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The scientists from the the State Public Scientific Technological Library of the Siberian Branch of the RAS and from the Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science of the Siberian Branch of the RAS have full access to "MSI Eureka".

MSI Eureka is a research & information platform that compiles and critically evaluates data on materials constitution, phase diagrams, etc. The database covers virtually all inorganic materials systems ever published, dates back to pre-1900 and is continuously updated.

The content is being created by MSIT®, Materials Science International Team, in continuous evaluation programs, ongoing since more than 28 years.

Dual Access Options, select from case to case

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Go to:

Each user should do the following (only once):

  1. Download & install the interface software MSI Eureka Viewer (ca.7 MB) on your local PC. This needs to be done only once.
    Download from

  2. Start up the MSI Eureka Viewer

  3. Press button "Add License"
    in the upper menu of MSI Eureka Viewer)

  4. Copy & paste the below license key into the “Activate License” box, click OK.

  5. Your license key is: 7Y8WF-99KWD-7K8XC-4WYP4-28M6J

Now you ready to search via the Periodic Table what the world has published on your material system and to access the expert Evaluation Reports in MSI Eureka.

General information you find here:
MSI highly welcomes your feedback. Please mail comments, wishes, suggestions, etc. to:

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