Thorpe shark hotel launches scream add-ons for halloween

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  • Book a Bedroom Monster at Thorpe Shark Hotel for Fright Nights

  • Bedtime Gory Tellers available to read ‘Hairy Tales’

  • NEW extreme overnight experience, The Extra Cut

  • Terrifying horror mazes, rides in the dark and after hours’ scares

THORPE PARK Resort swaps standard hotel add-ons for terrifying extras in celebration of Fright Nights’ 13th Anniversary.

Guests booking into the Thorpe Shark Hotel during Fright Nights (10 October – 2 November) can select one of four scream add-ons including a Bedtime Gory Teller, a Night Terror, a Monster who appears to come out from under the bed and the all-new overnight experience, The Extra Cut.
Don’t expect sweet dreams on the island after dark if you choose a Bedtime Gory Teller – a disheveled greying character with yellow stained teeth and rancid breath who will read you horrifying ‘Hairy Tales’ from her book while you’re tucked up under your duvet.
And don’t forget to check the dark corners of your room just before you switch off the lights because hiding in the shadows could be a monster lying in wait with an unwelcome surprise.
Skeletal faced and dressed in black, Night Terrors are also available to book. These eerie creatures will creep into your room in the dead of night to give you a scare like no other.
In addition to booking a terrifying extra, guests can opt for ultimate scare experience, The Extra Cut, which runs after hours until 2am in the morning. Guests will be led by the cunning evil director on backstage tours to meet the dark characters that lurk in the shadows.
But the Director has his own agenda, make sure you don’t end up on the menu at the midnight feast. Not for the faint hearted, over 18s only.**
With rides in the dark and a new horror maze, Studio 13, there’s plenty of action, scares and screams at THORPE PARK Resort this autumn. Dare you stay? For bookings visit
All rooms include rain shower wet rooms, air-con, free Wifi, changeable mood lighting, flat screen TV entertainment packages including a selection of on-demand horror movies.
All hotel add-ons are available on Fright Fridays and must be booked in advance of arrival. The dates include 10, 17, 24 and 31 October.
The Extra Cut takes place from 11pm – 2am and will run on the following selected dates 17, 24, 25, 27, 29, 31 October and 1 November 2014. Pre-booking is essential as spaces are strictly limited. Prices, based on 4 people sharing, cost from £125.00 each including overnight stay, two day Park tickets, breakfast, complimentary parking plus exclusive First to Ride time.
Notes to Editors

*Only available on Fridays during Fright Nights. Cost: £10 per room per scare

Limited availability – available to over 16s only

Limited availability – available to over 18s only

**Guests may be kidnapped.

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