The Music Man. The last song off their latest album is “a comet Appears”, and their previous album featured a track entitled

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Indie/Emo/Alt Music (subject packet)

Written by: Truman State
1) This band was formed from the remnants of Flake Music in 1997, while their name was derived from that of a Mayor in the musical The Music Man. The last song off their latest album is “A Comet Appears”, and their previous album featured a track entitled “Kissing the Lipless.” The character Sam told us that this Albuquerque-based band’s song “New Slang” would change our lives in the movie Garden State, while their latest album also features the songs “Australia” and “Red Rabbits”.  FTP, “Phantom Limb” is the lead single off of what band’s 2007 album, Wincing the Night Away.

ANSWER:  The Shins

2) They wrote about the popular Japanese telephone greeting, “Moshi Moshi” as a B-side released on a split-EP with the band Safety in Numbers.  Before working with them, their lead singer had led a band called The Rookie Lot which also featured bassist Garrett Tierney and drummer Brian Lane.  Singing about his grandfather’s battle with lung cancer in the song “Guernica”, and about a feud with John Nolan and Adam Lazzarra in “Seventy Times Seven,” lead singer Jesse Lacey also wrote about his religious struggles in songs such as “Archers”, “Millstone” and “Jesus Christ” from their 2006 album The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me.  FTP, name this group whose songs include “Jude Law and a Semester Abroad” and “Sowing Season (Yeah).”

ANSWER:  Brand New

3) Four songs from the “Canned Applause” sessions ended up making the final cut for this album, including one that was a tribute to the Bob Dylan song currently featured in the Bob Dylan Facebook Application.  In that song, the singer says that he is just “uptight” while in another, he says that “for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself.” The video for that latter song leaves us wondering whether their lead singer was consumed in a car fire.  The final note of the album, played on a triangle, is from the song “The Tourist” on, FTP, what seminal third album by Radiohead that also includes the tracks “Electioneering”, “Airbag”, and “Paranoid Android.”

ANSWER:  OK Computer

4) Their debut album contains the lines “Though to say we got much hope, if I’m lost it’s only for a little while” in the song “Monster”, and that same album closed by noting “I know your best was still your worst when Hollywood was calling out your name” in the song “St. Augustine.  Their first single states that it is “really too late to call so we wait for morning to wake you”, that being off the anthemic song “The Funeral” from their debut album, Everything All The Time.  FTP, name this Ben Bridwell-led Seattle group who recently released the single entitled “Is There a Ghost”, off their new album Cease to Begin.

ANSWER:  Band of Horses

5) In 2005, he released an EP that was most notable for its 88 page lyric booklet entitled the Living Human Curiosity Sideshow, which chronicled his lyrics from 2000’s Float and 2003’s Bazooka Tooth.  His most recent release features appearances by The Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle on the song “Coffee”, and El-P on the song “39 Thieves.”  The title track of this album features a chorus that raps “and I will rejoice in your fall from grace with a cane to the sky.”  Born Ian Matthias Bavitz, FTP, name this Long Island-born hip-hop artist who released the 2007 album None Shall Pass.

ANSWER:  Aesop Rock (accept “Ian Matthias Bavitz” until mentioned)

6) They sing of the IRO-bot Jesse Kilgannon as he attempts to destroy the evil Wilhelm Ryan and the prise Ambellina in their song “The Crowing”.  This band was formerly known as Shabutie, a name which is referenced in their song “The Devil in Jersey City.” Some events from their second album take place on the ship the Velourium Camper, and at the end of “The Ring in Return” one can hear the phrase “Good Apollo, where do I begin?”  These events are all part of the Amory Wars graphic novel series that parallels the events of the songs of their albums, all written by singer Claudio Sanchez.  FTP, name this band that recently concluded their series with the album No World for Tomorrow.

ANSWER:  Coheed and Cambria

7) The artwork for this album features a combination of the face of the girl from Jean Baptiste Greuze’s Fidelity and the body of the woman in Raphael’s Saint Catherine of Alexandria.  It opens with the album’s title track, while its first half concludes with the song “Take Me Down”. Dawn to Dusk is followed by fourteen more tracks collectively titled Twilight to Starlight, a disk that includes songs such as “X.Y.U.”, “Where Boys Fear to Tread”, and “Thirty-three.”   Featuring such classics as “Zero” and “1979”, FTP, this is what Smashing Pumpkins double-album that also includes “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” and “Tonight, Tonight”.

