This is only an example; change the letter as appropriate for your situation!! Sample Letter of Application for j-2 Work Authorization

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***This is only an example; change the letter as appropriate for your situation!!****

Sample Letter of Application for J-2 Work Authorization

Dear Sir or Madam:

I would like to apply for J-2 work authorization. My spouse, _________________(name of spouse), is a J-1 Exchange Visitor at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center New Orleans. I would like to request employment authorization so that I may work to pay for my expenses during my spouse's program. My J-1 spouse has funding for his/her own expenses. The money I earn will not be used for my spouse's support.
Our estimated monthly budget is as follows:
Living Expenses for the J-1 and J-2(s) per Month
Rent $______________

Utilities $______________

Food $______________

Clothing $______________

Transportation $______________

Medical/health insurance $______________

Education $______________

Other $______________

Total Monthly Expenditure =============
J-1 Current monthly income: _________________

J-2 Current monthly income: _________________

Total Monthly Income =============
As the budget shows, we can afford all necessary expenses. But I would like to [take a course in English as a Second Language, which would cost $100 a month, and we can afford this expense only if I work. I therefore hope that you will approve my request for work authorization.


J-2's signature

J-2's name

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