The government approves six further utcs taking total to 50

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The Baker Dearing Educational Trust (BDT) warmly welcomes the Government’s approval of six more University Technical Colleges (UTCs). For six years BDT has been working to establish a national network of UTCs: 17 are currently open, 15 will open this September, and now there will be a further 18 in 2015/16, bringing the total number to 50 across the country.

By providing high quality training for technicians and engineers, UTCs help to fill the UK skills gap. The UTC day is from 8.30am to 5pm for 14 to 18 year olds, each with up to 600 students. The 50, when fully operational, will take around 30,000 students.

Lord Baker, Chairman of BDT, said:
Today’s announcement shows continued support and commitment from the Government to increase the size and impact of the UTC movement. There will now be 50 UTCs. I am delighted that UTCs enjoy all-party support and that the Coalition continues to back them. Several applications were very close to approval and the Department has said that they will provide additional support for their reapplications before the next deadline.
I am very pleased to note that there will be a further application round later this year with a closing date of 9th May 2014 for UTCs to open in 2016.”

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson said:

I welcome the Government's decision to back two new University Technical Colleges in London. UTCs offer young people the chance to gain important technical skills and the qualifications they will need to compete in a highly competitive jobs market. The Sir Simon Milton UTC and the Global Academy UTC, will nurture the next generation of home-grown talent going into transport engineering, construction and our fast growing media technology sector.

These are areas that are vital to London's continued growth and I am delighted that one of them has been named after a man who played such an important part in our city's success.”

Brendan Conlan, Operations and Engineering Manager at Centrica Storage - supporting the Humber Renewables & Engineering University Technical College said:

At Centrica we are delighted to be supporting UTCs, which are changing the nature of education and giving students an experience they cannot get anywhere else. The UTCs offer students the opportunity to join British engineering as the next generation of technicians, engineers and business leaders. 

As an employer and engineer I am very pleased that Centrica will play an active role in shaping our UTC’s curriculum and activities to ensure students have the correct skills and knowledge for the future.

We welcome the approval of six new UTCs and look forward to seeing the movement continue to grow, and I encourage employers across the UK to support its growth.”
University Technical Colleges announced today:



Bolton University Technical College

Health Sciences and Engineering Technologies

Greater Peterborough UTC

Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing, Engineering & Built Environment

Humber Renewables & Engineering University Technical College

Engineering, Renewables Engineering

The Global Academy UTC (London)

Creative, Technical and Digital Media, Entrepreneurship

The Sir Simon Milton UTC (Westminster)

Transport Engineering and Construction

Warrington UTC

Energy Engineering, Nuclear Engineering


Notes to editors;

UTCs which are open:

  1. Aston University Engineering Academy

  2. Black Country UTC

  3. Hackney UTC

  4. UTC Central Bedfordshire

  5. Bristol Technology and Engineering Academy

  6. Buckinghamshire University Technical College

  7. Daventry UTC

  8. Liverpool Life Sciences UTC

  9. Royal Greenwich UTC

  10. Silverstone UTC

  11. The Elstree UTC

  12. The JCB Academy

  13. Wigan UTC Academy

  14. UTC Plymouth

  15. UTC Reading

  16. UTC Sheffield

  17. Visions Learning Trust

Approved UTCs – due to open between September 2014 and 2016:

  1. Bolton University Technical College

  2. Burton and South Derbyshire UTC

  3. Derby Manufacturing University Technical College

  4. Elutec (Dagenham)

  5. Energy Coast UTC (Cumbria)

  6. Greater Peterborough UTC

  7. Health Futures UTC (Wolverhampton)

  8. Heathrow Aviation Engineering UTC

  9. Humber Renewables & Engineering University Technical College

  10. Lincoln UTC

  11. UTC Liverpool Superport

  12. London Design and Engineering UTC (Newham)

  13. Medway University Technical College

  14. Mulberry UTC (Tower Hamlets)

  15. Newhaven UTC

  16. Sir Charles Kao UTC (Harlow)

  17. South Bank UTC

  18. South Devon University Technical College

  19. South Wiltshire UTC

  20. The Global Academy UTC (London)

  21. The GM (Greater Manchester Sustainable Engineering UTC)

  22. The Sir Simon Milton UTC (Westminster)

  23. The Leigh UTC (Dartford)

  24. The Watford UTC

  25. Tottenham UTC

  26. University Technical College Cambridge

  27. University Technical College Norfolk

  28. UTC Oxfordshire

  29. UTC Swindon

  30. UTC@MediaCityUK (Salford)

  31. Warrington UTC

  32. West Midlands Construction UTC

  33. WMG Academy for Young Engineers (Warwick)

About The Baker Dearing Educational Trust

The Baker Dearing Educational Trust was founded by Lord Baker and Lord Dearing to promote University Technical Colleges. The organisation provides advice and guidance to proposer groups and will lead the University Technical Colleges movement over the long term.

About University Technical Colleges

They are distinct in three important ways:

  1. They are 14-18 not 11-18 schools

  2. Each must be strongly supported by a university and local employers

  3. Employers will be involved from the start in designing and delivering the curriculum

UTCs are a high quality new route to education and training which follows through to further study and employment. They are a radical solution to the totally inadequate number of technicians and engineers in the country. They are free standing technical schools for around 600 14 to 18 year old students, with a typical working day of 8:30am - 5pm. Students spend the equivalent of two days a week on practical study and three days a week on academic study linking the hand with the mind. Each UTC provides at least one technical specialism alongside the key GCSEs in English, maths and science, as well as a modern foreign language, humanities, finance, business, entrepreneurial and employability skills.

All UTCs are supported by a university and a range of local employers. This unique approach offers students a high quality, rounded, technical education which can lead to apprenticeships, foundation and higher degrees.

Local employers both big and small have a major and continuing role via the governance of the UTC. They also help to shape the curriculum and relate it to future jobs that match the needs of the local economy. Students in turn acquire the skills and knowledge employers are looking for.

General points about UTCs

  • There are no tests to enter a UTC at 14

  • Their school day typically runs from 8:30am to 5pm

  • They have a school year of 40 weeks with either four or five terms. These major changes significantly increase the amount of teaching time, adding a whole extra year of instruction for the four years a student is in the UTC

  • Extra-curricular activities are compulsory

  • There is a broad general curriculum and the core subjects of English, maths and science are taught through demanding and collaborative technical projects

  • Pre-16 students will spend 60% of their time on academic subjects and 40% on technical ones. Post-16 the percentage is reversed with 40% academic teaching, 60% technical

  • As outlined in the Wolf Report, UTCs are able to teach a greater proportion of technical studies than normal schools because of the longer school day

  • The curriculum content is determined and shaped through the partnership of employers and universities

  • All students are able to study a foreign language related to their technical curriculum

  • Experience of work is a central element of the curriculum.

For advice on starting up a UTC contact:

The Baker Dearing Educational Trust on 020 7960 1555 or

For media enquiries, quotes & images contact:

Susan Higgins on 020 7960 1546 Mob: 07825 437 691

Sarah Newman on 020 7960 1546

Anna Ribenfors on 020 7960 1541

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