ANSWER: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

8) Their first EP features the songs “Little” and “Walking By” and was released through Drive-Thru Records in 2001 under the title Audioboxer.  One of their most popular songs contains the lyrics, “stop the rain from falling, keep my ocean calm, this time I know nothing’s wrong.”  The song “Me and the Moon” says that “I am a butterfly, but you wouldn’t let me die,” and they write “home is this quiet place where you should be alone” in the song “Space.”  Both of those songs come from the album North, which is a follow-up to 2002’s Leaving Through the Window.  FTP, name this band which recorded “Hurricane” and “I Woke Up in a Car”, led by Jack’s Mannequin front man Andrew McMahon.

ANSWER:  Something Corporate

9) While writing their sixth album, this band’s lead singer retreated to a cabin once inhabited by Jack Kerouac in Big Sur, where he penned the ten-minute jam “I Will Possess Your Heart.”  Their first release featured the songs “Pictures in an Exhibition” and “Line of Best Fit”, and was called You Can Play These Songs with Chords, while a later album for Barsuk Records included a song with the lyrics “I loved you Guinevere” and was entitled The Photo Album.  Chris Walla and Ben Gibbard lead, FTP, what indie pop band which hit it big with songs such as “The Sound of Settling” and “Soul Meets Body,” off their album Transatlanticism.

ANSWER:  Death Cab for Cutie

10) Although Pitchfork Media chose it as the #3 album of the 1990’s, it never broke the Billboard 200.  One of its songs says that “others, though they’re gashed, they’re still going” and another wonders “What is The Light?”  Two scientists race for the cure that is the prize in the opening track and another song laments that “it’s just too heavy for a superman to lift.”  Lead singer Wayne Coyne sings that “A Spoonful Weighs a Ton” on, FTP, what 1999 release by the Flaming Lips, the predecessor to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

ANSWER:  The Soft Bulletin

11) The storyteller of this song recalls that he was “getting his muskets clean when came this rumbling from beneath” and “it gives me great joy to see your eyes fill with fear.”  Played as an encore at almost every show from its release to the end of its band’s 2006 tour, the story is of an orphan whose mother is abandoned by his abusive roustabout father and eventually dies of consumption.  The orphan works in a priory keeping their “vestry nice and neat” until hearing a “penitent whaler from the sea” describe his father as a wantonly cruel captain.  FTP, the orphan finally completes the title action after being swallowed by a whale in what epic song by The Decemberists?

ANSWER:  “The Mariner’s Revenge Song

12) In an interview with Uncut magazine, The Edge states that this band’s 2004 album was the last that he fell in love with. That album, which opens with the 9 minute Led-Zepellinesque “First Wave Intact”, was called Now Here is Nowhere and also featured the single “Nowhere Again.”  They were invited by David Bowie to headline his Highline Festival in May 2007 and notably covered “Blue Jay Wray” and “Flying” for the Across the Universe Soundtrack, while also playing backup to Bono on the song “I am the Walrus.”  Started in Dallas by the Curtis Brothers alongside Josh Garza, this is, FTP, what indie rock band that has released the single “Alone, Jealous and Stoned” from its 2006 album Ten Silver Drops.

ANSWER:  Secret Machines

13) The lead singer of this indie band was once part of a troop of Wilderness Girls, and is the daughter of Shelley Long in Troop Beverly Hills. The lead guitarist has been known to put Corey Matthews in lockers, and has also been made to salute his shorts.  Members of the band have said it is named for a famous Scottish athlete, or the person who predicted the date of their lead singer’s death. Blake Sennett is the lead guitarist for this band, who released More Adventurous and sang about the “Good that Won’t Come Out” on their album The Execution of All Things. FTP, name this Jenny Lewis-led group whose latest album is entitled Under the Blacklight.

