This Tournament Goes to Eleven 2007 Packet Monsters (Pokémon theme packet) Written by: Mike Bentley & Jeremy Eaton

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This Tournament Goes to Eleven 2007

Packet Monsters (Pokémon theme packet)

Written by: Mike Bentley & Jeremy Eaton (Maryland), and independently by Quentin Roper (Drake)
1) In the fourth generation of Pokémon games, it remains the only flying type Pokémon that is unable to learn any flying-type move. In competitive double battling, it is usually paired with a Pokémon with the Lightning Rod ability, but in single battles, its primary option of fighting is by the use of Dragon Dance, and it is one of the few non-dragon types to learn this move. It is one of the few Pokémon that can be encountered in the wild in every Pokémon game pre-Elite Four, usually by use of a Super Rod, and it has perhaps the most famous shiny variety, whose skin is red instead of blue. FTP, name this “Atrocious” water and flying-type Pokémon, which evolves from the next-to-worthless Magikarp.

ANSWER: Gyarados

2) Hackers have found that he was going to fight you with a Tauros, Exeggutor (Ex-EGG-you-tor) and other Pokémon all around level 70 in the original games.  In the trading card game, his impostor requires that the opponent shuffle his hand into his deck and draw seven new cards, while his regular form lets the player draw seven cards.  He hosts a radio show broadcast from Goldenrod City in the second generation games, and Agatha reveals that she was once a rival of this man.  FTP, name this man, the most famous resident of Pallet Town, the inventor of the Pokédex, who has been nicknamed the Pokémon Professor.

ANSWER: Professor Samuel Oak

3) In the card game, the Dark version of this Pokemon has a move called Nail Flick and another move which has the potential to deal 50 damage per energy card attached.  In the Gold and Silver versions, it is able to learn both Dragon Rage and Wing Attack by level-up; neither which could be learned in Red and Blue despite its appearance.  In the anime, it had its first successful battle against Blaine’s Magmar for the Volcano Badge, and the most famous card incarnation of this Pokemon has 120HP and converts all energy attached into energy of the same type as the card.  Known for not obeying Ash, FTP, name this Fire and Flying-type Pokémon, the final evolution of the Fire starter in the original games.

ANSWER: Charizard

4) Juan, a gym leader, was a new character introduced in this game, and it allowed players lucky enough to go to special Nintendo events to receive an Old Sea Map to catch Mew on Faraway Island.  This game introduced 2 on 2 rematches with gym leaders and changed the aesthetics of Brendan and Mary to have shorter sleeves.  It also allows the player to catch both Groudon and Kyogre without trading.  After a call from Scott, a trip on the S.S. Tidal in this game brings you to the newly introduced Battle Frontier where you eventually fight the Frontier Brain.  FTP, identify this third game in the Ruby and Sapphire line, a nickname of Ireland.

ANSWER: Pokemon Emerald

5) In the second generation of Pokemon games, the player can acquire this item free of charge in Goldenrod City, and in Diamond and Pokemon: Pearl, this could not be obtained until the player rescued the shop owner in the Team Galactic building in the north of Eterna City.  In Pokemon Red and Blue versions, the player had to sit through a speech of the Pokemon Fan Club President to get the means to obtain one of these.  Pokemon: Ruby and Pokemon: Sapphire introduced two versions of this, the Acro one for tricks and jumps, and the Mach one for extra speed. FTP, name this two-wheeled vehicle, which greatly increases the speed at which the player can travel.

Answer: Bicycle (Accept equivalents, like Bike)
6) This Pokémon has the somewhat dubious honor of being the very last Pokémon mentioned in the original Pokérap. This Pokémon is, with Muk and Swalot, the only final form Poison-type able to learn the move Gunk Shot, and can also learn Gastro Acid, but its uninspiring stats leave it firmly in the under used tier. However, in the anime, this Pokémon was released in Hoenn, and was later replaced in Jesse’s party by the similarly conceived Seviper (se-VIPE-er). FTP, name this Poison-type Pokémon, whose name spelled backwards is a homonym for a type of snake.


