Title: aat15 Mannerism involved

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Title: AAT15-

1. Mannerism involved

A. twisted forms

B. strange colors

C. ambiguous space

*D. all of the above

Title: AAT15-

2. ________ was not a Mannerist painter.

A. Pontormo

B. Parminianino

C. Correggio

*D. Michelangelo

Title: AAT15-

3. Which is NOT a meaning related to the Mannerist style?

A. affectation

B. mannered

*C. to the manner born

D. stylized

E. elongated

Title: AAT15-

4. Serpentinata refers to

A. Cellini's lizard

B. the salamander of Francis I

*C. a Mannerist pose

D. Bronzino's iconography

E. serpentine iconography


Title: AAT15-

5. "Indulgences" refer to

A. liberal child-rearing practices

*B. credits against one's sins

C. the 95 theses of Martin Luther

D. the rules of the Council of Trent

E. humanist philosophy

Title: AAT15-

6. Match the work with its artist

A. Parmigianino -- the Allegory

B. Bronzino -- Saltcellar

*C. Cellini -- Narcissus

D. Giambologna -- Palazzo del Te

E. Palladio -- Mercury

Ashbery - Convex Mirror

Title: AAT15-

6. Who wrote "Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror?"

A. Parmigianino

*B. Ashbery

C. Clement VII

D. Carlo Ridolfi

E. Vasari


Title: Cellini not life size Shakespeare

Cellini created a life-size sculpture that depicted the story of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

a. True

*b. False

Title: Cellini -lostwax

Cellini's recounting of his creation of Perseus and Medusa relates the difficulty of creating large scale works using the lost-wax technique.

a. True*

b. False


Title: AAT15- Celliniis-Patron-Salt

7. The patron of the Saltcellar was

*A. Francis I

B. Cosimo I de' Medici

C. Eleonora of Toledo

D. Federigo Gonzaga

E. Julius II


Title: AAT15-

9. Vasari's account of women artists is a reflection of

A. his feminism

*B. his humanism

C. his patriarchal view of art

D. his political correctness

E. his misogyny

Title: AAT15-

10. Autobiographies were written in 16th-century Italy by

A. Tintoretto and Cellini

B. Vasari and Ridolfi

C. Aretino and Giorgione

*D. Vasari and Cellini

E. Ridolfi and El Greco


Title: AAT15-

11. Tintoretto painted

A. dynamic compostitions

B. strong diagonals

C. serpentine curves

*D. all of the above


Title: AAT15-

12. One of the great ceiling painters of Mannerism

A. Tintoretto

*B. Correggio

C. Michelangelo

D. El Greco


Title: AAT15-

13. Giambologna was born in

A. Italy

B. Germany

*C. Flanders

D. France

E. Crete


Title: AAT15-

15. Veronese satisfied the Inquisition by

A. repainting his picture

*B. renaming his picture

C. putting his picture in storage

D. destroying his picture

E. sending his picture out of the country

El Greco

Title: AAT15-

16. A significant influence on the development of El Greco's style was

A. Tintoretto

B. Titian

*C. Byzantine style

D. High Renaissance style

E. Minoan painting

Title: AAT15-

19. El Greco was born

A. in the Greek mainland

B. in Venice

C. in Constantinople

D. in Toledo

*E. in Crete


Title: AAT15-

17. Martin Luther was

A. an American civil rights leader

*B. a 16th-century monk

C. an artist

D. a member of the Council of Trent

E. a member of the Inquisition

Counter Reformation

Title: AAT15-

18. Important Counter-Reformation authors include

A. Ridolfi, Teresa, and Ignatius

B. Luther, Clement VII, and Teresa

C. Teresa, John of the Cross, and Clement VII

*D. John of the Cross, Teresa, and Ignatius

E. Luther, Teresa, Ignatius, Ridolfi


Title: AAT15-

20. Palladio used the ancient texts of

*A. Vitruvius

B. Plato

C. Aristotle

D. Suetonius

E. Socrates

Title: AAT15-

21. The first Italian guidebook was written by

A. Vasari

B. Cellini

*C. Palladio

D. Vitruvius

E. Ridolfi

Title: AAT15-

22. What problem did Palladio solve in the façade of San Giorgio Maggiore?

A. how to deal with the fact that it is on an island

*B. how to reconcile a high nave with lower side aisles

C. how to combine a dome with a Greek portico

D. how to relate the building to its environment

E. how to keep dampness from ruining the stone


Title: AAT15-

23. The design of Il Gesu was planned to

*A. accommodate large congregations

B. satisfy the humanist tastes of the patron

C. reflect the Greek cross plan

D. show the importance of Alberti's churches

E. reflect Palladian principles


Title: AAT15-

24. Which patron and work are correctly matched?

A. the Gesu -- Palladio

B. Bronzino's Eleonora of Toledo -- the king of Spain

*C. Palazzo del Te -- Federigo Gonzaga

D. Villa Rotonda -- Pythagoras

E. Feast in the House of Levi -- the Inquisition

Palazzo del Te

Title: AAT15-

14. The exterior of the Palazzo del Te contains

A. triglyphs

B. metopes

C. keystones

D. rustication

*E. all of the above
Title: AAT15-

Essay Quiz

Title: AAT15-

1. What effect did the Inquisition have on the visual arts? Which rules applied to the arts?

Title: AAT15-

2. Compare Mannerism with the Renaissance style in Italy. Consider the context and the formal elements.

Title: AAT15-

3. Compare the Sistine Ceiling with the ceiling of the Palazzo del Te. Consider subject, illusionism, context, and style.

Title: AAT15-

4. Describe the development of Palladio's architecture, using Vitruvius, Alberti, and the Classical Orders as models.

Title: AAT15-

5. Compare Veronese's Last Supper with that of Leonardo. Consider style and iconography.

Key Terms

Title: AAT15-

1. Mannerism

Title: AAT15-

2. The Reformation

Title: AAT15-

3. figura serpentinata

Title: AAT15-

4. The Counter-Reformation

Title: AAT15-

5. rustication

Title: AAT15-

6. voussoirs

Title: AAT15-

7. broken pediment

Title: AAT15-

8. volutes

Title: AAT15-


Title: AAT15-


Title: AAT15-

figura serpentinata

Title: AAT15-


Title: AAT15-


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