ANSWER: Rilo Kiley

14) Released on July 10, 2007, the first single from this album featured B-sides “Carried Home” and “Kingdom of the Animals.”  Supporting by a tour with Califone, it features a song with lyrics “Now I’m a fat house cat cursing my sore blunt tongue” in “Flightless Bird, American Mouth.”  Another song begins “In our days, we will live like our ghosts will live”, while another states that “I’ve been swimming to them in my sleep and I’ve been dreaming our love and our freedom.”  Those two songs, “Resurrection Fern” and “House by the Sea”, are just two highlights of this album, whose first single is “Boy with a Coin”. FTP, what is this third full length release from Sam Beam, better known as Iron & Wine?

ANSWER:  The Shepherd’s Dog

15) Their latest album features a story in its liner notes by author Daniel Handler and a song that laments “I’m not a film star beauty, I’ll send a photograph, I hope that you don’t laugh”, that tracks being “Personal.”  They cover the Smiths’ song, “The Charming Man”* on their album Nightsongs, and share three members with fellow Canadian indie pop group Broken Social Scene.  Singer Torquil Campbell asks you to “take me, take me to the riot” in the first single off their latest album, In Our Bedroom after the War.  FTP, name this group whose 2004 album Set Yourself on Fire featured the hit songs “One More Night” and “Ageless Beauty.”

ANSWER:  Stars

16) Its cover was taken from a European postcard of bathers at a resort.  Indie artist Kevin Devine has been known to cover songs from this album, one of which says “the only girl I’ve ever loved was born with roses in her eyes,” lines that are probably a reference to the life of Anne Frank.  One song swears that “I love you Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ I love you, yes I do”, while the finale ends with the line “But don’t hate her when she gets up to leave,” seconds before the vocalist is heard exiting the room.  In his final effort, Jeff Mangum produced the songs “Two Headed Boy,” “Oh Comely” and “Holland, 1945” on, for ten points, what 1998 indie classic by Neutral Milk Hotel?

ANSWER:  In the Aeroplane over the Sea

17) Two members of this group contributed to the songs “Hot Knives” and “Make a Plan to Love Me” from Bright Eyes’ seventh studio album, Cassadaga. Another member was recruited to play bass at the age of 15 when friend and fellow Tyler, Texas native Jonathan Wilson quit.  Originally calling themselves The Towheads, they had some success in 2003 with a song that stated “With your telescope eyes, metal teeth, I can’t be seen with you”. Currently co-headlining a tour with Mute Math in support of their 2007 album, Combinations, FTP, identify this family band consisting of Sherri, Chauntelle, Stacy, Weston, and Garron DuPree.

ANSWER:  Eisley

18) In 2002, MTV published a collection of his poems entitled Cool Gardens, which many regard as good as his songs.  The first single from his first solo album features kindergarteners playing out the events from 9/11 to the war in Iraq- ending as a casket draped with the American flag is placed into a hearse just outside the school.  Host of the Souls 2004 Concert, he is also a leading proponent for the recognition of the Armenian genocide by the Turkish government. Recently having released the album Elect the Dead, FTP, name this activist and lead singer from System of a Down.

ANSWER:  Serj Tankian

19) This album features 13 untitled songs lasting 17 seconds apiece, with a 14th untitled song of 16 seconds.  It also includes a track that samples Lou Reed’s 1975 album Metal Machine Music during the verses called “Let the Devil In”. Guest appearances include Katrina Ford of Celebrations and Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead, on the songs “Blues from Down Here” and “Hours”, respectively.  David Bowie provided backup vocals to lead singer Tunde Adebimpe on the song “Province”, while its lead single was “Wolf Like Me.”  FTP, identify this album that begins with the song “I was a Lover,” the most recent effort from TV on the Radio.  

ANSWER: Return to Cookie Mountain

20) One of her songs was used in a Saturday Night Live digital short that featured Shia LaBeouf, Bill Hader, and Andy Samberg shooting everyone and their sister in slow motion. The title of her first album, i Megaphone, is actually an anagram of her name. She joined with Guy Sigsworth for a side project that released the popular song “Let Go”, which appeared on the album Details under the band name Frou Frou. FTP, name this artist who released a 2005 album featuring the songs “Headlock” and “Goodnight and Go”, entitled Speak for Yourself.

