The Doors of Life By Rev. Pam Murray, PhD

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The Doors of Life

By Rev. Pam Murray, PhD.

Many years ago, I heard a prayer which has made a big difference in my life. I don’t remember where I heard it, but I would like to share it with you. The prayer is: “Please open all doors that should be opened and close all doors that should be closed.”
It sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? However, like any prayer, it is extremely powerful.
When I explain this prayer to people, they often get excited when thinking about opening the doors to their good. I know that was my first reaction when I heard it so long ago. I’ve learned two things about those doors.
First, we must be alert for the unexpected door to open. Sometimes we think our good is behind Door Number One, and we get so focused on it that we miss our good behind Door Number Two. That which we want doesn’t always come to us in the form we expect. Be willing to accept that Spirit brings our good to us is in a form more suitable and wonderful than we can imagine for ourselves.
Second, when the doors open, we must be prepared to walk through them. This means we must be willing to release that which keeps those doors closed, such as a belief, a channel of income, something material, or even a relationship. Thus, the second part of the prayer. This is what makes people nervous. To most people change and release are the hardest parts of change and in receiving. Part of the process is learning to surrender to the wisdom of Spirit and allowing Spirit to decide which doors to close. I have occasionally asked Spirit to close the doors I do not have the ability to close myself.
Because we are co-creators with Spirit, part of our responsibility is to define what we want. In fact, the more articulate we are about defining what we want, the easier it is for the Universe to bring it to us.
It’s a delicate balance between setting goals and allowing Spirit to work its part in the dance. One of the real tricks with setting goals or defining preferences is to be as clear as possible about what we want, then permitting Spirit to open the way.
Here, in a nutshell, is the process:

  1. Define what you want

  2. Pray the prayer with great focus and without defining what those opening and closing doors should look like.

  3. Release the need for this to come in a certain way and in a certain form.

  4. Be alert for doors opening and closing. Be willing to accept the changes.

Like so many things in life, this process is incredibly simple, but equally as difficult. So, start with something very small and very simple. Learn to identify your own stumbling blocks and impeding beliefs. Develop the ability to release attachment to the outcome and to follow the promptings of Spirit. Increase your skill in recognizing which doors are opening and which doors are closing.

Sometimes when the doors begin to open and close, we feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland, falling through the rabbit hole, out of control. Sometimes the doors look too small for us to pass through and sometimes the door knob is too high to reach or we can’t seem to find the key. This is where we ask Spirit to help us adjust to where we are “just right” to walk through.
I have learned to ask that the doors to the old close gently, but firmly. I’ve had a few doors slam shut with such force that they almost blew me off my feet. This was fine when I was younger, but, in my maturity, I’ve asked for more gentleness. In addition, when the doors to my good open too quickly for my energy levels, I ask Spirit to slow it down a bit so I can catch up. I’ve learned to do this after several bouts of exhaustion. By the same token, you can ask Spirit to speed it up a bit and this will happen based on your readiness to walk—or run—through those open doors as the old ones thump behind you..
As you progress in this skill, you can build, door by door, the life of your dreams.
Meditations: a) I am now shown those areas of my life in which doors can open and doors can close. B) The doors to my good now open wide. The doors to that which no longer suits me close gently, but firmly.

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