The Second International Ecological Forum

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Under the patronage

of the Euroregion NIEMEN

with financial support

by the European Union

The Second International Ecological Forum


August 25 – 29th, 2004

Augustów – Kozłówka – Rajgród


The competition screenings included films and television programmes presented by their authors from Belarus (Minsk, Grodno), Latvia (Riga), Germany (Hamburg), Poland (Bialystok, Bielsko – Biała, Bydgoszcz, Gdańsk, Katowice, Szczecin, Wrocław), Russia (Kaliningrad), Ukraine (Kiev). Also shown were the works submitted by those colleagues who were unable to arrive to the Forum: from the Czech Republic, Spain and Romania. Among the participants in the Forum were also journalists, teachers, scientific workers, representatives of the local self-governments, NGO’s and the Green Party 2004.

The Public Jury, consisting of all the participants in the Forum, awarded the following prizes:

  • GRAND PRIX – funded by Director General of the State Forests Holding: Sławomir Swerpel, Poland, for the film „Towards the Future”, from the series „Natural History of Poland”

  • Main Award – funded by the information technology company AUROX: Jerzy Korniewo, Poland, for the film „Jug of Honey”

  • Main Award (in kind) – a cine-camera – funded by the Marshal of the Podlasie Voivodship: Joachim Hinz, Germany, for the film „Piglets and Snakes – Schoolgoers Discover Nature”

  • Award - funded by the Mayor of Rajgród: Edmunds Jansons, Latvia, for the film „The Black Spawn”

  • Award - funded by the President of the Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management: Ewa Żerdzińska, Poland for the film „The Seals” from the series „Underwater Poland”

  • Award (in kind) – a photo camera, funded by the Mayor of Augustów: Igor Byshniev, Belarus, for the film poster „No Fires, Please!”

  • Special Honorary Mention: the authors of the magazine „Closer to Nature”, Poland

The competition and non-competition screenings were accompenied by symposiums, illustrated by items from the video library of the Waga Brothers International Festival of Nature Films; „Aliens in our Nature” (dr Cezary Werpachowski and Krzysztof Frąckiel) and „Report on the Issue of the Wolf” (Karol Chodkiewicz) as well as field workshops (the Biebrza National Park and Augustów Canal).

The participants in the Forum signed a letter addressed to the European Parliament supporting the Resolution sent to the Parliament last spring by the participants of the Third Waga Brothers International Festival of Nature Films and demanding that immediate action be taken to stop the barbaric extermination on both sides of the Pyrenees of the flocks of migratory birds flying every autumn to the south from their breeding sites in Nothern Europe and Siberia.

Futhermore, an international team was appointed and entrusted the task of raising funds and organizing a network of correspondents and, at a later date, publishing an international ecological bulletin; this will facilitate a prompt flow of information, organization of joint actions and media compaigns. Additionally, the participants of EKORAJ expressed their support for the NAREW Society initiative to set up a shelter for animals in the compound of the Penitentiary Institution of Grądy Woniecko, near Wizna. The cruel owners tend to more and more frequently abandon thieir dogs in thinly-populated parts of the Biebrza National Park. We believe the dogs will not only find loving care provided by the prison inmates, but will also tone down their manners and ease up the difficult time of isolation.

Dear Friends – my warmest thanks to all the participants ; please, forgive all the shortcomings and lack of comfort! May this meeting be treasured in you memory as it will in mine: after all, the time spent together was really good! And Wojtek Popkiewicz – thanks for the concert!


Joanna Wierzbicka


We, journalists, filmmakers, photographers, naturalists and representatives of non-governmental organizations involved in the building of proper relations between man and nature, gathered together on Aug. 25-29th, 2004, in Augustów, Kozłówka and Rajgród, Podlasie Voivodship, at the Second International Ecological Forum EKORAJ wish to express our concern about notorious cases of unpunished abandonment of domestic animals, particularly dogs, occuring in forested areas devoid of human settlements.

The animals treated in such a cruel way are exposed to suffering, posing at the same time a threat to the fauna at large. We believe that the problem may be alleviated by setting up of shelters for animals in the vicinity of such territories.

The initiative of the NAREW Society to set up an animal shelter at the Penitentiary Establishment in Grądy Woniecko, Zambrów County, must be recognized as a concrete step towards solving the problem.

Locating the shelter within a penitentiary institution will at the same time provide an effective form of rehabilitation for persons deprived of their freedom, especially those who declare their readiness to be actively involved in the caring for the animals.

Deeming the aforementioned initiative of the NAREW Society a useful proposal, we appeal to all decision - makers concerned to show understanding and support

On behalf of the Forum participants
President of the NAREW Society – Maciej Faflak

Forum Chair – Joanna Wierzbicka


The journalists and filmmakers participating on Aug. 29th, 2004, in the symposium „ECOLOGY IN THE MEDIA” have decided to set up editorial staff of an ecological bulletin. Its tasks will be supplying to appropriate newspapers and periodicals as well as radio and TV stations a broad range of information items dealing with ecology; it will also facilitate a prompt exchange of information allowing immediate reaction to occurrences of great importance, and organizing of joint actions and media compaigns.

