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National Geographic Channel’s ‘Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Renewed for

Season 2, Expanded to One Hour and Promoted to Prime Time

LOS ANGELES, CA., AUGUST 18, 2005—Cesar Millan, the star of the popular National Geographic Channel (NGC) series “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan,” has joined with his series producing partners, Burbank-based MPH Entertainment and Emery/Sumner Productions to form a new entity, Cesar Millan, Inc. (CMI), to develop projects and products that capitalize on Millan’s dominant position in the world of training and rehabilitation programs for dogs. Illusion Millan is the president of CMI.

Additionally, Millan and his partners have had their popular reality series “Dog Whisperer,” which debuted in September of 2004, renewed for a second season, expanded to one hour, and is moving to primetime beginning this winter. Production on the second season begins in mid-August.
“’The Dog Whisperer’ has really resonated with our viewers, and we are excited to have Cesar and his ‘clients’ move to primetime beginning this winter,” said John Ford, executive vice president of programming, NGC.
Millan and his CMI company also recently signed with renowned "branding" agency Don Buchwald & Associates for representation in all areas of media and marketing, including sponsorships and personal appearances. Buchwald agent Damon Frank says, "Cesar Millan is poised to be the most recognizable figure in behavioral dog training and we plan to more fully broaden his celebrity and the Dog Whisperer brand throughout the world."
In its first season, “Dog Whisperer” was broadcast as a half-hour daily “strip” series. The show’s popularity and the escalating renown of its star and co-producer Cesar Millan encouraged NGC executives to order a new season and expand each episode to one hour, as well as promote the series to a weekly primetime timeslot.
Millan is nationally recognized for his highly effective methods and results in the training and rehabilitation of problem dogs for average citizens, urban Police Departments, and for numerous Hollywood celebrities and executives, including Will Smith, Hillary Duff, Michael Eisner, Scott Rudin, and many others. Millan recently received a Genesis Award commendation by the Humane Society for his work on “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.”
Last season, Millan received significant media attention for his work, including an extensive profile in the Los Angeles Times, an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and a segment on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” where ten million viewers watched him rehabilitate Oprah’s troubled canine… and ultimately tell one of the most powerful women in America how to take control of her own famously willful dog.

Projects developed by the CMI partners include:

--NEW BOOK. Cesar’s Way, a book Millan will write for publisher Harmony/Crown Books, for sale Spring 2006. The book will be co-written by Emmy Award winning writer and MPH Entertainment partner Melissa Jo Peltier. "Cesar Millan's understanding of the psychology of dogs and ability to turn troubled dogs into happy ones is nothing short of revolutionary.  Harmony Books is thrilled to be publishing his upcoming book, that will bring his message of respect for dogs and his easy, common-sense approach to caring for them to an even wider audience," says the book’s editor, Kimberly Meisner.

--INTERNATIONAL SYNDICATION. An agreement with Rive Gauche International to broker worldwide television sales of “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan.” According to Rive Gauche C.O.O. Mark Rafalowski "Cesar has an inherent appeal that reaches a multi-national audience. His Alpha-male approach to dog training is based on communicating with animals non-verbally. This built-in quality makes "The Dog Whisperer" an easily adaptable program for any broadcaster.  The show will launch in the U.K. this July on BSkyB and in four other territories by the fall with another half-dozen deals pending.” 

--DVD. The production of a DVD entitled “People Training for Dogs,” that features highlights from Cesar’s popular live seminar series. “Cesar is getting thousands of visitors to his website every day and most of them have dog issues and are desperate for his help. This DVD will help get Cesar’s message out to directly to his fan base, which is growing exponentially,” explains Mark Hufnail, MPH partner and executive producer. “People Training for Dogs” is produced by MPH Entertainment in association with Emery/Sumner Productions. CMI is partnering with Rogue Direct to handle direct response marketing of the “People Training for Dogs” DVD.

--WEB COLUMN. CMI has formed an alliance with the popular website Millan will write a bi-weekly column for the site and will participate in webchats and other promotions. PETS 911 offers localized spay and neuter, veterinarian, emergency pet care and other very valuable resources for pets lives. Additionally PETS 911 offers free promotional tools to thousands of shelters and rescues nationwide with celebrity based public service announcements that are customized and sent out for free.


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