Tiger Mt Tea Co Premium whole leaf teas, herbs, accessories & gifts

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Tiger Mt Tea Co

Premium whole leaf teas, herbs, accessories & gifts

Fall 2003


Open a box of tea

and the journey begins.

Serve tea in a cup

or in a bowl,

and adventure is within your lips’ reach.”

Gilles Brochard – The Tea Box

Tiger Mt Tea Co has been working to provide Fair Trade teas to its’ concerned customers. We have finally acquired a First Flush FTGFOP from Nepal (30 miles west of Darjeeling). This is an excellent Fair Trade, Organic tea from the Kanchanjangha Tea Estate.


Did you know…?

The teabag was created by accident in the early 1900’s when a New York tea merchant, named Thomas Sullivan, sent single servings of tea to his clients in a silk pouch. Confused, they put the entire pouch in boiling water, and the rest is history!

What’s New?

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We have some exciting new teas in stock to keep you sipping all winter long.

  • Cinnamon Orange Spice

  • Winter Blend

  • Indian Spiced Chai


Vanilla Honeybush is in! We have a hard time keeping this in stock. An evergreen herb from South Africa, closely related to Rooibos, and flavored with Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, Vanilla Honeybush has no caffeine, is loaded with antioxidants and rich with essential minerals and vitamins. Look for it on our site under Herbs/Tisanes.


We’ve acquired a number of hard to find Tetsubin cast iron tea pots from the Iwate prefecture in Northern Japan. Look for the Iwachu logo cast in the bottom of the pot to guarantee originality.

Tea Gifts…

This 4-cup Darjeeling Tea Press with 4 matching cups, produces an exceptionally flavorful tea as the stainless steel filter traps even the smallest of tea leaves. The Pyrex® glass allows you to see "the agony of the leaf" as your favorite full leaf tea unfurls releasing all of its hidden flavor and goodness. Included with this gift set is your choice of Premium Darjeeling tea:



  • Summer Tips

  • Muscatel


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With Christmas approaching fast, it’s nice to know where to find healthy, practical gifts your friends and family will use all year long. We have a rapidly growing selection of teapots, kettles, cups and accessories that can be assembled together in a gift set. Click here

In the News…

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a Consumer Advisory regarding the agency’s concerns about some cases of poisoning related to the substitution of the toxic Japanese star anise (scientific name Illicium anisatum), for the safe Chinese star anise (Illicium verum).

“Herbal teas sold by reputable companies in the United States are quite safe,” said Mark Blumenthal, founder and Executive Director of the American Botanical Council (ABC). “People in the herb industry have known about the problem with the two kinds of star anise for many years and have developed quality assurance programs to ensure that commercial herb teas use the safe Chinese star anise.”

The cases of poisoning with Japanese star anise that the FDA cited were not related to herbal teas produced by reputable tea companies, Blumenthal added. Most of the poisoning cases probably involved cases where consumers purchased the toxic Japanese star anise in bulk and made their own teas. Japanese star anise has been sold for many years for its use as an ingredient in potpourris because of its shape and fragrance. It is not intended for internal use. Chinese star anise is a safe and flavorful component of some popular herbal tea blends.

ABC also pointed out that the public should not confuse star anise with anise, sometimes called aniseseed (Pimpinella anisum), a member of the carrot family. Anise is a safe, commonly used food flavoring that is also generally recognized as safe by the FDA. ¹


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¹ Reprinted from the American Botanical Council

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