The initiators will include representatives of:

  • Poland: Maciej Faflak – filmmaker, President of the NAREW Society; Wiesław Głowacz – journalist, Telewizja Polska S.A., Katowice Branch, and representatives of the Foundation ZIELONA LIGA of Silesia and Pracownia na Rzecz Wszelkich Istot from Bielsko-Biała (names to be supplied later)

  • Belarus: Elena Bieriesniewa – journalist of „Respublika”, Grodno, and a journalist from Minsk

(name to be supplied later)

• Ukraine: Irena Bonitenko – director, journalist, the State Television of Ukraine, Kiev

• Russia: Irina Buldakova – journalist, filmmaker, Teleradiokompania Jantar, Kaliningrad

In addition, the participants of the EKORAJ Forum elected bulletin correspondents, including:

From Belarus – Alicja Samiec, „Głos znad Niemna”; from Ukraine – Elwira Gilewicz, journalist,

Polish Programme of Zhitomir Television; from Poland – Sławomir Nowaczek, Białystok, Wojciech

Popkiewicz, Wrocław, Sławek Swerpel, Gdańsk.

The tasks of the group will embrace:

  • fundraising initiatives allowing implementation of the decision

  • organizing a broad network of correspondents allowing access to most distant and remote localities

  • appointment of the definitive composition of the editorial staff

  • holding the first conference of the editorial staff within the next 3 months

on behalf of those gathered
Joanna Wierzbicka – EKORAJ Forum Chair

Mrs. Monica Frassoni

Mr Daniel Cohn – Bendit


European Green Party

European Parliament

The participants of the Second International Ecological Forum EKORAJ ( Augustów – Kozłówka – Rajgród, Podlasie Voivodship, Poland), having viewed Klaus Tűmmler’s film „Flight into the Trap” (Germany), wholeheartedly suuport the Resolution adopted on April 3rd, 2004, by the participants of the Third Waga Brothers International Festival of Nature Films, which was sent to you with an appeal to take appopriate action.

We also kindly request some feedback on your reaction to the aforementioned resolution because its authors have not received any answer from you to this date.
Yours, very sincerely,
(40 persons’ signatures following from Poland, Byelarus,

Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Latvia)

Kozłówka, Aug. 28th, 2004

... Since the first beginnings of history, since the times when the glacial epoch began to yield, flocks of migratory birds have appeared twice a year. They flew by the light of moon and sun, stopping over for greater periods of time in the same places which they came to see as their own. And around them, somewhere down below, there took root, grew and then reached their limits, the many civilisations of humankind whose times may have been stormy and dramatic, but were invariably also disturbingly short. And that was how it always turned out to be – from the south of Africa through to the European and Siberian North.

Until the era of conflict arose. Certain local communities – and these being representative of nations renowned for their civilisational attainments – for their particular points of honour, came to consider as a sport – if a particularly brutal one – the persecution of migrating birds. Their times, if doubtless short enough from the point of view of the whole span of existence of birds, have seemed sufficiently long from the human perspective to be seen as part of national tradition - that same tradition still being invoked in these days of the establishment of a single common European home.

In my judgment, the statutory protection extended to certain bird species in Europe may not at the same time imply consent for wholesale extermination among species not fortunate to enjoy such protection. We are therefore of the firm view that all migratory birds, as they move from their European and Siberian breeding grounds into Africa and the Middle East via the Bosphorus, Italy, or the Pyrenees, should be the subject of legal protection along the entire route, and that this should be a protection distinct and unequivocal in its character, not subject to any exemptions or derogations.
/ Maciej Faflak, Chair of Jury,

Third Waga Brothers International Festival of Nature Films.

Held at Goniądz 31.03-04.04.2004

to Fellow Participants /

To: Mr Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Ms Monica Frassoni,

Co-Presidents of the European Green Party,

European Parliament

We, film-makers, journalists and naturalists – participants at the Third Waga Brothers International Festival of Nature Films, gathered here at Goniądz, north-east Poland;

Having viewed the shocking documentary under the direction of Klaus Tűmmler of Germany, entitled ”Flight into the Trap”, and thus being reinforced in our convictions as regards an issue already known to us;

Do hereby seek to inform Members of the European Parliament of our profound conviction as to the need for immediate efforts to counteract the barbaric extermination taking place on both sides of the Pyrenees of flocks of migratory birds returning south each autumn from their breeding grounds in Northern Europe and Siberia.

We consider that the lives of all migratory birds crossing our continent – without exception – should be safeguarded; not merely the lives of those few species so far afforded legal protection.

We trust that our motion will be given your full consideration as you go about your parliamentary business, such that we may not have to wait too long for an act of law that proves mutually satisfactory.
Done at Goniądz, Poland, this 3rd day of April 2004

The above resolution will be dispatched via e-mail to Green Members of the European Parliament

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