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The Rage Page

Volume XI Issue II The Official Newsletter of the Maize Rage 14 November 2009
“We love these students. Our kids identify with them; [the students] are great kids, and that mean a lot to us and our program. It means were going in the right direction when the student body comes out like they did today” …Coach John Beilein on the Maize Rage after the Wayne State game
Our presence is being known. Our voices are being heard. We’ve proved that we can show up as a student body and cheer for our Wolverines even when the game doesn’t technically count. Coach Beilein has proved that he can take a scrappy 10-22 team to the second round of the NCAA Tournament the following year. The players have proved they beat some of the best teams in the nation. Now it’s time to prove we all can do better. This is the year the team needs us the most; when expectations can either turn into disappointment or greatness. Northern Michigan makes the 440 mile trip from Marquette, MI down to Ann Arbor tonight to help the Wolverines kick-off the 2009-2010 season. Go Blue, and let’s show the Wildcats how we do things here in the Lower Peninsula.
Here is the projected starting lineup for the Northern Michigan Wildcats (0-0, 0-0 GLIAC):

14 Raymont McElroy 6’2” G Named 2008-2009 GLIAC Freshman of the Year.

15 Chris Warner 6’1” G Led the Wildcats last year with 2.4 turnovers/game and 8 foul outs.

5 Marc Renelique* 6’2” G Majoring in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership Management…

whatever that means.

30 Mark D’Agostino 6’7” F This won’t be his first visit to Crisler Arena (see below)

3 Jared Benson 6’10” C Younger brother of former Michigan Women’s Basketball player Carly Benson

Coach Dean Ellis Winningest coach in NMU history with a record of 347-272.

*BUM OF THE GAME: Be sure to salute Marc Renelique, because he’s our Bum of the Game. Chant “BUM” whenever he touches the ball and if the center section asks “What’s the matter with Marc?” respond: “He’s a bum. Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum!”
ALTERNATIVE BUM OF THE GAME: Be sure to look out for Michigan Daily sports editor Andy Reid, as he’s our Alternative Bum of the Game! After bashing our fine organization in Monday’s sports section of the Daily, he has earned himself the distinction of being the first “alternative” bum of the game! See the back side of the Rage Page for more information on what Mr. Reid wrote…
Someone’s Popular: Sophomore Eric Hawley (#25) and senior Sebastien Salois (#1) seem to be pretty well-liked around Marquette. Both have facebook groups consisting of their fans: the “Eric Hawley Fan Club”, “Eric Hawley is NMU’s Chuck Norris”, and “le fan club official de sabastien ‘tha snake’ salois”. Seems like they are big men on campus, right? Wrong! The three groups have an average of only 35 members consisting of mostly family, friends, and teammates.
O, Canada? NMU has five Canadian players on their squad. Why Canada? Head Coach Dean Ellis claims, “because the kids that play CEGEP (Quebec's pre-university schooling) play in Montreal for as much as three years after high school, and then they come to the United States as freshman. So it's a win-win situation.” Unfortunately for them, this win-win situation hasn’t lead to many wins as the Wildcats have gone 18-36 the past two seasons. Maybe they should change their outlook on recruiting, eh?
Return to Crisler: Senior Mark D’Agostino (#30) will be making his second appearance at Crisler Arena tonight. Before transferring to Northern Michigan, D’Agostino played at Delaware State (yes, the same Delaware State that rolled into the Big House last month to get thrashed by our football team) from 2006-2008. On December 9, 2006, D’Agostino and the Hornets rolled into Ann Arbor only to get beat by the Wolverines 70-48, in which he played only two minutes and recorded one foul. Let’s hope Mr. D’Agostino’s second visit to Crisler has a similar ending.
THE REST OF THE WILDCATS: #4 Jordan Mitchell, #22 Chris Paquin, #23 Mylan Murphy, #24 Alex Sabino-Ifill, #34 Devin Scott, #40 Austin Rowe, #44 Kyle Hawley
NMU’s Free Throws: Listen in to the center of the Rage where the chant will be started, and follow along with one of these:
- You Will Miss! You Will Miss! You Will Miss! (And upon a miss, yell “Thank you”)

  • Gooooo!! Bluuuuuuue!! (with the rest of the crowd)

  • Sing The Victors (listen for the “1, 2, you know what to do!”)

  • Upon a made free throw, listen for the “It doesn’t matter!” prompt and yell “You still suck!”

