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Enver Gürsev, Holly Revell, Kelda Hole and Peter Davis.


Private View: 10th September, 6pm-late

General Opening Times: 11-12th September, open from 12 with further perfomances, music and events to be announced on our website shortly.


Core Gallery presents a three-day festival celebration of the sensuality of the human body.  Weaving their work around and beyond the time-honoured artistic theme of the nude, four outstanding contemporary artists will transform the Core Gallery exhibition space into a sumptuous boudoir.  Sculpture, photography, installation and painting will combine with live music and dance in an engaging dialogue on the theme of pleasure, challenging artistic conservatism and inviting the viewer to explore their perceptions of beauty, desire, lust and temptation.


The collaborative venture between the four artists and Core Gallery is characterized by an intergenerational exchange. Peter Davis - father to Core Gallery manager Rosalind Davis – is exhibiting alongside Enver Gürsev, both sculptors and artists.  Core Gallery is facilitating a communicative dialogue between the two artists.  Both Enver and Peter use sculpture and painting to explore bodily form; a reciprocal discourse will emerge which also allows the work of both artists to stand alone in its own right. Simultaneously complementary and independent, the two artists stretch the boundaries of their media, showcasing the power of the human form to excite and arouse the viewer in a world of sensual celebration.


These two artists are joined by Kelda Hole, a globally established photographer who shares her collaborators’ interest in the sensual power of the human form.  Kelda writes: ‘a strong photograph is about capturing a moment and enhancing it,’ a tenet which becomes cemented in her own visual practice.  Combining youth culture, music, fashion and identity, Kelda heightens the everyday visual experience of people-watching by imbuing the populated world with a sense of energy or narrative at the hands of the photographic lens.  Her artistic portfolio ranges from fashion shots to music commissions, and incorporates striking gig-shots of Kasabian, Wolfmother, The Futureheads and Regina Spektor in performance.  Bringing a touch of celebrity to The Pleasure Parlour, Kelda is equally developing her own style in new directions through the medium of screenprinting.  Drawing on the influence of Man Ray-era fashion photography, Kelda’s prints in The Pleasure Parlour takes a seductive look at the world of the female portrait.  Kelda now seeks to fuse traditional screen printing methods with modern subject matter and is also returning to darkroom photography after a period spent working in digital.  Her work offers a 21st Century translation of the age-old power of the female form to titillate the mind of the viewer.  The Pleasure Parlour showcases Kelda’s latest work, highlighting Core Gallery’s strong commitment to the newest and freshest art of the contemporary scene.


The quartet is completed by Holly Revell, a finalist for the Erotic Awards 2010 and a young photographer famed for her light-painting booth.  The Pleasure Parlour brings light-painting to Core Gallery for the first time, further showcasing the gallery’s links with the very latest developments in contemporary art. An interactive experience shared between viewer and photographer, the booth offers participants the opportunity to be literally painted with light during a long exposure time. It is a sensual and atmospheric experience resulting in a beautiful image, and a technique which has been popular with diverse art and club nights.  By fusing the latest developments in photographic practice within an exhibition prompted by the traditional concept of the nude, The Pleasure Parlour offers a re-evaluation of the traditional language of artistic expression.



About the artists:

Peter Davis:

Peter has successfully exhibited in group and one-man shows, both in Africa and England. His work has been bought by major international collectors including the South African National Gallery. Since his return to England Peter has shown at the Royal Academy and the Barbican Centre, in addition to private galleries in Blackheath, Doncaster, Islington and Canterbury. Peter Davis’ work reflects a range of diverse influences, both ancient and modern, including work from classical Greece, Central Europe and North Africa. Peter currently lives and works in Canterbury and his work is on permanent exhibition at Castle Arts, Canterbury.


Enver Gürsev:

Enver is a painter and sculptor. Enver was mentored by late Eduardo Paolozzi has a a BA (Hons), Visual Arts, Sculpture from Camberwell College of Arts, London (2000).
Gürsev has a broad experience of working in the arts and was an active member of ‘The Foreign Office’ collective of artists from 1996 onwards.  Amongst other art projects in 2004 he helped coordinate and run the ‘Reconciliation Through the Arts’ project; ‘The Way We Are’, which brought together the work of displaced and re-located children and young people living in the north and the south of Cyprus.  In 2009 Gürsev designed and ran a Contemporary Painting short course for ArtsCom at the Art in Action festival in Oxford. He has taken part in over 30 exhibitions to date and has done residencies and collaborations with other progressive artists, such as Julio Pisarro in Colombia, Jo Carpineto in the USA, Cuba and Cyprus. At present he is an associate lecturer at the University of the Arts London.


Kelda Hole:

Kelda is an established photographer who has had her photos featured in Kerrang!, The Independent, Marie Claire and The Telegraph. A member of the Cor Blimey studio group of artists, Kelda works and creates on the Core Gallery site and is an active member of the gallery’s artistic community.   A passion for music is reflected in her practice of shooting at gigs; this combines with equally strong passions for fashion and the portrait to create a rich and diverse portfolio of work.


Holly Revell:

Holly is a photographic artist who seeks to create portraits that stretch the imagination.  She is interested in the experience between subject, artist and camera, and works with long exposures in order to give the work a kind of liveliness where connections are built.  She has participated in 15 minute factory, described as London’s favourite music and performance party and is a keen collaborative worker.  She is engaging with educational projects and is connecting art with innovative educational experience.


About Core Gallery:

Core Gallery showcases exceptional contemporary art through its inspiring annual exhibition programme: in three months it has brought over 1,000 visitors to the new art hotspot of Deptford, SE8.  The gallery’s dynamic programme, consisting uniquely of curated shows, distinctly offers the opportunity for artists and curators to challenge and explore their own practices. Putting the freshest work from both local and international art spheres on public display, Core Gallery intends to develop the strengths of the existing arts sector in Deptford, by expanding its borders and bringing a wealth of talent and diversity to the Deptford scene.

Core Gallery is an entirely artist-led space; its international body comprises globally established artists and graduates from the Royal College of Art and Goldsmiths.  Core Gallery is part of the Cor Blimey Arts charitable cooperative.


Core Gallery

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