To install and play The Seven Cities Of Gold (1984 Edition) do the following …

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Seven Cities Of Gold

To install and play The Seven Cities Of Gold (1984 Edition) do the following …

  1. Unpack the contents of the zip file to a directory. For purposes of this instruction and to use the included DOSBox conf file the directory should be C:\seven. You are free to use another directory if you plan on configuring DOSBox yourself. The directory should contain three files .. 7CITIES.img, HISTMAP.img and SEVEN.conf.

  2. There is a DOSBox configuration file (SEVEN.conf) included in the zip that will work very well on most machines. You can configure DOSBox to use SEVEN.conf using more than one method. I will explain three ways below.

  1. If you want to create a shortcut that runs the game automatically you can do so by creating a shortcut to DOSBox and then changing the “Target” property of that shortcut to the following …

"C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.72\dosbox.exe" -conf "C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.72\seven.conf"

This assumes you have installed DOSBox in the default directory and that you are using DOSBox 7.2. If not, you will need to adjust the target accordingly.

  1. Another method is to simply copy and paste the line above into the “Run” box when you click “Start” and then “Run” (Windows XP). The same assumptions as above apply here as well.

  2. If you choose to start the game manually from the DOSBox prompt you need to be aware that the game is a PC Booter and has two disk images. The necessary commands would be similar to the following …

  • mount c c:\seven

  • c:

  • boot 7cities.img histmap.img -l a

This is how the autoexec section of the SEVEN.conf file is configured. There are also other modifications in SEVEN.conf to compensate for speed, memory usage etc.

  1. Using the boot command as it is set up here allows the player to press CTRL-F4 when prompted to insert the new/other disk. This switches from one disk image to the other .,. back and forth.

  2. When games are saved they are saved within the image. There is no external save directory. Only one saved game is allowed.

  3. If you get a blank screen when starting the game, press ENTER and the game should start.

Please post any corrections or additions to this document in the game forum on Have fun.

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