The Murky Middle Mindy Hardwick, Author Why do we get dragged down in the murky middle?

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The Murky Middle

Mindy Hardwick, Author
Why do we get dragged down in the murky middle?

  • We forget the original inspiration for starting the story

  • The plot drags—We run out of ideas

  • We’ve been interrupted too many times from the story and we are not able to keep it consistently in our heads.

How can we solve the Murky Middle?

First, know your character’s goal. What do they want in this story? What do they want so badly they will do anything to achieve? And why do they want this goal?

Second, create a PLOT LIST. Make a list of everything that could happen in your story. These are the BIG things. Some might include:

Third, make a list of INTERRUPTIONS. These are the smaller parts of the big “what could happen.” For example, your character needs to reach their destination but their plane is delayed because of weather. What type of weather is it? How long are they delayed? Where are they delayed? Who do they meet in this delay?

Some examples include:

  • Lightening storm and the power goes out when a character needs to make an important call.

  • Stove fire which causes the bigger fire that destroys character’s home

  • Missed connection to a bus or plane that causes the main character to miss their job interview and not get the job

Fourth, make a list of your character’s reactions to the interruptions

  • How does your character respond to the interruption?

  • How does their reaction make the situation worse?

  • And if the character solves the interruption, then what happens next to throw more obstacles in their path. Remember, you don’t want things to work out too easily.

Once you have your list, keep it at your writing desk as you continue to fast draft.

Finally, a writing tip: Always leave your story at a place where you want to know what happens next. Don’t finish a scene or a chapter in a writing session. This will help you want to come back to the story quickly!
Happy Writing!

Mindy Hardwick, Author

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