The future of banking in greece

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What are the next steps for the Greek financial system?

Tuesday 7th June 2011, Athenaeum InterContinental, Athens

Preliminary Agenda

Please note that this is a draft agenda. The timing and content of sessions may change as speakers confirm.

    1. Registration and refreshments

09.00 Welcoming remarks from the Chairman

Brian Caplen, Editor, The Banker

Session 1

Macroeconomic Outlook For Greece

09.10 Government Keynote Address: Achieving financial recovery and reform

  • Reviewing the pace of financial and structural reform – what next?

  • Working with international institutions to get the best deal for Greece

  • The role of the banking system in driving economic recovery in Greece

George Papaconstantinou, Minister of Finance, Hellenic Republic

    1. IMF Keynote Address: Achieving sustainable economic reforms in Greece in 2011 and beyond

  • Evaluating the pace and extent of structural and fiscal reforms achieved to date in the Greek economy – is the country on the right track

  • Outlining proposals to convert the Greek IMF/EU loans to an Extended Fund Facility – what will this mean in practice?

  • The future for the Greek banking system – what impact are the economic reforms having?

  • The opportunities and challenges ahead

Poul Thomsen, Deputy Director, European Department, Mission Chief for Greece, IMF
10.10 Forecasting the future for Greece in Europe

  • Greece in the context of wider European economic challenges – analysing the country’s progress in solving the country’s problems

  • Maintaining the path of economic and fiscal reforms

  • Implementing the Europe 2020 strategy to restore confidence

  • The future for Greek banks

Matthias Mors, Director for Economies of the Members States II, Directorate-General for Economic & Financial Affairs, and Mission Chief for Greece, EU Commission
10.30 The outlook for Greece and Greek banking

  • Assessing how developments in the Eurozone are impacting on confidence in the Greek economy and in Greek banks

  • Reviewing the progress in improving the economic situation in Greece

  • What role can the banks play in shaping Greece’s economic future?

Nicholas Nanopoulos, CEO, Eurobank EFG
10.50 Morning Coffee

Session 2

Getting Greek Banks back to business

11.20 Reviewing the impact of the Greek and global economic crisis on the banking system – is the worst over?

  • What needs to change to restore confidence and drive growth?

  • What are the prospects for consolidation between the banks?

  • Assessing the implications and future challenges of non-performing loans

  • Regulating to stabilise the banking system – what are the priorities?

Panayotis Thomopoulos, President, Hellenic Financial Stability Fund
11.35 Raising capital – challenges, prospects and potential

  • What are international markets looking for from Greek banks?

  • Looking beyond the ECB

  • Assessing the repo market – reviewing recent deals

  • Looking to the stock market – where are the opportunities for raising funds? Looking at recent examples and investor appetite

  • The challenge of meeting the requirements of Basel III

Alexandros Tourkolias, Deputy CEO & Member of the Executive Committee, National Bank of Greece
11.50 Taking the next steps to return to growth and competitiveness in Greek banking

  • Reassessing the business model to reflect the new trading environment

  • Working with the Government to get credit moving

  • Identifying and targeting where future banking growth will come from

Alexandros Manos, Managing Director, Piraeus Bank
12.05 Responding to the opportunities and challenges in Greek banking

  • Assessing Greek banking in the context of the economy

  • Focusing on core business activities to strengthen the bank for future development

  • Planning ahead within the constraints of the economic environment

Artemis Ch. Theodoridis, General Manager and Board Member, Alpha Bank
12.20 Perspectives: The future for Greek banking

  • Reviewing the Government’s actions to date – is enough being done to restore confidence to the financial markets in Greece and drive economic recovery?

  • The new European supervisory and regulatory architecture for banking

  • Facing the challenges – maintaining liquidity and capital adequacy.  Is it time to change the business model to fit the new economic environment?

  • Strategies for getting back into international markets

  • Dealing with non-performing loans

  • Prospects for consolidation

  • Regulating the banking system in the future – what do the banks want?

Christos Gortsos, Secretary General, Hellenic Bank Association

Paul Mylonas, Chief Economist, General Manager of Strategy & Governance, National Bank of Greece

Dimitris Politis, Managing Director, Head of Global Banking, HSBC Greece
13.10 Lunch

Session 3

Driving growth in key markets

14.10 Government Keynote Address: Next Steps- restarting growth and competitiveness in the Greek economy

  • Setting out the plans for driving growth in the Greek economy

  • Working with the banks to get credit moving

  • Key sectors targeted for growth– what incentives are available

  • Opportunities for SMEs

Michalis Chrisochoidis, Minister for Regional Development and Competitiveness, Hellenic Republic

14.40 Looking abroad: Is now the right time to explore international expansion?

  • Assessing the prospects for economies of Southeast Europe and the Balkans – what role can Greek banks play in driving export growth to these economies

  • Limiting exposure in difficult markets

  • Identifying the future growth hot spots

Spyros Kouvelis, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hellenic Republic
15.00 Sector Focus: Financing growth in Energy, and Shipping

  • Identifying the opportunities and growth potential

  • Working with business to mitigate the risks

  • Assessing Government support and plans

Konstantinos Vassiliou, General Manager, Head of Global Corporate Clients & DCM, EFG Eurobank Ergasias

Philippe Chryssicopoulos, Managing Director, Head of Shipping EMEA and Head of Greece & Cyprus Investment Banking, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

15.40 Afternoon refreshments

16.00 Financing SME activity in the new Greek economy

  • Reviewing the demand for finance from SMEs

  • Analysing the risk profile of the sector

  • The role of the European Investment Bank in supporting SMEs in Greece

  • Risks and rewards for Greek banks investing in this sector

Constantin Synadino, Head of Lending Operations, Greece, European Investment Bank

16.20 The future role of Payment Institutions in driving the growth of online transactions

  • Growth of online services in Greece

  • Contribution of online transactions in strengthening exports and tourism  

  • The relationship between Payment Institutions, retail banks and business

Haris Karonis, CEO, Hellas Pay Payment Services S.A

16.30 Perspectives: How business and banking can work together to drive growth in the Greek economy

  • Getting credit moving – next steps

  • Identifying the opportunities for growth and investment

  • What do banks need from business and vice versa?

Antreas Anthanasopoulos, General Manager Retail Banking, National Bank of Greece

Dimitris Georgopoulos, Chief Commercial Officer, Geniki Bank – Societe Generale Group

Solomon Berahas, Deputy General Manager, Risk Director, Household Lending Business, Eurobank EFG & Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Teiresias Bank Information Systems SA
17.20 Closing remarks from the Chair

17.30 Close of conference

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