ANSWER: Imogen Heap

21) The original version of this collection was released in 2000 by Italian musician Paolo Buonvino, but its better known reincarnation surfaced in 2006 and begins with the lines “This could be the very minute I’m aware I’m alive”, in the Snow Patrol song, “Chocolate.”  Track 7 starts with the lines “Where are we?  What the hell is going on?”, and is Imogen Heap’s “Hide and Seek.”  Also featuring “Warning Sign” by Coldplay and the songs “Star Mile” and “Paperweight” by the compiler’s friend Joshua Radin, this is, FTP, what movie soundtrack, the second major film to feature music chosen by Zach Braff, notable for also starring Jacinda Barrett, Casey Affleck and Rachel Bilson.

ANSWER:  The Last Kiss Soundtrack


1) Name these geezers of alt rock FTPE.

[10] This old Jewish rocker from New York received electroconvulsive therapy in his teen years for some homosexual tendencies, but is better known for fronting the Velvet Underground.

ANSWER: Lou Reed

[10] He plays with a band called the Stooges and has been known to cut himself with broken bottles on stage.  Name this punk rocker who released the 2005 album, Skull Ring.

ANSWER: Iggy Pop (or) James Newell Osterberg, Jr.

[10] This abrasive Talking Heads singer has been portrayed on The Simpsons as the man who helped Homer produce his song “Everybody Hates Ned Flanders.”

ANSWER: David Byrne


2) Name these bands that have had their songs used in commercials for iPods.

[10] Although no one has seen their faces, this band is comprised of the members 2D, Russel, Noodle, and Murdoc and is a side project of Blur’s Damon Albarn.

ANSWER: Gorillaz

[10] This band from Glasgow had their song “Flathead”, from its album Costello Music, used in a commercial for the fifth generation iPod.

ANSWER: The Fratellis

[10] The song featured on the new iPod Touch commercials is called “Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex” from this Brazilian band, whose name translates to “tired of being sexy.”

ANSWER:  Cansei de ser Sexy


3) Get ready to de-pants some nerds! It’s time to answer questions about Geek Rock FTPE.

[10] This band, formed at Kent State, was one of the earliest geek rock groups. They were formed out of the idea that man is regressing rather than evolving and sang “Whip it.”


[10] Their songs Particle Man and Istanbul (Not Constantinople) were featured several times on the show Tiny Toon Adventures.

ANSWER: They Might Be Giants

[10] With a video set at Al’s Diner on the Happy Days set, this song proudly states that “I don’t care what they say about us anyway,” even if you do indeed look like Mary Tyler Moore.

ANSWER: “Buddy Holly” (by Weezer)

4) Books on tape! Name these books from songs based on them, FTPE.

[10] Robert Smith of the Cure wrote a song based on this 1942 existentialist novel. It first appeared on the album Boys Don’t Cry, but it was subject to much controversy from the Islamic community and eventually pulled from the air by Smith himself.

ANSWER: The Stranger (or) L’Etranger

[10] Songs from the proposed musical based on this 1949 novel were featured on David Bowie’s 1974 album Diamond Dogs, and include “We Are the Dead.”

ANSWER: 1984

[10] A video features the Ramones playing in this place as people mourn over lost loved ones, culminating with their burial and Joey letting us know that he doesn’t want to live his life again.

ANSWER: Pet Sematary

5) Road trip! Answer these questions about popular alternative rock festivals, FTPE.

[10] Its original venture in 1990 was meant to be a farewell tour for Jane’s Addiction.  It was resurrected in 2005 at Chicago’s Grant Park and now is a 3-day, one site music destination.

ANSWER: Lollapalooza

[10] This festival first took place in 1999, while bands reunited in the Colorado Desert setting of this festival include Jane’s Addiction and the Pixies. Name this festival that takes place over three days in Indio, CA and which recently featured a reunited Rage Against the Machine.

ANSWER: The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

[10] Taking place on the site of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair, this festival has featured performances by the Grand Kabuki Theatre of Japan and the Ethiopian youth circus. Name this festival whose name is a portmanteau for umbrella and parachute.

