The wars of Doom (1 of 1)

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The wars of Doom (1 of 1)
Scene 1

Doctor Doom’s Palace, Doomstadt, Latveria, 9th September 14:00 EEDT

Doctor Doom begins experimenting on a piece of metal; Lucia Von Bardas enters the room

Doctor Doom: I ordered not to be disturbed

Lucia: My apologies, Lord Doom, but there are multiple approaching aircraft, HYDRA War Machines

Doctor Doom: Interesting. And I had it on good authority that HYDRA had fallen. Commence counter-measures

Vandal: I would not recommend that (Doctor Doom turns around to see Vandal Savage standing in front of his throne)

Doctor Doom: You dare enter the Palace of Doom. You will not survive such foolishness (his suit begins to malfunction)

Vandal: Even if you could attack, you cannot kill an immortal

Doctor Doom: What do you want?

Vandal: (Smiles) now, that’s a much more interesting question.
Scene 2

Baxter building, New York, 09:00 EDT

Johnny Storm and Ben Grim are playing a video racing game together, Johnny wins the game

Johnny: Oh yeah! I win again

Ben: Err, try 3 out of 5?

Johnny: You’re on (they play again)


Reed Richards is observing something under a microscope in the land, Sue observes

Sue: Discover anything interesting?

Reed: This metal is absolutely fascinating, I doubt there are more than 2 pieces like it on Earth (Doctor Doom appears on the communications screen)

Doctor Doom: Fantastic 4, I need your assistance


They Fantastic 4 meet up

Johnny: Wait, you need our help? You really must be desperate

Doctor Doom: 2 hours ago, HYDRA warships entered my country’s airspace, we activated our defences but they had been sabotaged. Now, HYDRA are landing ground troops and war machines inside my country.

Reed: Let’s just say, that we believe you, why come to us?

Doctor Doom: I have had access to your communication systems for months. My Doom Bots have been decommissioned, and my country has no other active military, and I will use the blood of a thousand American heroes before a single drop of my people’s blood is spilt in this conflict

Reed: You realise that it will take us hours to reach Latveria by air

Doctor Doom: That is why you will not be travelling by air. (They are teleported away)
Scene 3

Doomstadt, Latveria, 11:40 EEDT

Mr Fantastic, the Thing and the Invisible Woman are teleported into the city

Doctor Doom: As you can see my invitation was just a formality, you are going to rescue my people from HYDRA

Invisible Woman: Where is Johnny?

Doctor Doom: (Addressing via hologram) safe, unless you fail your mission. Defeat HYDRA, or he will die. (The hologram disappears)

Thing: We should mount a rescue for him now! (Smoke surrounds them and assassins come out of the smoke)

Mr Fantastic: I’m not sure we have a choice (the assassins attack)

Thing: Well then, it’s clobberin’ time (several assassins attack him, but their blades have no impact on his skin, he punches them all away, more assassins attack Mr Fantastic, but Mr Fantastic stretches his body in such a way that all of the shurikens miss them, he creates a hammer from his hands, and attempts to whack them, but the assassins evade)

Mr Fantastic: These guys (he stretches to evade more attacks) they’re more than just HYDRA agents (the assassins step back, as Ra’s al Ghul enters the fray)

Ra’s al Ghul: Indeed. Most well observed

Mr Fantastic: And who are you

Ra’s al Ghul: I am he that is called Ra’s al Ghul. I am the head of the League of Assassins, which recently acquired HYDRA, and soon Latveria also will be ours. I know that Doctor Doom has asked you to fight us, but we have not come unprepared. Each of our men is trained to elite levels, more than a match for your attacks. They also have psionic emitters, which block telekinetic attacks, so I wouldn’t try them, Invisible Woman (he electro-shocks an area, that turns out to be the Invisible Woman) and also infra-red and ultra-violet sensors. (HYDRA dreadnaught robots begin walking in and blasting the city, the Thing goes after them) I told you this to give you one chance to leave.

Mr Fantastic: We’re not leaving without Johnny

Ra’s al Ghul: How unfortunate. (To the assassins) kill them (he walks away, the assassins attack)


Castle Doom

The Human torch is in restraints and wearing an inhibitor collar, he wakes up

Human Torch: Hey! What do you think you’re doing (Vandal Savage approaches) so, you’re a flunky of Doctor Doom now?