Keep it classy, Rage: As we work toward becoming a great student section, it’s important that we refrain from swearing and making other negative slurs throughout the game. The University of Michigan is an institution of class, and as a collective representative of the University, we need to uphold this standard. It’s cool to razz the opposition, but keep it clean, Ragers.

he Rage Page is produced by the Maize Rage, an independent student group, for University of Michigan students only. It is funded by the Michigan Student Assembly and does not reflect the views of the Michigan Athletic Department or the University of Michigan.

Here is the projected starting lineup for YOUR Michigan Wolverines (0-0, 0-0 Big Ten):

4 Darius Morris 6’4” G Freshman started his first game as a Wolverine, scoring four points

31 Laval Lucas-Perry 6’3” G Rocking the headband, high socks, and close-cut hair this season

3 Manny Harris 6’6” W Preseason All-Big Ten candidate did not disappoint in the exhibition against

Wayne State; he had 25 points, five rebounds, and four assists

0 Zack Novak 6’5” F Loving the 3-point shot, Air Novak scored 15 (5-8 3-pointers)

34 DeShawn Sims 6’8” F Didn’t need to score to have an impact on the game, he took care of all Wayne

State big men in the post

Coach John Beilein Enjoyed the Maize Rage’s impressive turnout in last week’s exhibition

A Friendly Reminder: If you are reading this and are going to be sitting in the bleachers for tonight’s game, remember that you are expected to STAND and CHANT for the duration of the contest. The Maize Rage prides itself on being one of the top student sections in the nation, and we cannot afford to have any students in the bleachers either sitting down and not cheering for our team. If you do not want to partake in all of the Maize Rage chants/cheers, then sit in another section.
That One Hurt: In Monday’s issue of The Michigan Daily, sports editor Andy Reid wrote a column about why he was kicked out of Yost Arena while at the hockey game last weekend. It only took two paragraphs before he bashed the Maize Rage, saying that Yost “doesn’t have spotty fans who stereotypically only get excited for the Duke, Michigan State and Ohio State games.” This is coming from the former Vice President of the Maize Rage who did not attend enough meetings to even meet voting eligibility requirements. But we won’t take it personally. And we won’t mention his horrid college football picks record. That’s been stressed enough. Instead, let’s focus on getting 2600 students to every game, and be sure to let the Daily and the rest of the University know that Crisler is a place where all games are important, no matter who we play. He is officially tonight’s alternative “Bum of the Game”
And We’re Not Done Yet: Reid goes on in his column to say “like usual, I said the same chant tons of times Friday night with thousands of other fans and nothing happened.” That’s interesting, because we don’t chant the infamous “chump, wuss…” Nothing against the Children of Yost, but the Maize Rage tries to stay classy because what we chant is heard by everybody in the arena. We don’t stoop down to the level of Maryland or the Izzone, because we are Michigan and we have a tradition to uphold. It just appears that Mr. Reid is of a different tradition: a chicken suit, 11 slurs, and arguing with a DPS officer outside of Yost.
DON’T FORGET THE H-BOMB: When Manny Harris hits a three, drop back in your seats as if a bomb has violently shaken Crisler Arena. Simultaneously, yell “Fresh” (Manny’s nickname), holding the –SH at the end.
THE FISH: At halftime, be sure to sit down and start swaying back and forth. You will see random Maize Ragers jump up and flop like a fish. If you feel so inclined, go ahead and try it out, too!
Chants: Be steady and don’t speed up, or the chants will become disorganized and ineffective...

Offense: Defense:

-Here we go Michigan, here we go! (clap clap) -De-fense! (clap clap)

-Go, Blue, Go! (clap clap clap) -Popcorn (Jump up and down while screaming OHHHH!!)

-Let’s Go Blue! (clap) -Bounce! Bounce! Pass! (Yell “bounce” when the opposition

-Go Blue! (clap clap) dribbles, and “pass” when they pass)
Upcoming games:

November 20 vs. Houston Baptist 7:00pm Pre-cursor to OSU weekend; last game before the Old Spice Classic

November 26 vs. Creighton 12:00pm First round of the Old Spice Classic in Orlando, Florida

November 27 vs. Marquette/Xavier TBD Both are prominent, yet rebuilding programs (2nd round of OSC)

Webber’s Wisdom

Some facts about Chris Webber

- Did you know that Chris started his own foundation to provide positive educational and recreational opportunities for disadvantaged youth in 1993? He was only 20 years old!
- He also was the National High School Basketball Player of the year his senior year at Detroit Country Day High School.


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