The Use of Social Media in the Apparel Industry

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The Use of Social Media in the Apparel Industry

Sally L. Fortenberry, Ph.D., CFCS, Texas Christian University

Shweta Reddy, Ph.D., Texas Christian University

Karol Blaylock, Ph.D., Tarleton State University

Previously, the average person had limited access to what’s hot in fashion trends. The advent of social media and its adoption within the fashion industry has given the average person glimpses into breaking fashion trends before they arrive off the runway and in the retail outlet.

  • “Lookbooks” are posted to Facebook for perusal

  • Runway shows are live-Tweeted

  • Major fashion houses are previewing their collections on Pinterest

Facebook Pages:

  • 1 billion people actively use Facebook

  • 18% of users are from US which equals approximately 180 million

  • Top 5 Fashion Related Facebook pages to “Like” based on total numbers – Vans, American Eagle Outfitters, Abercrombie & Fitch, Ralph Lauren and I Love Being Black

    • Average Total Number of Facebook “Likes” for the Top 50 Fashion Pages is 1.74Million


  • Consumers can follow trends in real-time from brands and designers during Fashion Week

  • The top 50 Fashion Accounts live Tweeted from the runway at 2012 Fall NY Fashion Week

  • Use of buzzwords “Win, Winner, Buy, New, and Giveaway” gain 47% more interaction on average within the Fashion Industry

    • 671,028 Tweets were posted

    • Two times more Tweets than last year

    • 72% of the Tweets came from the US

    • #Hashtags were used to curate the posts #dayinthelife and #FNO

    • New Twitter followers gained during Fall 2012 Fashion Week for these Brands

      • Victoria Beckham -53,700 new followers

      • Michael Kors -15,300 new followers

      • Marc Jacobs – 5,300 new followers


  • Curate looks from popular items pinned by Brands, Designers, Retailers and your friends

  • Unique visitors to Pinterest increased 320% from December 2011 (7.1 million) to December 2012 (29.8 million)

  • is their largest competitor

  • The average number of Pinterest page followers for the apparel industry is 1,262

  • Top 8 Fashion Pinterest Accounts to follow include

    • Peter Som

    • Refinery29

    • Kate Spade

    • Lauren Santo Domingo

    • Emily Schuman

    • Glamour Magazine

    • Erika Bearman

    • Style with Class

  • Women’s Fashion are by far the most popular pins

    • 5.4% of all pins in January 2013 were people pinning items related to women’s fashion

    • 7.7% of all Pinterest boards were used to curate women’s apparel

    • Badgley Mischka and Bergdorf Goodman co-previewed their resort collection exclusively via Pinterest using the hashtag #BGBadgley, attracting 39,788 followers after pinning only 42 items


  • Allows followers to view fashion filtered through period lenses to help decide which items to purchase and how to wear them

  • 46.1 million people are actively using Instagram

  • Top 10 Accounts to Follow Fashion

    • Burberry @Burberry

    • Marc Jacobs @Marcjacobsintl

    • Michael Kors @Michaelkors

    • Gucci @Gucci

    • Kate Spade @KatespadeNY

    • Alexander McQueen @worldmcqueen

    • Tory Burch @Toryburch

    • Bergdorf Goodman @Bergdorfs

    • Warby Parker @Warbyparker

    • Christian Louboutin @ChristianlouboutinNYC

  • 73 Instagram Photos from NY Fashion Week have been accepted into Getty Images Library from professional photographers

  • The New York Times has an account solely dedicated to Fashion on Instagram. It currently has 188,449 followers and 480 photos posted - @NYTimesFashion

  • POSE is the newest competitor to Instagram and Pinterest but features only Fashion items

    • Founded in 2010 with Rachel Zoe as an investor can curate “collections” of looks from around the Web and other people’s collections and integrates social shopping into its platform

Spring 2013 Fashion Week Social Media Coverage:

  • Total New York Fashion Week Twitter mentions-370,872 #NYFW

  • Total Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Twitter mentions-43,679 #MBFW

  • Total “Likes” on Facebook from January till February -307,545

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