7) This character is responsible for handing out starter Pokemon in cities without Pokemon Professors, while one of them leads an expedition to find Kabuto fossils.  In the card game, one of the same profession appears with blue hair.  They have been associated with Pokemon like Combusken and Bulbasaur, but these pink haired women are more often seen with a Blissey by their side.  Most often accompanied by a Chansey, FTP, identify this jubilant woman, present in every Pokemon Center in the animated series where they act as Pokemon Veterinarians.

ANSWER: Nurse Joy

8) It's a prize given to you by Professor Krane after you beat Gorigan in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.  Worth a staggering zero Pokédollars, they can be obtained through winning at the Jubilife TV, Lucky Number Show, or Lilycove City Lottery.  In Diamond and Pearl, one is obtained in Veilstone City after defeating the Team Galactic boss, while in Ruby and Sapphire it's hidden next to two Electrodes and a nugget in Lilycove.  Team Rocket's invasion of Silph Co. accounts for why there are so few of them.  Originally obtained after defeating Giovanni, FTP, identify this item that captures any Pokémon one hundred percent of the time.

ANSWER: Master Ball

9) Its only Advance Generation appearance was in “A Pokéblock Party”, where it befriends a Whismur due to a certain ability of that Pokemon. It solved the “Mystery of Pokémopolis” by releasing a giant version of itself to calm a giant Alakazam and another giant Pokémon that were fighting. It was removed from a Blastoise’s shell, and faces off against an alien Clefairy which had captured Pikachu. It gained its most notorious ability after Brock feeds it a fruit that soothes its throat, and has a marker underneath the head of its microphone, for which it can graffiti unconscious faces. FTP, name this normal-type Pokémon, whose song can put people to sleep, much to its own chagrin.

ANSWER: Jigglypuff

10) In Emerald, this is the only place one may obtain a Mawile (MAW-ile), and Route 224, the location of the Shaymin event, branches from this route.  In the Diamond and Pearl games, after obtaining the National Pokédex, the player can team up with Marley to get through a side chain of this area.  In Ruby and Sapphire, this place is the location of the final battle with Wally, while in the original games, this place is the location of your fight with Moltres. FTP, name this locale that is only accessible to trainers with 8 badges, a route that connects to the Pokémon League Elite Four.

ANSWER: Victory Road

11) Seeing this Pokémon heading in towards Hoenn convinces Ash that he should travel there too, and Ash sees this Pokémon just after being freed from the influence of the evil King of Pokélantis. In the Johto season, Ash passes by the Tin Tower, where this Pokémon used to live, but it is most famous for being the first second-generation Pokémon seen in the anime, as in the premier episode this Pokémon is seen flying away from Ash and Pikachu after the latter defeats a flock of Spearow. FTP, name this legendary Pokémon inexplicably spotted at significant moments in Ash’s life, a Fire and Flying-type bird.


12) As a promotion for this game's release, Blockbuster stores included a demo booth that allowed players to print out stickers. In the Cave area, players can find several Dittos pretending to be Bulbasaurs, a constellation shaped like Mewtwo and a trio of Jigglypuff singing on stage. By locating the hidden Pokémon Signs, one can access the final area, Rainbow Cloud, where the elusive Mew can be found. Items from this game include the Pester Ball, apple-shaped Pokémon Food and the transforming vehicle, the Zero-One. Starring Todd, a compiler of images for a Pokémon encyclopedia, FTP, identify this N64 game where you take pictures of Pokémon.

ANSWER: Pokémon Snap

13) In the anime, Team Rocket dresses like schoolgirls to sell Ash and the gang tickets for a Pokemon convention in this location. In the same episode, James buys a Pokemon from a corrupt salesman in this location, while Ash briefly trades his Butterfree for a Raticate before trading it back.  A visit to Bill gives you the credentials to access this locale, and in the Fire Red and Leaf Green remakes it is possible to obtain a lava cookie near an odd piece of scenery close to it.  It was the location where you received Cut in the original games, and it was also possible to not make it leave and thus Surf to a mysterious truck. After leaving from this location near Vermillion City, you can never return, making it the only location in Red and Blue that can only be visited once.  FTP, identify this ship from Red and Blue that shares its name with a British queen who succeeded William and Mary.


