The 2011 martín vivaldi award

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The 2011 MARTÍN VIVALDI Award offers financial assistance to the winner to attend the EUROCLAY'2011 to be held in Antalya (Turkey).
The closing date for reception of manuscripts will be 31th January 2011.
The Martín Vivaldi Award is an European award, sponsored by the European Clay Groups Association (E.C.G.A.) and financially supported by the Sociedad Española de Arcillas (Spanish Clay Society), to offer financial assistance to the recipient, who must be member of one of the ECGA Societies, with the aim to enable him/her to participate in an EUROCLAY Meeting for the purpose of presenting his/her paper.


  1. Candidates must submit a pdf file of a paper of approximately 1500 to 2000 words in English on a topic relevant to one of the sessions of the Meeting. The paper should be written in a format acceptable for international journals. Assessment will be the scientific content only and the winner will be expected to present his/her paper at the Meeting.

  1. The award consists of a honorarium of 1.000 Euros to contribute to the recipient to cover the expenses of the registration fee to the Meeting, travel and hotel expenses for attending the Euroclay Meeting, and a certificate. The award will not be made if it is considered that candidates do not reach the standard required.

  1. Person eligible for the award must be under 35 years of age and belong to one European National Group affiliated to the E.C.G.A. on the closing date for submissions.

  1. The selection committee will consist of the President of E.C.G.A. Prof. Celso Gomes (Chair), three members nominated by the E.C.G.A. (Prof. Shlomo Nir, Prof. Fernando Nieto, Prof. Derek Bain), and the President of the Spanish Clay Society Prof. Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky, who will act as Secretary.

  1. The attached form must be filled and returned to the secretary of the selection committee with each entry to arrive before the official closing date. The candidates must note that the deadline will be strictly observed.

  1. The winning paper must be submitted for publication in the Proceedings of the EUROCLAY’2011

I have read the regulations governing the above Award and in conformity therewith submit a paper entitled:

My date of birth is:

I belong to the European Clay Group:

(please, include certificate from your Society)
I agree to abide by the rules governing the Award and accept that the examiners decision is final.

Date: Signature:


N.B.: If the candidate is not the sole author of the paper, a statement from the co-author (s) is required specifying the candidate´s contribution to the paper.

Documentation should be sent by e-mail to the Secretary of the Selection Committee ( with copy to the general address of the Spanish Clay Society (
Prof. Eduardo Ruiz-Hitzky

Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, CSIC

C/ Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, 3

Cantoblanco, 28049 Madrid, Spain


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