The interpretation of the passage, but as God speaking to his people’s current situation by giving an

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Why not Revival?
The following Revelation was received by Paul Davies on 27th Sept., 1998. As with all prophetic words, these must be weighed and tested with a spirit of humility and repentance. Where Bible passages are referred to, the interpretations given are not intended to be seen as the interpretation of the passage, but as God speaking to his people’s current situation by giving an interpretation.

Since the outbreak of the Toronto Blessing in Australia around October 1994, I have been looking forward to the Lord accomplishing the same sorts of things He was doing in other Western countries with the Blessing. It soon became clear, however, that Australia did not “enter in” to the fullness of what the Lord was doing around the world. This was of some concern to me, as I was aware of the Prophetic Calling on “The Great Southland of the Holy Spirit”, and felt a strong urge that this current move of the Spirit was leading Australia into her Spiritual inheritance. Many people from differing backgrounds have been hearing the Lord speak about Australia’s calling - that a Tidal Wave of the Spirit (the Next Wave) was coming in to the shores of the nation, and would spread like a runaway bushfire throughout the land and that the Gospel would go out from here to the rest of the world.

I had been wondering what was going on, as other Western nations, particularly Britain, experienced periods of Revival associated with the Toronto Outpouring, whereas in Australia we experienced a great upsurge in power for about a year, after which it was apparent that the power was generally decreasing. I felt in my spirit that the Lord was “hiding” Australia for another time that was not far off, but was aware that this was not a complete understanding.
On Sunday, September 27th, 1998, my home church experienced a visit from a British reconciliation team, who were travelling around various nations of the former British Empire, apologising on behalf of England for the hurts and slights suffered under the Empire. Australia, as many will know, was established as a convict settlement, and there is much rejection and resentment against the English as a result, to this day. As the speaker pointed out, “everyone loves to beat the English, whether at Cricket, the Commonwealth Games (Australia blitzed the medal tally), or at Rugby...”.
My ears picked up at that, as I am a Rugby fan, and I though to myself: “Beat? 74-0 is a flogging!”

The speaker then went on to speak about the spiritual problems that existed in the “colonial” nations, and I found myself suddenly realising that I had just evidenced that very thing. I felt the Lord speak to my heart very clearly:

“Our dummy-spit attitude towards the English is why we have been so limited in receiving spiritual blessings from overseas. Because we have not honoured our spiritual “Fathers” we have denied ourselves the opportunity to enter into our spiritual inheritance. Thus, when ‘Toronto’ hit, we got power, they got Revival.”
Australians have had a real problem in receiving overseas ministry, and there has been a significant groundswell of resentment against foreign ministers. I have often heard Christians complain: “Why are all these speakers better than our own in Australia?” At the time, I had no answer, simply believing that God had some purpose in it, and that our time would come. I now believe that as well as this there was a limitation over the nation.
The Lord impressed upon me that the current Reconciliation Team’s visit was far more significant than it appeared, in that they were breaking the hold of the Spiritual powers holding Australia back, which would then open the way for us to fully embrace the Next Wave. A powerful time of ministry concluded that service, and many in the Congregation were healed of long-held hurts.
There is a lesson in this for all Christians. We must ask the Lord to reveal to us the Spiritual things that are holding us back, as individuals, or as a congregation, or as a nation. We must also ask for Grace to be able to hear and repent, so that we will be ready to take maximum advantage of whatever the Lord does next.


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