Tips for registering for the e-learning system blackboard What is Blackboard?

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Tips for registering for the e-learning system blackboard Page of

Tips for registering for the e-learning system blackboard

1. What is Blackboard?

The Blackboard program is an e-learning platform installed at the computer lab of Ruhr-University of Bochum. It allows and supports web-based seminars. The platform can be reached from anywhere through Ruhr-University’s homepage.

2. How do I register for Blackboard (in general)?

In order to participate in a seminar, it is necessary to register once as a general blackboard user, i.e. to open a user account. To do so, go to the blackboard homepage (see illustration 1). The address is as follows (please mind the colon instead of a backslash following the ‚.de‘):

As soon as you opened your account, you can register for specific courses.

Illustration 1: Blackboard Introductary Page

If you click on Create Account you will access the following page:

Illustration 2: Create Account

After you put in all the required data, finish this process by clicking Submit.
Illustration 3: Finishing 'Create Account'

After you opened your personal user account, you will access a personalized Blackboard introductary page. Here you can choose classes in which you would like to participate.

Illustration 4: Personalized introductory page

Illustration 4 shows the personalized introductory page which opens whenever you login to black­board.
Click on Courses and you will find a complete list of all blackboard courses offered at Ruhr-University. They are listed according to faculties and departments.
Illustration 5: Selection List (Course Catalog)

3. How do I register for a course (seminar, lecture, etc.) in blackboard?

The course list of the Faculty of Social Sciences for example is divided into several sections as you see in the Illustration below:

Illustration 6: Catalog of 'Social Sciences'

After choosing the section you have to find the course you are interested in.

If you found it, click Enroll in order to register (or request to register) (Illustration 7).

Illustration 7: Enrollment


Because of different participation requirements for specific courses, there are also different registration requirements. These are the different options:

  • Self-Enrollment without Password: If you click on Enroll, you are registered for that specific course.

  • Self-Enrollment with Password: The teacher/lecturer will give out the password before registration.

(Please note: upper- and lowercase letters in the password are relevant.)

  • Enrollment Request: If you click on Enroll, the teacher/lecturer automatically receives an e-mail. He or she will register you if applicable. You will then be notified by e-mail through the blackboard system.

(Please note: The warning Receipt Failure only means that your enrollment request was passed on to the person in charge.)

If you want to exit the system, it is not sufficient to simply close the browser. You must use the logout button that you find in the header (see illustration 6). If you don’t do so you risk that the next user will be able to access your personal data.

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