The Return of the Neophron Job Description – Project manager Job Title: Project manager Reference: pm

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LIFE 10/NAT/BG/000152

Urgent measures to secure the survival of the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in Bulgaria and Greece

The Return of the Neophron

Job Description – Project manager

Job Title: Project manager

Reference: PM

Reporting to: BSPB Executive Director

Period of Contract: Full-time for 5 years, with one year probationary period

Salary Level: Attractive, linked to experience
Other key working relations:

Within BSPB

  1. Senior Management Team

  2. All BSPB staff working on the LIFE+ Projects

Outside BSPB

  1. All Project Partners

  2. All Project Partner staff with a direct involvement in the Project

  3. Government bodies and agencies as appropriate

  4. Project stakeholders and their representatives

  5. National and international media

  6. European Commission, their External Monitoring Teams and Auditors

Overall purpose of this Job

The primary function is to ensure the effective and efficient management and completion of the LIFE+ Nature Project “The Return of the Neophron”. The Life+ Project Manager is expected to deliver the Project Results in accordance with the Funding Application specifications and the contractual obligations, within normal BSPB organisational policies and practices.

Main duties

The project manager ensures effective communication within and between the different partner organisations and individual staff is a crucial aspect of successful project management. The Project Manager will establish and maintain the management and administration systems necessary for running this LIFE+ Project, particularly the accounting and reporting systems, and the preparation and monitoring of budgets. In this regard s/he will be in close contact with the relevant staff of the project partners. The Project Manager will coordinate, inform and advise the Project Steering Group on project progress as well as servicing the Project Steering Group meetings with reports. At the agreed times, Project Reports will be prepared for the European Commission. The Life+ Project Manager will be the Line Manager for the Technical Assistant, Conservation Officer, Education and Communications Officer, in addition to being responsible for all External Assistance contracts.


  1. Establish and maintain the management and administration systems necessary for running the LIFE+ Project, particularly the accounting and reporting systems, and the preparation and monitoring of budgets.

  2. Inform and advise the project Steering Group on project progress. Service the Steering Group meetings.

  3. Prepare reports for the project Steering Group and Managers of the Project partners.

  4. Prepare required reports for the European Commission, liasing with the project partners and staff for support and advice as appropriate.

  5. Ensure effective communication within and between the different partner organisations.


  1. Deliver the Project according to contractual terms (or by their agreed amendment) by planning and progressing the Project Tasks using suitable project management and monitoring techniques as necessary and appropriate. Project Manager is expected to be fully aware of progress on all deliverables, their timing & resource requirements; ensuring that they are completed or that a formal agreement is made for a contractual change.

  2. Ensure that suitable budgeting and resource planning is set up within each and all Partner organisations for the duration of the Project

  3. Co-ordinate the Project Team to carry out Project tasks as required

  • Ensuring that the Project Team members are aware of their roles, tasks and responsibilities within the Team, and that each person has a suitable overview of the whole Project to appreciate how and where their role fits in to the overall structure.

  • Providing adequate equipment, information, working instructions, procedural documentation in order for Project Team members to be able to carry out their responsibilities within the team.

  • Supporting and coaching team members to ensure that they are contributing to the successful completion of the Project in the most efficient and effective manner.

The production of a Handbook for Project staff and other key people is seen as a suitable vehicle to set quality standards and ensure consistency across the Project.

Internal & External Communications/Community Liaison

  1. Ensure that Project staff, Project partners and all other relevant parties are kept informed of the progress of the Project.

  2. Promote awareness of the aims, activities and results of the LIFE+ Project by ensuring the delivery of all communications activities specified within the Project document.

  3. As the lead spokesperson for the Project respond to queries the media, public and institutions about the LIFE+ Project

  4. Represent and present the LIFE+ Project at priority local, national and international events

  5. Ensure good relations are maintained with community leaders in the Project areas

  6. Work to develop the long-term relationships and successful working partnerships with all Partner organisations and other bodies in Bulgaria and along the Egyptian vulture flyway .

Job dimensions:

This is a 5 Year Contract, supported by European Commission (LIFE+ Nature) funding. The successful applicant will be part of the International Project Team that delivers the Project in Bulgaria and Greece.

The partners implementing the Project are the HOS/ BirdLife in Greece, WWF Greece and RSPB/BirdLife in the UK

The Project will be high profile, with significant influence on the future working relationships of BSPB with local and national decision makers, international organisations. The Project reputation will influence the credibility of the Partners’, and therefore the ability of BSPB to achieve further conservation objectives in Bulgaria and on regional scale along a migratory route.
BSPB, 2011

BSPB Job description – LIFE+ Project Manager
The Return of the Neophron

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