ANSWER:  The Bumbershoot International Music and Arts Festival

6) Grab your plane ticket; it’s time to answer questions about world alternative rock, FTPE.

[10] They incorporate elements of gypsy music into modern punk. Their songs were used on the soundtrack for Everything is Illuminated, in which lead singer Eugene Hutz also played the role of Alex.

ANSWER: Gogol Bordello

[10] This Icelandic band never achieved the widespread fame that their lead singer Björk did for wearing a swan dress to the 2001 Oscars.

ANSWER: The Sugarcubes

[10] Dave King, the lead vocalist of this band, writes the lyrics to their songs on a typewriter manufactured in 1916, the same year as the Easter Rising. Name this Irish-American band, which has such hits as “Drunken Lullabies” and “If I Ever Leave This World Alive?”

ANSWER: Flogging Molly
7) Name these major recording labels of the alternative rock world, FTPE.

[10] Formed in 1996 by John Janick and Vinnie Fiorello, this label features such bands as Paramore, Fall Out Boy and Panic At the Disco, and is the parent label of Pete Wentz’s Decaydance imprint.

ANSWER: Fueled by Ramen

[10] One of its sub-labels, BEC, features artists Jeremy Camp and Kutless, while its Solid State sub-label distributes metal acts such as UnderOath.  Name this label that primarily consists of Christian indie artists.

ANSWER: Tooth and Nail

[10] Founded by D’arcy Wretzky, James Iha and Adam Schlesinger, this label includes artists such as The Sights, The Sounds, and Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr.

ANSWER: Scratchie Records
8) Some rock musicians aren’t so great at the whole living thing. FTP, name these artists who croaked at a young age.

[10] He died on May 26, 1996 of a heroin overdose shortly before the release of Sublime’s major-label debut.

ANSWER: Bradley Nowell

[10] After watching Werner Herzog’s film, Stroszek and listening to Iggy Pop’s The Idiot, he hung himself.  His epitaph reads “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” a reference to his Joy Division song.

ANSWER: Ian Curtis

[10] Doug Hopkins, co-writer of songs such as “Found Out About You” and “Hey Jealousy” committed suicide in 1993 after being kicked out of this band for his alcoholism.

ANSWER: Gin Blossoms


9) As a promotion for Nike, they recorded a piece called “45:33” which was actually 45 minutes and 58 seconds long.   Answer these related questions FTPE:

[10] Identify this James Murphy-led group, whose 2007 album, Sound of Silver, featured the single “North American Scum.”

ANSWER:  LCD Soundsystem

[10] On their self-titled 2005 debut album, this French electronica duo was apparently playing at James Murphy’s house.  They are better known for a tour in promotion of their album Discovery during which they wore futuristic space suits, as well as a 2005 album telling us that they were Human After All.

ANSWER:  Daft Punk

[10] Signed to Murphy’s DFA Records, this colorfully named New Zealand band consists solely of Nick Harte, who plays his live shows with various members of other bands.  Their self-titled debut album features the single “End of the World.”

ANSWER:  Shocking Pinks


10) Home Volume IV, released in 2002, was a split EP between Conor Oberst and Britt Daniel.  While Oberst goes by the stage name Bright Eyes, answer the following about Daniel, FTPE:

[10] Britt Daniel is the founder and lead singer of what Austin, Texas band, which has released the albums, Kill the Moonlight, Gimme Fiction, and Girls Can Tell.

ANSWER:  Spoon

[10] This is Spoon’s July 2007 release, which features the songs “Don’t Make Me a Target” and “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb.”

ANSWER:  Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (make sure they say precisely five “Ga’s”)

[10]  Daniel teamed with Brian Reitzell to compose part of the score for this 2006 Will Ferrell movie.

ANSWER:  Stranger than Fiction


11) Their first album was 1996’s This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About, and their major-label debut was 2000’s The Moon and Antarctica, FTPE: 

[10] Name this Isaac Brock fronted band that wonders “who’d want to be such an asshole?” in the song “Bukowski”.

ANSWER:  Modest Mouse

[10] Prior to recording We Were Dead before Our Ship Even Sank, Modest Mouse enlisted the help of this 80’s rocker, Morrissey’s axe-man as lead guitarist of the Smiths.

