Title (font: Times New Roman, style: bold size: 12 point, centered)

Памер335 Kb.
Title (font: Times New Roman, style: bold size: 12 point, centered)

Authors Name (Times New Roman10 point font, centered)

Author addresses (Times New Roman 9 point, italic, centered)
Abstract- Brief summary of the study should begin with the title of “abstract” written as Times New Roman with 9 font size, bold font style, and continue with Times New Roman font, normal style and 9 font size.

The body of the extended abstract should have a brief introduction, description of the work, highlights of the results and the conclusion of the study. The text must be divided into two columns with a line in the middle. The text should be written single-spaced in Times New Roman, 10 pt, normal font and in justified format.

There should be no section titles. There should be no gap between the paragraphs. The page should not be framed, formatting such as shading should be avoided. Authors are responsible for the accordance of their text to the American English grammar rules must be spell checked.

The author who will give the oral presentation or present the poster should be underlined, and the correspondence author should be indicated by a superscript with the contact given at the end of the text, before the references.

Any figure used must be referenced in the main text, in the figure caption. Times New Roman 9 point fonts, and normal text style should be used below the figure.

Figure 1. Phase angles with respect to the applied harmonic frequency [1]
If a table is used in the text, for the description, Times New Roman, 9 points and normal font style should be used above the table. The design of the table should be close to the example given here.

Table 1. The sizes of some microscopic objects, in decreasing order of size [2]

H2 (sccm)

Sample Name

dmean (nm)























References in the text should be numbered starting from 1 and, should be written in square brackets. Example: [1]. At the end of the text, the references should also be written as Times New Roman, 9 points and, normal font after the brackets.

In the references, the first letter of the author's name and open form of the surname should be written to be among points. Names of authors and international shortened spelling of the quoted sources should be placed with a comma between them. Extended abstract writing should be ended with the reference section including date of publication, volume number and quoted page number.

If there is a need, an acknowledgement statement can be added before the references.

This study was supported by… We thank Ali Velioğlu for his contribution… etc.
[1] Chang, C-W., Liao, J-D., 2009. Nano-indentation at the surface contact level: applying a harmonic frequency for measuring contact stiffness of self-assembled monolayers adsorbed on Au,, Nanaotechnology, 19: 15-25.

[2] http://ion.asu.edu/descript_dimens.htm

[3] Robertson, G.L., 1993. Food packaging. Principles and practice. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker

[4] Smith, J.P., Hoshino, J., Abe, Y., 1995. Interactive packaging involving sachet technology. In M.L.Rooney (Ed.), Active food packaging (pp. 143-173). Glasgow: Blackie Academic and Proffesional

[5] Selamet, Y., Kır, S., Tarı, S., 2009. Vertically aligned growth of carbon nanotubes by thin film catalyst pretreatment, 5. Ulusal Nanobilim ve Nanoteknoloji Konferansı, 8-12 Haziran, Eskişehir, sayfa 359.

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