This memory presents a characterization (tipify) of different age

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This memory presents a characterization (tipify) of different age quillay (Quillaja saponaria Mol.) sprouts developed under a silvicultural method of management, the coppice. This was in the inner dry land of the Province of Colchagua, VI Región, Chile.

The study area was a natural mixed-forest of the forestry type “esclerófilo”. To obtain the bark, the quillay individuals were harvested in the past by a selective cut. At the moment of the plots establishment (year 2000), the stands had stools with sprouts of either 2, 4, 6 and 8 years old. The test-plots were controlled yearly, characterizing the stools and the sprouts according to quantitative variables, such as quantity, diameter, height and age, and qualitative variables, such as biological origin, healthy and dominance status.

Thinning intensity was a 25-80% of total basal area of initial stools, the biggest was applied in 2 years old sprouts, and the smaller in 8 years old sprouts.

After two years of observations, results show a sprout survival larger than 70%. Healthy stool showed a re-growth o 96%, while not healthy stool did not show any re-growth. The biological origin of the sprouts was mostly epicornic (80%).

In, under management stool, sprouts show a biggest diameter and height development than not under management sprouts.

The average growth for diameter, height, basal area, and total biomass of the sprouts were between 0,5-1,8 cm/yr; 0,5-0,8 cm/yr; 0,80x10-4 -0,19x10-3 m2/yr; and 2,2-4,6 kg/yr, respectively. Biggest growths were in 2 years old sprout, and smaller in 8 years old sprouts.

Regarding the quantitative variables measured, the best response to the thinning occurred in the 2 years old sprouts while in respect to the qualitative variables, the best response occurred in the 4 years old sprouts.

If stools were thinned earlier, the response in both, growth and quality, were better, than stools thinned at later stages.

Key words: biomass production, coppice, Quillaja saponaria, sprout

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