14) One of them, Phoebe, has a grandmother who lives in Mt. Pyre in Ruby and Sapphire, while another used to hand out the move Toxic before leaving his home in Fuchsia City to the capable hands of his daughter, Janine.  In Ruby and Sapphire, they reside in Ever Grande City and include either Steven or Wallace amongst their ranks, while in Diamond and Pearl, Lucian and Cynthia are the final two of them that you face.  In Red and Blue, their ranks included Lorelei, Bruno, Lance and your rival.  FTP, identify this group of powerful trainers at the end of Victory Road in every Pokémon game.

ANSWER: Elite Four (also accept the Four Heavenly Kings and the Big Four)
15) This is one of the few Overused Baton passers that can effectively pass either Calm Mind or Swords Dance, and another support option for this Pokémon is Heal Bell, as it is the only Grass type Pokémon that can learn the move. In the fourth generation, it has lost a potential counter in Hidden Power-Bug Dugtrio due to it being a Special Attack. Although this Pokémon’s stats are equivalent to that of Mew, its terrible typing exclude it from the Uber tier of most meta-games. FTP, name this Grass and Psychic-type Pokémon, the Legendary Pokémon whose Japanese name is the name of a famous Pokémon info site, number 251 in Gold and Silver.

ANSWER: Celebi (accept Serebii)

16) In the Jungle expansion of the Trading Card Game, this Pokemon, in addition to having a four-colorless retreat cost, was given the Power "Thick Skinned" that prevented it from all status effects. In the anime, this Pokemon caused a village's crops to die by blocking the flow of a local stream, and Ash later caught this Pokemon while in the Grapefruit Islands in order to prevent it from stealing a mass quantity of the island's namesake fruit harvest. In the Gold and Silver versions this Pokemon was found blocking Diglett's Cave, while in the Red and Blue versions, the Pokeflute must be played to wake it up and capture it. Known for its huge girth and appetite, FTP, identify this Normal-type "Sleeping" Pokemon that now evolves from Munchlax.

ANSWER: Snorlax

17) The US release of the trading card game set with this name featured a secret Raichu card which was listed as card #83 out of 82. One of them, Hun, appears with his partner Atilla in the Legend of Thunder made-for-TV movie.  Its former leader was On'na Boss, and at one point it developed a device to make Pokémon evolve.  They have a warehouse on Five Isle Meadow, where they search for Ruby and Emerald gems.  They capture the Radio Tower in Goldenrod City in a plan to use ultrasonic waves to make Pokémon evolve.  FTP, Meowth, Jesse and James are members of what evil team that's always "blasting off again"?

ANSWER: Team Rocket

18) Next to Crobat, this Pokémon is the second fastest Poison-type Pokémon, even though it can’t learn any Poison-type moves except by TM. Its main use is as a Special Sweeper, but its diverse movepool allows for one of the most infamous competitive variants plausible: a Sub-Punching Thunderbolting Ice Puncher, colloquially called its “McIce” variant, is widely touted for its ability to take out many walls in the Overused Tier, particularly in the Advance generation. FTP, name this Ghost and Poison type Pokémon, which evolves from Haunter by trading it.

ANSWER: Gengar
19) It introduced Mr. Fuji and Recycle, which featured an image of a three dimensional Jigglypuff being picked up by a crane machine.  Base Set Pokémon, including Bulbasaur and Koffing, were included in the BodyGuard Starter Deck for this expansion set, as well as newly introduced cards such as Golbat, Grimer, and Geodude.  Foils from this series included Dragonite and Zapdos, while other utility cards included Gambler and Energy Search.  Released after the Jungle set, FTP, identify this second expansion to the Pokémon Trading Card Game that introduced Aerodactyl and Kabutops.