Vandal: Hardly (Johnny struggles but Vandal presses a button and the collar electrocutes Johnny) now please, this won’t hurt a bit (he prepares to inject a serum)

Human Torch: What are you trying to…?

Vandal: I owe you that I suppose. Pyro-kinesis is a surprisingly common meta-power in this day and age. The big bang in Dakota City created two, but the gas is too unpredictable to replicate with the same effect. Your powers are born from exposure to comic radiation, impossible to replicate. But there is another way. One of our partners devised this serum, used it on himself, but this person isn’t human. We needed a test subject, someone who already has pyro-kinetic abilities to see if this solution would stabilise in a human body. (He injects the serum into the Human Torch’s body, Vandal opens coms) increase the power on his inhibitor collar we do not want him escaping



The Thing crashes through the HYDRA Dreadnaughts, Holocaust watches from the roof of a nearby building

Ra’s al Ghul: Hold your position, Holocaust

Holocaust: Do not presume to command me, we are equal partners

Ra’s al Ghul: You are needed by the masters; that does not make you a master.

Holocaust: Then consider our arrangement terminated

Ra’s al Ghul: Goodbye (Holocaust is lifted into the air by the invisible woman, Holocaust throws fireballs at her, but she uses an invisible shield to protect herself, in the process, he is dropped off the roof of the building, he lands unharmed but the Thing is waiting for him, Holocaust throws fireballs at him, but they bounce of his skin, the Thing clobbers him into the skies and out of the city)

Thing: And don’t come back (Mr Fantastic tries to wrap himself around the assassins, but the assassins electrocute him, and force him to abandon that play, Mr Fantastic looks at the assassins as he evades their attacks, and discovers a weakness. All of them have smoke grenades with the pins exposed, he stretches his fingers out and removes the pins all at once, the resulting smoke cloud knocks them all out before they can put on their gas masks)

Mr Fantastic: That’s one battle won, but there could be hundreds more to save the country.


Castle Doom

The Human Torch screams as the serum passes through his body.

Doctor Doom: What do you hope to gain from this experiment? He already has fire powers?

Vandal: Fire that needs to be turned on an off with the use of a key word, and has a significant impact on his appearance, this serum should give him the same abilities without those problems.

Human Torch: So what happens when I say flame on (his collar shocks him unconscious)

Doctor Doom: Most interesting. (He blasts Vandal Savage) now get out of my Country

Vandal: Have you forgotten (Doctor Doom sparks in red lightning, and explodes) hmm

Doctor Doom: I see you still have your magic element, Klarion, the lord of chaos (Klarion steps from Vandal's shadow) now (Doombots surround Vandal and Savage) you know where to aim (Klarion tries to use his magic, but the Doombots attack Teekl, and he begins to dissipate)

Vandal: You will regret that action (assassins appear behind Doctor Doom, they attack, but Doctor Doom easily takes them out, the Doom bots close in on Vandal Savage)

Doctor Doom: You have spent more than enough time on Latverian soil. I may not be able to kill you, but if you do not leave, you will suffer (he projects lightning at Vandal Savage)

Vandal: Hmm, well played (he opens coms) time to go (he is teleported away, along with Ra’s al Ghul, his assassins, and all the HYDRA dreadnaughts)


2 hours later

The Human Torch is released from his captivity by Doctor Doom

Human Torch: Finally! Flame on (he falls to his knees, burning) Flame off (he stops burning)

Doctor Doom: I would not recommend doing that again, that serum may have lasting effects on you.

Human Torch: Then you cure it

Doctor Doom: No. That will be a task for Mr Fantastic. I have other work to be doing. (Mr Fantastic, The Thing and The Invisible Woman enter)

Susan: Johnny (she and Johnny embrace)

Mr Fantastic: What was this about, Victor?

Doctor Doom: The Masters were trying to expand their foot-holding in Latveria; they required a pyro-kinetic test subject for a serum. So I provided one to bide my time until I could devise counter measures.

Thing: You expect us to believe that?

Mr Fantastic: You had another reason for us being here; we just need to find out… (They are teleported away, Lucia approaches Doctor Doom)

Lucia: We have acquired the sample of the serum; we should be able to mass produce it soon.

Doctor Doom: Begin

Lucia: Of course, Lord Doom

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