The qantas cabin Crew Team is pleased to announce the Entertainment™ Book Fundraiser

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The QANTAS Cabin Crew Team

is pleased to announce the Entertainment™ Book Fundraiser

The new Book features the best restaurants, attractions, cinemas, sports, hotel accommodation and much more!  Purchase a new Book and receive over $15,000 in valuable 50% off, 25% off and 2-for-1 offers.  Books will be available from mid April and are valid through to 1 June 2015, so your family can choose what they want to do and when they want to do it!
You can now view the many valuable offers and flip through the Book online here.

To order your Book go to the credit card payment page via link below or complete this order form

and send with either a cheque or a copy of your Online Transfer Receipt to:
Vivien Chapman

E-mail: (Mon-Thu only) Phone: 9691 4803 Internal Mail: QCC6

Name:________________________________________________ Phone: __________________________

Mailbox/OCS Address:___________________________________ E-mail Address: ____________________

______ x Sydney & Sydney North at $70 per Book $_______

and/or ______ x Sydney Greater West (Parramatta & Surrounds) at $65 per Book $_______

______ x NSW South Coast (Wollongong to Ulladulla & Southern Highlands) at $55 per Book $_______

METHOD OF PAYMENT: Cheques - to be made payable to ‘QANTAS Cabin Crew Team’

Online Transfers - Qantas Staff Credit Union, Account Name – QCC, Account Number – 02222060

Credit Card Payment -

Every Book sold raises $11-$14 towards the QANTAS Cabin Crew Team to assist with our charities.

Thank you so much for your support.

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