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The Pyrus Trust – Supporting Your Creativity
We are a small charity set up to make grants to children and adults who are, or who have been, in care and are taking a course in the creative arts. As part of our grant-making we have set up a bursary scheme for full-time students at three English universities.
As someone who has spent time in care you may continue to face many challenges, not least financial ones, and the final year at university can be particularly expensive.
For the 2015/16 academic year one award is available for a care leaver (of any age) who is taking a course in the creative arts at undergraduate level. We define ‘creative arts’ very broadly; a full list of the eligible courses is attached to the University information sheet.
The Bursary Scheme
The award will be a one-off payment of £350.
While the intention of the award is to help with the additional costs involved in your studies, it is ultimately up to you to use it in any way that you wish.
Who is Eligible?

Anyone who has spent any length of time in care (for example in foster care or a children’s home), and is studying an undergraduate creative arts course at the University.

Unfortunately those who were permanently adopted will not be eligible.
Full details of the eligibility criteria are given in the University information sheet.
How Will the Selection Be Made?
The successful students will be selected by the University. If there are more applicants than awards available, priority will be given to those students considered by the University to be in greatest financial need.
What the Pyrus Trust Will Need to Know
We will need to know the name of the successful applicant, the course that you are studying and confirmation that you have spent time in care. The verification process will be carried out on our behalf by Student Support Services. We will not require any information about your personal circumstances or care arrangements.

We ask for this information because we have a responsibility to ensure that we can account for the way in which our funds are used and that all our beneficiaries are treated fairly.

Our Respect for Your Privacy
We take your privacy very seriously. We will never discuss your identity with anyone except those staff at the University directly involved in administering the award, unless it is at your request.
If you choose to publicise the fact that you have received the award we will, of course, be very happy to support you.
We have Confidentiality, Equal Opportunities, Data Protection and Child & Vulnerable Adult Policies. Copies of these are held by the University for you to read if you wish.
About Us
There are three Trustees:
Sheila Stayte, Chair. Sheila is a retired Consultant Clinical Psychologist with many years experience in the NHS as both clinician and general manager in mental health services.
Barbara Crawford, Secretary & Treasurer. Barbara worked in the NHS as a Chief Speech and Language Therapist and then in general management. Following several years in industry she trained and now works in fine art and art history.
Gary Sanford, Trustee. Gary has spent the majority of his career in senior posts in engineering and commercial management in the petrochemical and rail industries. He is also currently the Chair of Governors of an Essex primary school.

How Can You Contact us?
If you have any further questions about The Pyrus Trust you are welcome to contact Barbara Crawford, the Trust Secretary, either by email at or by telephone on 020 8309 8239. If you are concerned about the cost of the call we are happy to telephone you back. All communication with us will be treated in the strictest confidence. Our address is:
The Pyrus Trust

8 Artillery House

Connaught Mews

London SE18 6SU

This information is available in alternative formats
The Pyrus Trust is a Registered Charity Number 1121389

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