The systematic position of the European Squalodontidae

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Stuttgart, April 1968

The systematic position of the European Squalodontidae (Odontoceti, Mamm.)

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(In part spoken during the annual meeting of the Paleontological Society in Zürich 1965)
Summary. The early history of the Odontoceti is identical with that of the Squalodontoidea. The division of the Squalodontoidea into Agorophiidae and Squalodontidae is a >horizontal< classification corresponding to two stages of evolution. The Squalodontidae now are subdivided into two subfamilies, the former Archaeoceti-group Patriocetinae ABEL, 1913 and the Squalodontinae n. subf. The Patriocetinae represent a probably middle Oligocene protosqualodontid evolutionary stage with the upper Oligocene survivors Patriocetus ABEL, 1913 and Agriocetus ABEL, 1913. In the Chattian the progressive forms have reached a eusqualodontid evolutionary stage, represented by the Squalodontinae. The later forms of the Squalodontinae represent a branch of evolution, ending blindly in the Tortonian/Messinian.

A new taxon of upper Oligocene age (Chattian) is the genus Eosqualodon n. g., with tile species E. langewieschei n. sp. E. latirostris (CAPELLIINI, 1904) must likewise be placed in this genus.

The species of Squalodon can be arranged at least partly into two groups of species (catulli- and bariensis-groups). These species of Squalodon as well as those of Neosqualodon do not all have their former content.

Especially the upper Oligocene forms allow more definitive ideas about the early stages of evolution of the Odontoceti and probably of the Cetacea in general.

*Address of the author: Priv.-Doz. Dr. K. ROTHAUSEN, 65 Mainz, Saarstrasse 21, Paläontologisches Institut d. Joh.-Gutenberg-Universität.

† Original citation: Rothausen, K. 1968. Die systematische Stellung der europäischen Squalodontidae (Odontoceti, Mamm.). Paläontologische Zeitschrifte 42(1/2):83-104. Unknown translator. Transferred to electronic copy and edited by Mark Uhen and Michell Kwon, Smithsonian Institution, 2008.

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