ANSWER: Fossil Deck

20) In the anime, in a contest to obtain Togepi, Ash cleverly defeats this Pokémon by changing Bulbasaur's Vine Whip into a "Tickle" attack.  In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, four of them block the road to Route 210 and can only be bypassed by giving them a SecretPotion. At the Princess Festival, this Pokémon was able to single-handedly defeat Jesse's Lickitung due to its apparent immunity to the Lick attack. Misty first obtained this Pokémon when it tapped one of her Pokéballs and forced itself inside. Known for having psychic powers when it gets bad headaches, FTP, identify this yellow Pokémon that evolves into Golduck.

ANSWER: Psyduck

21) The Topo and Niniku varieties of these substances could only be obtained through a Japanese-only e-Reader line of cards, while Pokéblock ingredients like Stribs and Chilans could be obtained with American e-Reader Cards.  In Emerald, Diamond, and Pearl, the Qualot one reduces a Pokémon's defense EVs, while the Nomel is a Poffin ingredient.  In Diamond and Pearl the main place to find them is on Kin Island, and they had to be planted in Loamy Soil in Ruby and Sapphire.  The Chesto one cures sleep, while the Pecha cures poison.  Introduced in Gold and Silver, FTP, identify these fruits that automatically heal or cure status effects when equipped on a Pokémon.

ANSWER: Berries

1) Given an elemental type, identify whether another elemental type is either super effective, effective, not very effective or immune against it according to Diamond and Pearl, FFPE and a bonus for all correct.
[5] Water against Grass.

ANSWER: Not Very Effective

[5] Electricity against Ground.

ANSWER: Immune

[5] Dark against Steel.

ANSWER: Not Very Effective

[5] Ice against Dragon.

ANSWER: Super Effective

[5] Psychic against Dark.

ANSWER: Immune

2) Work an entire season training a Pokémon, release it, and repeat. Thus is Ash Ketchem’s Pokemon philosophy. For ten points each, name these Pokémon Ash he trains, just to release it later, for ten points each.

[10] The first Pokémon Ash ever released, he released this Pokémon to mate, never to be seen again. It was also the first final-evolution Pokémon Ash ever had.  It evolved from a Metapod to put a swarm of Beedrill to sleep in Viridian Forest.

ANSWER: Butterfree

[10] Ash released this Pokémon to help defend a flock of its pre-evolved forms from a flock of Spearow and a Fearow.  This fully evolved Pokemon with National Dex number 18 flies at "Mach 2 speeds".

ANSWER: Pidgeot

[10] This Pokémon was Ash’s primary mode of travel in the Orange Islands, but at the end of the arc, he released it to be with its family.

ANSWER: Lapras
3) Identify some of these Pokémon spinoff games, FTPE.
[10] This first entry in a series of N64 games lets you watch your Pokémon fight in 3D.  Pretty much all it consisted of was battling through the Gym Leader Castle and fighting Mewtwo.

ANSWER: Pokémon Stadium

[10] Players take upon the title profession in this spin-off for the DS and go about the region of Fiore capturing Pokémon with the stylus and using them to fight evil and save the environment.

ANSWER: Pokémon Ranger

[10] Pokémon Puzzle League was a remake of this excellent SNES puzzle game starring characters from Yoshi's Island. It was called Panel de Pon in Japan.

ANSWER: Tetris Attack

4) Identify some of these different ways to get around in the Pokemon games, FTPE.
[10] This technique, Hidden Machine 03, is one of the few HMs to be useful in battle.  It also lets you savagely drive your helpless water Pokemon across entire oceans.


[10] This form of transportation, which was supposed to appear in Gold and Silver, would have allowed the player to travel to "unusual places".  It appears in non-Pokemon games like a 2007 game subtitled Proving Ground.

ANSWER: Skateboard

[10] Diamond and Pearl introduced this technique, HM08, which allows a player to ascend walls.  Like most HMs, it's a terrible combat move that should be forced on your HM Slave.

