonus:

Identify the following terms from social science for ten points each.

A. These are any plants or crops that are raised to be sold.

ANSWER: Cash crops

B. This is an event that took place in the Pacific Northwest, during which a chief and his group would give away blankets, pieces of copper, canoes, large quantities of food, and other items to their guests, in order to obligate payback.

ANSWR: Potlatch

C. This is a society that contains no social groups with greater or lesser access to economic resources, power, or prestige.

ANSWER: Egalitarian society

Tossup #8-23 (Jeff, FA)

He spent most of his early career in Berlin, though he was born in Vienna. He got his start by orchestrating popular operettas, but by 1904 he began teaching composition in Vienna. Along with his most prominent students, Alban Berg and Anton Webern, he represented a group of composers called the Second Viennese School. FOR TEN POINTS, name this man, credited with developing the 12-tone system.

ANSWER: Arnold Schoenberg
Related Bonus (PC):

Answer these questions about composers whose work is featured in movies for the stated number of points.

a. for five points, (first and last name required) Several of this composer’s works appear in Mr. Holland’s Opus, including as “I Got Rhythm” and “Someone to Watch Over Me.”

ANSWER: George Gershwin

b. for ten, His song, “Beautiful Boy,” was also featured in Mr. Holland’s Opus

ANSWER: John Lennon

c. for fifteen points, the original compositions in the film, ostensibly written by Mr. Holland, were actually written by this man.

ANSWER: Michael Kamen

Tossup #8-24 (Anand, H)

He was caught embezzling from the French government, hired the famous baroque architect Le Vaux, and the great interior designer Le Brun and the landscape designer Le Notre for his home, the Vaux-le-Vicomte. In response, jealous Louis XIV built Versailles. FOR TEN POINTS, name this Frenchman and finance minister.

Answer: Nicoles Fouquet
Related Bonus:

Answer these questions related to French leaders for 15 points each.

A. This Parisian church, which is also part of a hospital, is the burial site of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Answer: Les Invalides

B. Joan of Arc tried to seat this king onto the throne of France.

Answer: Charles II

Tossup #8-25 (Josh, L)

Educated at the Duke of Wurtemberg’s military school, he went on to study law and medicine, and in 1780, was appointed physician to a military regiment stationed in Stuttgart. However, he is best known for his literary exploits which include the plays The Robbers (1781), Intrigue and Love (1783), and Don Carlos (1787). FOR TEN POINTS, identify this German dramatist and writer who may be best known for a poem that was adapted into music by Beethoven for his 9th symphony.

ANSWER: Friedrich von Schiller
Related Bonus:

For the stated number of points identify these literary “Don”s or things concerning them.

A. For five points: This “knight” battled windmills along with his sidekick Sancho Panza.

ANSWER: Don Quixote

B. For ten points: First written about by Tirso de Molina, this Spanish libertine is said to have seduced the daughter of Seville’s military commander.

ANSWER: Don Juan [“Wan” or “ZHOO-un”]

C. For fifteen points: Gregor Melekhov’s life in his Cossack village before and during the Revolution is the main focus for this Mikhail Shokolov novel.

Answer: Tikhy Don or And Quiet Flows the Don or its sequel The Don Flows Home to the Sea

Tossup #8-26 (ETC, BS/GKT)

One can track transplanted tissue from this most common species Coturnix coturnix in chick embryos because it differs in its nuclear organization. FOR TEN POINTS, name these birds which resemble partridges whose name sounds similar to a former Indiana senator and Vice President for George Bush, Sr.

Answer: Quail

Answer these questions on teeth for ten points each.

A. This five-letter word describes the visible portion of the tooth.


B. Used for crushing and grinding are this group of teeth near the back of the mouth. The “wisdom teeth” are part of this group.


C. Inflammation of the gums is known by this disease term.

ANSWER: Gingivitis

Tossup #8-27 (Alex, PC)

This NBA team captured its only league championship in 1951 as the Rochester Royals. It then moved to Cincinnati, then to Kansas City, where they received the name they still bear. FOR TEN POINTS, name this NBA franchise that seems to be in the NBA title hunt again, lead by Predrag Stojakovic, Jason Williams, and Chris Webber.

ANSWER: Sacramento Kings [accept either]
Bonus (ETC, L)

Identify the John Steinbeck work given a short description of an event in the storyline.

A. Two migrant workers Lennie and George dream of owning their own piece of land someday.

ANSWER: Of Mice and Men

B. This book consists of Steinbeck’s memoirs visiting various states with his poodle.

ANSWER: Travels with Charley in Search of America

C. The infant Coyotito gets stung by a scorpion.

ANSWER: The Pearl

Tossup #8-28 (Jason 2, RMP)

An extremist movement that developed in 19th-century Russia, it was first popularized in the 1862 work Fathers and Sons by Ivan Turgenev. FOR TEN POINTS, name the movement that says society and all of its institutions are corrupt and that all moral values are irrational since morality can be justified in no way.

ANSWER: Nihilism
Bonus (ETC, FA)

Answer these questions about Dutch art and artists for ten points each.

A. The painter of The Night Watch was so poor he sold his dead wife’s grave to raise money.

ANSWER: Rembrandt Harmenzoon van Rijn

B. The most famous of the de Stijl artists, this painter of Broadway Boogie Woogie developed the “neoplastic” style, which is based on the straight line, the right angle, the primary colors, and black and white.

ANSWER: Piet(er) Cornelius Mondrian

C. Most of his roughly 35 paintings deal with life in his hometown of Delft. When he died, he named his friend Anton van Leeuwenhoek as a trustee of his nearly bankrupt estate.

ANSWER: Jan (Johannes) Vermeer van Delft
Каталог: 1128
1128 -> Species functional group
1128 -> Electronic supplementary material Appendix Correlation coefficients between floral densities of predictors for bumble bee
1128 -> Title Al-Eissa Mohammed Saad, Alhamidi A. R, Saad Hussin Alkahtani3, Mohamed Abd El Kader Sandouka Author-s
1128 -> Supplementary Material Environmental influences on the Indo-Pacific octocoral Isis hippuris Linnaeus 1758: genetic fixation or capacity for plasticity?
1128 -> Electronic Supplementary Material Table S1
1128 -> Journal name: plos one authors: Promerová M., Králová T., Bryjová A., Albrecht T. and Bryja J. Corresponding author
1128 -> The sources for the dietary information shown for the plant species represent the following numbered citations
1128 -> Table S1 Frugivore species in natural site and botanical garden during the fruiting season of Chinese yew

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