The Return of the Neophron

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LIFE 10/NAT/BG/000152

Urgent measures to secure the survival of the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in Bulgaria and Greece

The Return of the Neophron

Job Description – Education and Communications Officer

Job Title: Education and Communications Officer

Reference: EC

Reporting to: LIFE+ Project Manager

Location: Optional BSPB Office in Madzharovo, Haskovo or Sofia

Period of Contract: Full-time for 5 years, with a one year probationary period

Salary Level: Attractive, linked to experience
Other key working relations:

Within BSPB

  1. Life+ Project Team

  2. All BSPB staff working on the LIFE+ Project

  3. All BSPB staff working on education, citizen science and communications activities

Outside BSPB

  1. All Project Partner staff with a direct involvement in educational and communications aspects of the Project,

  2. Project educational activity subcontractors

  3. Local and national media

Overall purpose of this Job

The Education&Communications Officer will be responsible for leading the education and communication work targeted at schools, other key stakeholders like farmers, hunters, media and decision-makers. This staff member will be responsible for developing an integrated suite of education and communication materials and actions that will help to develop understanding and action in support of the conservation of Egyptian vulture. S/he will ensure the effective promotion locally, nationally and internationally of the Project to all key stakeholders by creating and maintaining a high profile for the Project.

Main duties

An integrated suite of traditional and contemporary education and communications tools and actions will be developed and employed by the Project Education and Communications Officer to effectively reach the full range of project stakeholders identified during the development and implementation of the Project.


  1. Lead the implementation of targeted education and communication actions to develop support for the conservation of Egyptian vulture

  2. Lead the design and development of a suite of educational and communication materials that are integrated with the Project educational and communications actions and objectives

  3. Lead the development of the Project Communication Strategy and Annual Communications Plans in cooperation with the Project Manager

  4. Lead the development and delivery of integrated local, regional and national events to promote the objectives, activities and results of the Project

  5. Ensure effective national and international media coverage of the Project by successfully developing and managing media relations

  6. Ensure creation of the project audio-visual archive to resource all communications activities, and then manage this archive

  7. Develop and maintain the Project website for communication of Project objectives, activities and results, and manage the Project’s wider Internet profile

Internal & External Communications

  1. Ensure that Project staff, Project partners and all other relevant parties are kept informed of the progress of the educational and communication activities of the Project.

  2. Act as the first point of contact for incoming enquiries and outgoing communications

  3. Represent and present the LIFE+ Project at key events in Bulgaria

  4. Support the project with relevant communication and education actions targeted at priority stakeholders.

  5. Ensure suitable coverage of the educational components of the Project within the audiovisual archive

  6. Represent and present the LIFE+ Project at priority local and regional events


  1. Develop and undertake the mid-term and final evaluations of the educational activities of the project

  2. Ensure adherence to Bulgarian legislation in relation to working with children and child safety

  3. Research, and identify potential subcontractors for delivery of education and communication materials, and contribute to selecting contractors during the tendering process

  4. Identify and then use indicators of progress in relation to education objectives

  5. Contribute education and communication reports to the overall EC technical and financial reports

  6. Manage the budget for delivery of all education and communications actions, in cooperation with the Project Administrator

  7. Develop and manage the Project Media Archive

  8. Administer the Project communications resources to ensure adequate availability

Job dimensions:

This is a 5 Year Contract, supported by European Commission (LIFE+ Nature) funding. The successful applicant will be part of the International Project Team that delivers the Project in Bulgaria and Greece.

The partners implementing the Project are the HOS/ BirdLife in Greece, WWF Greece and RSPB/BirdLife in the UK

The Project will be high profile, with significant influence on the future working relationships of BSPB with local and national decision makers, international organisations. The Project reputation will influence the credibility of the Partners’, and therefore the ability of BSPB to achieve further conservation objectives in Bulgaria and on regional scale along a migratory route.

BSPB, 2011

BSPB Job description – LIFE+ Education and Communications Officer

The Return of the Neophron

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