ANSWER:  Jonny Marr

[10] Known for donning white outfits and wearing war paint during shows, this Philadelphia-based experimental band makes use of a wide array of instruments for songs from their 2006 album Six Demon Bag.  They have spent Fall 2007 touring with Modest Mouse.

ANSWER:  Man Man


12) Enlisting the help of Pete Yorn, Matt Skiba, and Chris Conley, it includes the songs “Skinny Mean Man,” “Shiksa” and “Retarded in Love.”  FTPE:

[10] Name this 2007 Say Anything album whose lead single is “Baby Girl, I’m a Blur.”

ANSWER:  In Defense of the Genre

[10] The title track off In Defense of the Genre features backing vocals from this My Chemical Romance frontman.

ANSWER:  Gerard Way (prompt on “Way”, as Gerard’s brother Mikey is also a member of MCR)

[10] One of the more melodically beautiful songs on the album is the finale, “Plea,” which features vocal contributions from Hayley Williams, the lead singer of what ban. Their 2007 album Riot! produced the single “Misery Business.”

ANSWER:  Paramore


13) The great philosopher Scott Stapp once wrote that there is “a peace inside us all, let it be your friend” in the classic Creed song, “Inner Peace.”  FTPE, answer the following questions about music that is slightly more peaceful on the eardrums than Creed.

[10] This band, which garnered acclaim for composing the soundtrack for the film Friday Night Lights, released 2007’s All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone.

ANSWER:  Explosions in the Sky

[10] Jonsi Birgisson named this group after his younger sister, who was born on the same day as the band was formed.   Their recent CD/DVD combo, Heima and Hvarf-Heim features new songs along with acoustic studio versions of songs like “Samskeyti” and “Agaetis Byrjun.”

ANSWER:  Sigur Ros

[10] Their songs “Hunted By a Freak” and “I Know You Are but What Am I?” have both seen their share of use in pop culture.  Those tracks are the work of what Scottish post-rock band, which has produced albums such as Rock Action and Happy Songs for Happy People?

ANSWER:  Mogwai


14) Tell all your friends to make damn sure they are where they want to be in 20 years.  For now, just answer this bonus with answers relating to Taking Back Sunday, FTPE:

[10] Make Damn Sure was the lead single from this 2006 album that also features the songs “Divine Intervention,” “Spin,” and “What’s it feel like to be a ghost?”

ANSWER:  Louder Now

[10] Louder Now is the first TBS album completely lacking the influence of this lead guitarist and backup vocalist, who left to form the band Straylight Run in 2004.

ANSWER:  John Nolan

[10] TBS recently underwent another lineup change when Nolan’s replacement, Fred Mascherino, quit in order to focus on what cleverly-named solo project? They recently released the album Bend to Break?

ANSWER:  The Color Fred


15) Some musicians and songs refuse to go away, no matter how much they make our yards want to cut themselves, FTPE, identify these emo mainstays:

[10] “Dear diary, mood apathetic, my life is spiraling downward” begins this Hollywood Undead song in which the author also laments not getting to see his favorite band, which performs such classic songs as “Stab My Heart Because I Love You” and “Stabbity, Rip, Stab, Stab.”

ANSWER:  “I Must Be Emo

[10] This man supposedly did stabbity, rip, stab, stab his own heart out on October 23, 2003.  He wrote the song “Miss Misery,” which is featured in the film Good Will Hunting, while his most influential albums include Either/Or and XO.

ANSWER:  Elliot Smith

[10] While some may wish this man would go the way of Elliot Smith, teen girls love him more than ever with the recent release of The Shade of Poison Trees. He is best known for whining about his cheating girlfriend in “Screaming Infidelities.”

ANSWER:  Chris Carrabba or Dashboard Confessional


16) Typically when you hear the genre title alt-country, your mind drifts to Wilco.  Answer the following questions whose answers are NOT Wilco, FTPE:

[10] Wilco front man Jeff Tweedy, along with Jay Farrar and Mike Heirdorn, formed the core of this Belleville, Illinois band who are considered the founders of the alt-country genre.

