Title should be between 5-15 words and be relevant to the paper’s content. Introduction

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Chondrichthyes and Osteichthyes Anatomical Comparison Paper

The paper over the cartilaginous and boney fish should include the following information and be written in the standard scientific lab report.

Title should be between 5-15 words and be relevant to the paper’s content.
Introduction should include the following: purpose of comparing two groups of fish as it relates to morphology and oceanic organisms; background of both groups of fish in terms of importance in the economy of the world and natural range of both fish.
Materials should be included in a list style with all equipment needed and used to examine the anatomical differences and similarities between both groups of fish.
Procedure should include a step-by-step process by which you dissected both groups of fish. Do not forget about the stingray and other preserved specimens that you should have examines for external similarities and differences.
Data and results should include the anatomical similarities and differences you discovered between both groups of fish, especially the perch and shark. Do not use pictures taken from internet, as you must include only specifics from the dissection. Do not put in unrelated statements such as “nasty, gross, smelly, etc.” as these statements have no place in a scientific paper.
Discussion should include and questions that may have arisen due to the dissection. This could be about the similarities or differences between the two groups of fish. Furthermore, you should include several inferences as to the reasons behind the similarities and differences between each fish examined.

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