The Rev. Dr. Craig D. Townsend

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The Rev. Dr. Craig D. Townsend

St. James’ Episcopal Church

865 Madison Avenue

New York, New York 10021

The Rev. Craig D. Townsend, an Episcopal priest, has been Associate Rector with primary responsibility for education at St. James' Church on Madison Avenue in New York City for the past five years.  His focus is adult education programming, including coordinating speakers for the Sunday morning lecture series (and appearing as a frequent speaker himself) and teaching various classes.  One current project is a two-year course entitled, "The Rest of the Week: Learning and Living the Christian Faith," which integrates in-depth study of basic Christian theology with analysis of stories - our own, and those of others - to develop the ability to do theological reflection on our own experiences.

Townsend earned his Ph.D. in American Religious History at Harvard University, studying under David D. Hall and William Hutchison.  His dissertation, "An Inexpedient Time: Race and Religion Among New York City Episcopalians, 1809-1853," detailed the struggle of the city's first black Episcopal parish to achieve full recognition and acceptance by its diocese.  He is at work re-writing it in narrative form.

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