ANSWER:  Uncle Tupelo

[10] Upon the breakup of Uncle Tupelo, Tweedy’s Wilco was much more successful than this band of Farrar, which released an album entitled The Search in March of 2007.

ANSWER:  Son Volt

[10] Voted the 100th “Greatest Album Ever” in a 2006 Q Magazine poll, this fourth studio album from Wilco featuring the songs “I am Trying to Break Your Heart,” “Jesus, etc.” and “Kamera”.

ANSWER:  Yankee Hotel Foxtrot


17) Answer the following about artists featured in VH1’s “You Oughta Know,” FTPE:

[10] Three of her songs, including “Throw it All Away”, were featured on Grey’s Anatomy while an April 2007 Grey’s episode premiered the video for her new single, “The Story.”

ANSWER:  Brandi Carlile

[10] Sibling duo Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger are set to tour in support of their sixth album, Widow City.  Give the better known name for their duo, which has also released Bitter Tea.

ANSWER:  the Fiery Furnaces

[10] Directed by John Carney and set in Dublin, this 2006 musical film is set to music by Glen Hansard of The Frames and Czech-born Marketa Irglova .  Collectively they are known as the Swell Season, and their song “Falling Slowly” was featured prominently.



18) Answer the following about a band that is supposedly named after a discarded coat found in the remains of lead singer Jim Jones’ favorite bar, FTPE:

[10] This describes what band, whose live release Okonokos chronicles music from their tour in support of the album Z.

ANSWER:  My Morning Jacket

[10] This song from the album It Still Moves begins with Jones singing that he’s “waking up feelin good and limber” and that “from this town, we’d escape” on one of the title getaways.

ANSWER: “One Big Holiday”

[10] My Morning Jacket is notable for its marathon 3-hour and a half hour set in 2006 at this large music festival in Manchester, Tennessee.

ANSWER:  Bonnaroo

19) Musing that “a glass can only spill what it contains” on their most recent album, Brother, Sister, answer the following semi-related questions, FTPE:

[10] Blending free flowing spoken-word with experimental indie hardcore instrumentals, this Biblically-driven band’s debut album was 2002’s AàB Life (A to B Life).

ANSWER:  mewithoutYou

[10] Twenty-one year old lead singer Andy Hull wonders “God, my God, where have you been?” and confesses that he “confides in wolves at night” on this Atlanta-based band’s debut album, I’m Like a Virgin Losing a Child.

ANSWER:  Manchester Orchestra

[10] This up and coming California-based band released 2006’s Robbers and Cowards and is notable for the songs “Hospital Beds” and “Hang Me Up to Dry.”

ANSWER:  Cold War Kids


20) It’s time to dance! FTPE, name these bands that might cause you to do the sprinkler.

[10] This band notes that “All My Heroes are Weirdos” their 2007 album Myth Takes, which also includes the songs, “Must Be the Moon” and “Heart of Hearts.”

ANSWER:  !!!  (Pronounced Chk Chk Chk or by making 3 clicking sounds)

[10]   This band’s electronic sound is featured on its 2007 album Planet of Ice. Their 2005 album features the songs “Pachuca Sunrise” and “The Game Needed Me” and was almost self-titled, as it was just the band’s name in Spanish.

ANSWER:  Minus the Bear

[10] This minimal techno artist from Sweden got people moving with his 2007 release From Here We Go to Sublime.

ANSWER:  The Field

21) Upon being asked to endorse hair spray, she stated that it was “soul-destroying.”  FTPE: 

[10] Name this English artist who was discovered after success on Myspace. Her 2006 debut album, Alright, Still, spawned the singles “Smile” and “LDN.”

ANSWER:  Lily Allen

[10] Lily Allen responded to the current success of this protégé by saying “Can everyone please stop calling her the next Lily Allen?”  This fellow Myspace artist’s debut album, Made of Bricks promptly hit Number One in the UK and is due in the US in January.

ANSWER:  Kate Nash

[10] This group, which is unrelated to the previous two answers, takes its name from a children’s book by Leo Lionni. It was formed by members of the Saddle Creek family in Omaha and has released the albums Wild Like Children and Bottoms of Barrels.

ANSWER:  Tilly and the Wall


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