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(August 2013)
Faculty Offering Program: ____________________________________________________________________________
Program Name ____________________________________________________________________________
Program Code ___________________________________

First Term Major/Specialisation Valid: Term: _____________________ Year: _________
Program Academic Career: __________________ (ie…UGRD, PGCW)
List New Majors/Specialisations with individual FoE’s.


Field of Education

List Revised Majors/Specialisations


Revision Effective from

Old Title… New Title…

Old Title… New Title…

List Majors/Specialisations for deletion


Deletion Effective from

Title… NUSTAR Code…

Title… NUSTAR Code…

(Attach additional sheets if required)
*NUSTAR Code is the code allocated to the major/specialisation plan in NUSTAR (eg: 10039M2 International Business major in the B Business).
*Field of Education Information
Certification for entry onto NUSTAR – to be completed by Secretary to the Program and Course Approval Committee:
PCAC Approval date_______________________________ Signed___________________________________________________________

Please Note: The completed form should be returned via email to

The Australian Higher Education Statement Award information
This information needs to be provided for undergraduate and postgraduate programs only. The information provided needs to be reasonably brief as it is held on the front page of the AHEGS. The information should be oriented towards graduates and their future employers and other education institutions as opposed to potential or current students.

The Program Award Information Collection Process

The information regarding program details in the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement is divided into 4 main areas. DEEWR have provided guidelines for the development of this information for AHEGS purposes. The accreditation guideline is summarised below

Accreditation – Statement regarding relevant external accreditation of the course including details of the accrediting association or agency and date of most recent accreditations. Also optional. For example:

This program is accredited by the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine. A professional year is required after graduation.

Major/Specialisation Accreditation

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