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Calling all writers!

On Sunday, Feb. 5, The Denver Post will begin its search for a new panel of Colorado Voices writers. In past years, the competition has attracted a wide range of writers from throughout Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West.

This will be the second year that we are also soliciting entries from high school and college students, in an effort to broaden the points of view presented on the op-ed pages of The Denver Post.

The opportunity is terrific for anyone interested in writing, either creatively or journalistically. Colorado Voices provides a chance for non-professionals to get their work reviewed and edited by professional journalists, something we’ve been told countless times is an invaluable experience.

The rules follow. Please ask interested students to e-mail or snail mail their entries directly to me with the notation “STUDENT” on them so I can be sure they are reviewed promptly. (We judge our student applicants on their own merits rather than place them in the pool with other writers who may have a wider range of experience to draw upon, giving students a better chance at representation.)

HOW TO ENTER: Send us two sample columns, from 600 to 700 words each, along with a cover letter describing your background, your interest in Voices, and whatever else you think we need to know. (To get a good idea of the concept, check out some previously published Voices columns at, starting on Feb. 5.)

DEADLINE: We need to have your entries in hand by 5 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 20. Anything received after that will not be judged.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Send your entries by e-mail, to and also to, with the columns in the body of the e-mail (no attachments, please). Remember to attach the notation STUDENT somewhere high in the entry. If you prefer regular mail, direct your material to Barbara Ellis, Denver Post Editorial Page, 1560 Broadway, Denver CO 80202. Please give us your address, phone numbers and e-mail address.

WHAT COLORADO VOICES MEANS: Typically, our Voices write every other week over a three-month period. We'll work with you on story ideas and give you a deadline for each contribution. Once published, you'll get bragging rights, gorgeous clips and a modest honorarium.

Thanks for your help in making the 2006 Colorado Voices panel the best yet.
Barbara Ellis

Voices program coordinator

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