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Executive Leadership Team

Andrew Thorburn

Managing Director and NAB Group CEO

Andrew became Managing Director and NAB Group Chief Executive Officer in August 2014. A career banker, Andrew joined NAB in 2005 as Head of Retail Banking. In October 2008, he became Managing Director and CEO of BNZ and was responsible for its strategic repositioning and improved performance. Beginning his career as an economist, Andrew has held senior roles at ASB Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and St George Bank.

Antony Cahill

Group Executive, Product & Markets

Antony has more than 15 years of banking experience across product, retail and business banking, finance and strategy. He was appointed to the role of Group Executive, Product & Markets in August 2014. Prior to this, he held roles of Executive General Manager, Lending & Deposits and Executive General Manager, Digital & Direct Banking. Antony joined NAB in 2010 as Executive General Manager, Growth Partnerships. Before joining NAB, Antony spent 12 years at ANZ in various senior roles.

Craig Drummond

Group Executive, Finance & Strategy

Craig became NAB Group Executive, Finance and Strategy in October 2013 and has extensive experience in capital markets, merger negotiations, detailed post-merger integration and business strategy. Prior to joining NAB he was Chief Executive and Country Head of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Australia and also spent 23 years with Goldman Sachs JBWere where he was CEO and Chief Operating Officer and oversaw the JBWere/Goldman Sachs merger.

David Gall

Group Chief Risk Officer

David has 25 years’ experience in corporate and retail banking, working capital services, risk and payments. He was appointed NAB Group Chief Risk Officer in August 2014. Since joining NAB in 2008, David has held a number of senior roles including Executive General Manager roles for Banking and Wealth Solutions, Working Capital Services, Core Banking Transformation NextGen and Corporate Banking and Specialised Businesses. Prior to joining NAB, David held senior positions at St George Bank.

Andrew Hagger

Group Executive, NAB Wealth

Andrew became NAB Group Executive, NAB Wealth in April 2013, responsible for all NAB’s wealth businesses including MLC (where he is Chief Executive Officer), Plum, JANA, NAB Asset Management, JBWere and NAB Financial Planning. Since joining NAB in 2008 he has led the Private and Institutional Wealth business, been Executive General Manager of MLC & NAB Wealth’s Insurance business, and Group Executive of People, Marketing & Communications. Andrew also spent 21 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers in senior roles including Managing Partner, Melbourne.

Michaela Healey

Group Executive, People Communications & Governance

Michaela joined NAB in 2006 as NAB Group Company Secretary, joining the Executive Leadership Team in 2009. In April 2013, she took on the expanded role of Group Executive People, Communications and Governance, including responsibilities for Legal, Corporate Responsibility, Government Relations and Performance and Reward. Prior to joining NAB, she was Corporate Affairs Manager and Company Secretary at Orica. Michaela spent her early professional years as a corporate lawyer and a Company Secretary.

Anthony Healy

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, BNZ

Anthony joined BNZ in 2009 and became Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BNZ in May 2014. He has held senior executive and director-level roles in an 18-year career in New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Before joining BNZ, he held a number of senior roles at ANZ including CEO of UDC Finance and Deputy Group Managing Director of AmBank Group in Malaysia. He is currently Deputy Chairman of the New Zealand Bankers’ Association (NZBA) Council.

Angela Mentis

Group Executive, Business Banking

Angela has more than 27 years’ experience in banking and wealth management. Prior to being appointed as NAB Group Executive, Business Banking in August 2014, Angela was Executive General Manager for NAB Business and Executive General Manager for NAB Private Wealth. Before joining NAB she was Head of Premium Wealth Services at BT Financial Group, Global Head of Structured Investments at Westpac, and Vice President Syndications, Agency and Capital Markets, Australia & NZ with Citibank Limited.

Renée Roberts

Group Executive, Enterprise Services and Transformation

In her 25 years at NAB, Renée has worked across most areas of financial services including Operations, Risk, Technology, Corporate, Institutional Banking and Personal Banking. She was appointed NAB Group Executive Enterprise Services and Transformation in August 2014. In 2011, Renée became Chief Risk Officer of BNZ. She has also held overseas roles with NAB including Head of Private Financial Services, Regional Audit Manager, Business and Personal Financial Services, Europe, and Area Manager, Retail Financial Services, Northern Bank, Belfast.

Gavin Slater

Group Executive, Personal Banking

Gavin has 27 years’ experience in the financial services industry commencing with the Standard Bank of South Africa. He joined NAB in 1999 from PriceWaterhouseCoopers and in his 15 years at NAB has held a number of senior executive positions including CFO for the Australian banking region, Group General Manager leading the foreign exchange remedial action program, Executive Director UK operations and a Member of the Group Executive leading the operations and technology functions.

››› For more on the Board of Directors and the Executive Leadership Team, including their experience and remuneration, see the ‘Report of Directors’ in the 2014 Annual Financial Report at

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