The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts Landscape Design School

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The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts

Landscape Design School

Course IV, Series 14

October 31, November 1 and 2, 2013

The Hunnewell Building at Elm Bank Reservation, the home of The Massachusetts Horticultural Society

900 Washington St., Route 16, Wellesley, Massachusetts

Schedule Thurs/Fri: Hunnewell Building Examination Schedule: Parkman Room (East Wing)

8:00 AM – 8:45 AM REGISTRATION Friday, Nov. 2 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM OR

8:45 AM – 3:30 PM LECTURES Saturday, Nov. 3 8:45 AM – 12 NOON

Attendance at all lectures is required to take the exam or receive credit.

Directions to Elm Bank Reservation: Free parking adjacent to the Hunnewell Building

This four-course series provides continuing education in landscape design. One course is offered annually in Massachusetts. Landscape Design courses and examinations are open to all. The written examinations are based on both the required reading and the lecturers’ presentations. After successfully completing any two courses, a student who is a member of a garden club is eligible for Provisional Consultant status and may join a Landscape Design Council.
The following topics are covered in Course IV. Indicated in parentheses are the corresponding chapters in Stewards of the Land: A Survey of Landscape Architecture and Design in America, the course textbook, available through National Garden Clubs, Inc.,

314-776-7574 or

Herbaceous Materials in the Landscape (14) Contemporary Landscape Design (21)

Development of Landscape Architecture: WW II to Present (26) Redesign of Areas (20)

Community Participation: Organization and Individual Responsibility (33) Design for the Future (36)

Evaluating Landscape Designs of Residential, Public and Business Property (31) Fletcher Steele and Naumkeag

Other reading assignments are taken from The National Gardener Magazine, the official publication of National Garden Clubs, Inc. (Copies will be provided to students.) Students taking their fourth course or consultants refreshing must have a current subscription to The National Gardener Magazine. An address label, proof or purchase or NGC Life Member number must be presented at time of registration in order to take the exam or receive refresher credit. The National Gardener Magazine subscription fee is $18.00 for 3 years. To subscribe, please contact Lillian Cohen at or 781-538-6336.

For further information please contact LDS Chair Jane O’Sullivan, 84 Old Meeting House Lane, Norwell, MA 02061-1436

Telephone: (781)-659-4423 Email:


Registration for Landscape Design School Course IV, Series 14




Email __________________________________________________________Nat’l Garden Club Life Member? _______ #_________

Name of your garden club_________________________________________________________ Non-garden club member_______

Are you an LDS Student? _______ Consultant? ________ Master Consultant? ________

Garden Club Members $110.00 Non Garden Club Members $120.00
A sandwich or salad lunch will be available on Thursday and Friday for $15.00 each day (not included in the course fee)

Salad choice: Caesar salad with chicken or tuna salad on a bed of greens

Sandwich choice: ham, chicken salad, or roast beef

Thursday choice_____________________ Friday choice _____________________

Participants are also welcome to bring their own lunch. Coffee, tea, and bottled water will be provided.
Please make your check (for course fee and lunches, if any) to GCFM, Inc., and send it with this form and, if required, a current address label from The National Gardener Magazine (or your NGC life member number above) by 10/24/13 to: Mary B. Nokes,

35 Woodpark Circle, Lexington, MA 02421-7207 Tel: (781) 863-1203 Email:

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