ANSWER: Rock Climb

5) Name the following about a move, for ten points each.

[10] TM 18 is for this move and can be obtained by trading in 10 blue shards in Pokémon: Diamond and Pokémon: Pearl.  The move shares its name with a ritual done by the Zuni people on August 19th of every year.

ANSWER: Rain Dance

[10] Rain Dance increases the accuracy of this otherwise unreliable electric move, TM25, to 100%.

ANSWER: Thunder (do not accept or prompt on "Thunderbolt")

[10] While Rain Dance is in effect, this Normal type move is a Base Power 100 Water-type move.  Castform and Roserade are the only Pokemon capable of learning this move.

ANSWER: Weather Ball

6) Identify the following about some gym leaders, FTPE.
[10] Volkner, a surly gym leader from Sunyshore City, runs a gym devoted to this elemental type.  He's helped by using Pokemon like Luxray, and gives you a Charge Beam for beating him.

ANSWER: Electric

[10] This is one of the few characters in Pokémon whose nationality is given, as he is described as the “Lightning American”. In Red and Blue he sported a Voltorb and a Pikachu, as well as his signature in the anime, a Raichu.

ANSWER: Lieutenant Surge

[10] This gym leader rewards the players of Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald with the Dynamo Badge, but later asks the player to go on an optional side-quest to turn off the power generator under Mauville City.

ANSWER: Wattson

7) Did you get suckered into buying Pokémon Yellow?  If so, you should do well on this bonus identifying the changes between that game and the original games, FTPE.
[10] Getting this electric type Pokémon as your starter sure made the battle against Brock tough for new players.  It notably wouldn't get in a Pokéball or evolve with a Thunderstone.

ANSWER: Pikachu

[10] Gary starts the game with this Pokémon, capable of evolving into three different Pokémon in the Yellow version depending on what type of evolutionary stone you force down its throat.


[10] This cave, which contains Mewtwo, is significantly changed in Yellow.  It's next to a city of the same name that features Misty as a Gym Leader.

ANSWER: Cerulean Cave or Unknown Dungeon

8) Name these rivals of one Ash Ketchum, for ten points each.

[10] His most notable rival, this grandson of a famous professor is Ash’s first Rival. In the Advance seasons, it is revealed that he chose Squirtle as his starter.

ANSWER: Gary Oak (prompt on “Oak”)

[10] The first of Gary's Pokemon to be seen; this fully evolved male Poison type obtained by using a Moonstone was used in his gym battle against Giovanni. It was destroyed shortly after by Mewtwo.

         ANSWER: Nidoking
[10] This auburn-haired kid beat Ash in his Kanto Pokémon League bid with his Butterfree, Happy, his Charmander, Zippo- which later evolved, and most notably, his Pikachu- Sparky.

ANSWER: Ritchie

9) Did you actually play the card game or were you just one of those kids who had their parents buy you hundreds of dollars worth of cards so you could show off your Charizard to your friends?  Let's find out with this bonus, FTPE.

[10] If you were building a psychic deck to stall your opponent, you would use this Pokemon's damage swap power to funnel damage to tanks like Chansey.  He also possesses a less useful Confuse Ray.

ANSWER: Alakazam

[10] When Nintendo took over making the card game from Wizards of the Coast, they released a series of theme sets with names like Ruby & Sapphire, Deoxys, and Power Keepers, all with this two letter prefix.

ANSWER: EX (prompt on "extra")

[10] If you imported Japanese cards like your question-writer did, you'd know that one of these left-facing symbols was on a Trainer card with a Zubat.  It started as a good luck symbol in eastern religions and not in Nazism... probably.

ANSWER: Swastika

10) Name these Pokémon, all of which can learn and effectively use Haze, FTPE.

[10] A popular Hazer is this bulky Water-type Pokemon with "a fin which is often mistaken for a mermaid's", obtained by using a Water Stone on Eevee.

