The Japan Society Membership Application

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The Japan Society

Membership Application

We are very pleased to report that the Society is alive and well and actively organizing programmes and events in order to ensure that it remains firmly established as Canada’s pre-eminent organization dealing with relations between Japan and Canada.

Membership in the Society brings with it significant opportunities to grow your knowledge of and involvement in the Japanese/Canadian dialogue. We will continue to provide information about economic, political, financial and cultural practices and activities relevant to your understanding of the synergies between our two great countries.

The Society will provide lectures, presentations, symposiums, social and cultural events with the intent of helping you establish relationships and an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that exist. Representatives of the international business community, the governments of each country and academia, all steeped in the economic, political and cultural fabrics of each country, will equip you to participate in the fostering of greater mutual understanding, thereby creating an improved business climate for companies of both nations.

There are various levels of membership, details of which are provided on the reverse of this application form. In order to apply for or renew your membership, we would ask you to complete the information set forth below and return this form to the Society with your cheque or bank draft in payment of the relevant annual fees.




Company Name:


Tel: Fax:

Email: Website


Membership Level
(Please check box):

 Sustaining Member ($3,390.00 HST incl.)

 Corporate Member ($1,130.00 HST incl.)

 Individual Member ($169.50 HST incl.)

Please make your cheque payable to The Japan Society and return it with a copy of the Application to the attention of Ben Ciprietti.

Levels and Benefits of Membership

Annual Fees




Sustaining Member




  • Enhanced support of the activities of the Society

  • Right to designate up to six Members of the Society

  • A link on The Japan Society Website

  • An opportunity to host a dinner or meeting at your office premises

  • An opportunity to nominate a Member for election to the Society’s Board of Directors

    Corporate Member




  • Right to designate up to three Members of the Society

  • A link on The Japan Society Website

    An opportunity to host a Society lunch at your office premises

    Individual Member




  • Right to participate in all Society events, programmes and activities

  • Reduced Member Rates, when available, for various events, programmes and activities

  • An opportunity to connect with persons with similar interests in Canada-Japan relations

All membership levels of the Society receive reciprocal benefits offered by the thirty-eight associations which are members of the National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS). NAJAS is a private, non-profit organization, representing over 15,000 corporate entities, which works to strengthen co-operation and understanding between the peoples of Japan and the United States by providing programmes and services and exchanging information, ideas and speakers amongst its member Societies. The Japan Society is a member of NAJAS.

In time, we will provide on the Website private Members-only access to a number of benefits, including hotel and airfare arrangements, online.

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doc -> Установа адукацыі «Гомельскі дзяржаўны ўніверсітэт імя Францыска Скарыны»
doc -> Міністэрства адукацыі Рэспублікі Беларусь Установа адукацыі “Гомельскі дзяржаўны універсітэт
doc -> Змест тэма Методыка мовы як самастойная навука
doc -> Установа адукацыі “Гомельскі дзяржаўны тэхнічны ўніверсітэт
doc -> Установа адукацыі “Гомельскі дзяржаўны універсітэт імя Францыска Скарыны” зацвярджаю
doc -> В. П. Рагойша беларускае вершаванне
doc -> Пратакол №1 ускрыцця канвертаў з заяўкамі на ўдзел у двухэтапным конкурсе на права заключэння дамовы на выкананне навукова-даследчай працы для афіцыйнага выкарыстання Еўразійскай эканамічнай камісіяй
doc -> Праверкі алімпіядных работ па беларускай мове і літаратуры, 6 клас
doc -> Гомельскi дзяржаўны Ўнiверсiтэт iмя францыска скарыны
doc -> Міністэрства адукацыі Рэспублікі Беларусь

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