The newsletter of the National Capital Area (nca) Emmaus for the glory of God

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The newsletter of the National Capital Area (NCA) Emmaus for the glory of God

Fourth Day Journal

Vol. XXI No. 9 September 2003


The Newsletter of the National Capital Area (NCA)

Emmaus and Chrysalis Communities that encourages Christians to rise, shine and give God the Glory.

Inside This Issue

Emmaus LD Message

Msg from Rectora E113

Praise Night St Eliz. Seton

Highlights from Brd Mtg

Gospel of St. John

Emmaus/Chrysalis Boards


NCA Emmaus Outreach

Team for E-114

Msg. From Rector E114

Chrysalis Corner

Team/Pilgrims for E113

E-112 Names/ Addresses







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Join us for next Ultreya

Friday, September 19, 2003

7:30 PM
1st Church of the Nazarene

14001 Smoketown Road

Woodbridge, VA
Baby Sitting Provided for Ages 2 through 6 ONLY
Directions From I-95 South, take the Potomac Mills exit. Make a left onto Smoketown Road. The church is on the right across from Garfield High School.

The October Ultreya will be on the 17th at

Centerville Baptist

15100 Lee Highway, Centerville, VA

Announcements at Ultreya

In order to better serve the community and speed up the Ultreya, the board will pass out printed announcements during the Ultreya. To have your announcement included, please contact Carolyn Tidd by the

Wednesday before the Ultreya


From the Emmaus Lay Director . . .

Well the summer days have come and gone, it’s back to school for the young men and women of our Emmaus and Chrysalis Communities. The teachers and fellow school staff members are back to a full schedule. I pray you all took time to enjoy the relaxing warm summer days and absorb the gift of rest. May your spirits be revived, your minds made clear and hearts be filled with God’s great joy.

The summer ended with the E-112 weekend, “Humble Thyself” led by the Rector Jim Leamon. Jim and the team were God’s mighty servants, each a wondrous sign of God’s unfailing love. To the pilgrims of E-112, we welcome you all to the National Capital Area Emmaus community. May your renewed spirits and humble hearts reflect God’s love for those you love and walk with, in your 4th Day.

E-113 “Shine Jesus Shine” will be held Sept.25-28th. Mary Anne Templeton is the Rectora and a shining light of God’s love. Mary Anne is a constant source of peace and joy. The pilgrims will be blessed by her example. Please lift up in prayer Mary Anne, the team and the pilgrims to be filled to the brim with God’s wonderful, unconditional love. To God be the Glory.

There are two areas of Emmaus that need your assistance. One is the low number of men’s applications for E-114. Please lift this concern up to the Lord and ask for all our hearts and minds to be open in whom to invite on the Emmaus weekend. The other concern is the Scholarship fund for Emmaus. The funds are now depleted. The scholarships help with the financial needs of those who want to team or sponsor someone but need some financial assistance. Please pray and consider contributing to this fund. Our Lord is depending on us to “pass it on” let us not hide it under a bushel; let us all shine for the world to see.

The 25th Emmaus Anniversary Celebration was held in Nashville, Tenn. And was a great experience. There were ten of us from our community who were able to attend. (Continued next page)

We enjoyed great praise and worship music throughout the celebration. There was also a special guest performer on Saturday night, Larnell Harris. His voice filled the air with praise to our Lord. He was fabulous. There were speakers from all over the world giving great witness to the effects of Emmaus in their countries. Sunday morning Tony Campolo gave a great talk, he was a very inspiring speaker.

At the end of the weekend we witnessed the biggest Closing we had ever seen with 1,300 in attendance. What an awesome sight! The Upper Room will hold its next celebration in five years in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

There were special speakers and workshops available for all to attend throughout the weekend. Michael Hingson and his guide dog, Rosell, were a great crowd pleaser. Michael gave an account of his and Rosell’s escape from the World Trade Center and God’s provisions and work through the spiritual aftermath. What a wonderful man of God Michael is.

I also attended workshops on the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus Weekend Outline and the updating of Spiritual Director (SD) talks. The SDs talks were reviewed and they are going to be a blessing in aiding our SDs. They are in their final stages of completion and should be available to all Emmaus communities at the end of 2003 or in early 2004. The Upper Room has also revised the SD Manual. There are some updates being completed on the Lay talk outlines, but there will be minimal changes.


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