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Mitsubishi Motors Motor Sports organisation, MMSP, is headed up by the President Isao Torii, who is responsible for Mitsubishi’s FIA World Rally Championship and Cross Country Rally programmes. Torii has the international experience required for his new job after postings to MMC’s R&D units in Europe and the United States, where as an engineer his duties included vehicle testing of such models as the Mirage (“Colt” in Europe), GTO and Eclipse. MMC judges that Mr Torii’s vehicle development capabilities, overseas work experience and his outstanding management skills make him the right man to head the company’s motorsport unit.
The structure of MMSP covers six main activities:
World Rally Championship competition

Cross-Country competition

Motor sport development

Lancer and Pajero/Montero customer cars through Ralliart

High performance vehicles through Ralliart

Accessories, merchandizing and services through Ralliart

Mitsubishi’s motorsports operation MMSP is wholly responsible for the design, development and running of the World Rally Championship, Dakar Rally and World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies programmes, as well as negotiations with drivers and co-drivers. The World Rally Championship team is based in Rugby, England, near to Birmingham, while the Cross-Country operation is based near Pont de Vaux (100km north of Lyon), in central France.
Mitsubishi Motors World Rally Team MMSP Ltd, based in Rugby, England, is responsible for the design, engineering and development of the World Rally Championship programme under the guidance of Managing Director Mario Fornaris, who is also Technical Director.
Fornaris is responsible for a truly international team of experts drawn from all forms of motor sport, including Formula 1, and an operation that has expanded from 87 to 110 employees in the last two years, with Olivier Jansonnie in charge of development and Frederic Vellutini as head of electronics in Rugby. The build and development of the engine is in the hands of Manuel Corsetti, with the Motor Sport Team based at Mitsubishi Motors R&D facility in Japan becoming more and more involved both with vehicle and engine development. Osamu Nakayama, the General Manager of the Motor Sport Team, works closely with the engineers in Rugby and is responsible for deploying Japanese engineers and expertise to the team as necessary.
Torii, Fornaris and Team Manager Mario Pastorino are chiefly responsible for on-event operations. Spaniard Roger Estrada and three other engineers will be responsible for all on event engineering, but a host of highly-qualified experts form a formidable team in Rugby.
Core WRC team management:
Isao Torii - President and Head of Motor Sport, MMSP GmbH

- Managing Director, MMSP Ltd

Mario Fornaris - Managing Director and Technical Director, MMSP GmbH

- Managing Director, MMSP Ltd

Osamu Nakayama - General Manager, Motor Sport Team, Mitsubishi Motors R&D

- Engine and Vehicle Development, MMSP Ltd

Marco Pastorino - Team Manager

For further information please contact:

Communications and Media Relations:

Florian Moser, Head of MMSP Communications

Mobile +49 (0) 172 669 7578


Dawn Manwaring, MMSP WRC Communications

Mobile +49 (0) 172 669 7592

Michael Maeder, MMSP CCR Communications

Mobile +49 (0) 172 669 7591


Adam-Opel-Str. 4

D 65468 Trebur-Astheim

Telephone: +49 (0) 6147 203 596

Telefax: +49 (0) 6147 203 599
Media website www.mmsp-media-com

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