ANSWER: Vaporeon

[10] This Water and Bug-type Pokemon can learn Haze by level up, but its evolution Masquerain cannot.

ANSWER: Surskit

[10] Despite Haze being this elemental type, no Pokemon of this type actually learns the move.  Pokemon with this elemental type include Piloswine and Dewgong, but not Seel.


11) So Mister Game Freaks level designer, you've already laid out the world map, but the game is an hour too short.  What do you do? Why, build a tower of course.  Identify these things relating to towers in the Pokemon games, FTPE.
[10] Near the top of the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town, the player has to use a Silph Scope to identify the ghost of this evolved Pokemon notable for learning such attacks as Bone Club and Bonemerang.

ANSWER: Marowak

[10] In Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal, Violet City houses a tower dedicated to this yellow Grass and Poison type Pokemon who, unlike Oddish, was not found in the original Red version.

ANSWER: Bellsprout

[10] In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, Route 131 contains this tremendous tower, inexplicably built in the middle of a water route, and houses the legendary Rayquaza at the top of the tower.

ANSWER: Sky Pillar

12) Name the following Pokémon obtained from In-Game trades, FTPE.

[10] In Pokémon Red and Blue, the player may trade a Poliwhirl for this Pokemon in Cerulean city. Oh yeah, there was some controversy involving this Psychic and Ice type Pokemon being a cross-dresser in blackface or something.


[10] In Emerald’s Battle Frontier, the player may trade a little girl a Skitty for this Pokémon that evolves into Persian, and it is the only way that the player can obtain one in-game.

ANSWER: Meowth

[10] On Route 226 of the English Version of Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl, one may trade a Finneon for this other pathetic Water-type Pokémon, which might seem like a hose, but this Pokémon is the German version, coming complete with the German Pokédex page.

ANSWER: Magikarp

13) FTPE, name these evolutions new to the Diamond and Pearl games.

[10] By attaching a Dubious Disc to the second form of this Virtual Pokemon in Diamond and Pearl, you can obtain the powerful 'Z' variety. To get one in Red and Blue, you had to spend hours at the casino in order to pay the 9999 coin cost.

ANSWER: Porygon

[10] Found in the grasses of Sinnoh and Mr. Backlot's Trophy Garden, this new pre-evolution uses an abbreviation in its name to denote its being the offspring of Mr. Mime.

ANSWER: Mime Jr.

[10] By using an awakening stone on a male Kirlia you will get this Psychic and Fighting type Pokémon instead of letting it evolve normally into Gardevoir. It obtains the powerful move, Psycho Cut despite it lacking in the speed department.

ANSWER: Gallade

14) You think that, with 150 base power, this Normal-type move would be awesome, right? Well, with a one-turn recharge afterward, it sort of sucks. FTPE:

[10] First, identify this laser-like attack that was finally given the "Special" attribute in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

ANSWER: Hyper Beam

[10] In the anime, Hyper Beam was famously used by a giant version of this Pokemon at Bill's Lighthouse. This Pokemon also has the honor of being the only fully evolved Dragon-type Pokemon in the original games.

ANSWER: Dragonite
[10] The more recent Diamond and Pearl games introduced typed versions of Hyper Beam, including Frenzy Plant for Grass, Hydro Cannon for Water, and this devastating Fire-type attack.

ANSWER: Blast Burn

15) Given a Pokémon, identify the generation that it was first introduced in: five for one, ten for two, twenty for three, thirty for all four.  For example, if I said Marril, and you knew what you were talking about, you'd say "Gold and Silver".
[A] The Torchic, Combusken, Blaziken line.

ANSWER: Ruby and Sapphire or 3rd generation

[B] The Bidoof, Bibarel line.

ANSWER: Diamond and Pearl or 4th generation

[C] Steelix.

ANSWER: Gold and Silver or 2nd generation

[D] The Togepi, Togetic line.

ANSWER: Gold and Silver or 2nd generation

16) Answer some stuff about the role of Pokémon in the Super Smash Bros. series, FTPE.

[10] Similar to Fourside in Melee, a stage from Smash Bros. 64 featured the players high atop buildings of this city. Sadly, there are no cameos from the city's gym leader, Sabrina.

ANSWER: Saffron City

[10] This stage in Smash Bros. Melee is set high in the skies of the Kanto region and has the Smashers jumping frantically between giant Pokémon shaped balloons.

ANSWER: PokéFloats

[10] In the upcoming Smash Bros. Brawl, this character will stand in the background and command a changing team of Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard. He's not Ash, but has the same occupation.

ANSWER: Pokémon Trainer

17) Identify the following glitch Pokémon, FTPE.

[10] This "Pokémon", consisting of an array of blocky pixels, is known to mess up your Hall of Fame data in the Red and Blue games.  But surfing for him off of the coast of Cinnabar Island lets you dupe Rare Candies, so you probably did it anyway, cheater.

ANSWER: MissingNo. or M

[10] If you enter a Double Battle in Diamond and Pearl with two fainted Pokémon, an egg, and a healthy Pokémon, the egg will get sent out looking like a shiny one of these Pokémon, whose Pokédex index is 001 in Red and Blue.

ANSWER: Bulbasaur

[10] Some glitch Pokémon have this type.  In the later games, it identifies a type of cosplaying trainer completely obsessed with Pokémon like Lairon and Charmander.

ANSWER: Pokémaniac

18) Identify some of these characters based on their exploits in the anime, FTPE.
[10] Ash gave his Squirtle to one of these officials to help fight fires.  They all look exactly alike, except for an insignia denoting where they're from.  They usually use Growlithes as police dogs.

ANSWER: Officer Jenny

[5, 5] These two Team Rocket members are rivals of Jessie and James, and they share a Drowzee and a Raticate.  Their names are a split of a famous American robber, known for forming the Wild Bunch.

ANSWER: Butch and Cassidy

[10] While you can play as her in Diamond and Pearl, she's more famous for teaming up with Ash in Sinnoh with Pokémon like Pilpup.

ANSWER: Dawn (also accept Hikari)

19) Identify these moves used by "sweepers" on high end battle teams, FTPE.

[10] This powerful Ground-type move really punishes Pokémon waiting to use a Dig attack starting in the Gold and Silver games. It was also in Red and Blue.

ANSWER: Earthquake

[10] Rather than the highly unreliable Thunder attack, this similarly named attack is much more accurate and is the attack of choice for sweepers of the electric type.

ANSWER: Thunderbolt

[10] Ghosts make use of this attack, TM30 in Gold and Silver, that has a chance of lowering special defense.  You may remember Mewtwo using the attack in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

ANSWER: Shadow Ball

20) Pokemon hasn't been the only series to improbably create a video pinball game.  Identify the following about some of these other series, FTPE.

[10] Probably the best example of this trend was a pinball version of this 3D series developed by Retro Studios and staring Samus Aran.  Wii owners might have played the recent third installment in this series, Corruption.

ANSWER: Metroid Prime (don't accept or prompt on Metroid)

[10] A crappier video pinball game was developed by Sega and based on this light gun zombie series.  Better spin-offs of this series included an awesome Dreamcast typing game.

ANSWER: House of the Dead

[10] This Genesis game had a plot involving removing Chaos Emeralds to make a volcano erupt.

ANSWER: Sonic Spinball

21) Answer some questions about the Pokemon films, FTPE.

[10] In the third Pokemon film, this legendary fire type from the Gold and Silver generation is created as a guardian for Molly by the Unown of the Crystal Tower.


[10] The first movie featured this powerful psychic Pokemon who created clones of other Pokemon and had them savagely battle on a mysterious island.

ANSWER: Mewtwo

[10] Due to his apparent resemblance to an ancient hero named Aaron, Ash is accompanied by this Steel and Fighting type Pokemon to save the dying Tree of the World and solve the "Mystery of Mew"

ANSWER: Lucario

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