Thank you for downloading Tower Davion- a potential Apprentice!

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Thank you for downloading Tower Davion- A Potential Apprentice!
Readme Contents
1. Introduction

2. Game Description

3. Features

4. Missing Features

5. Installation

6. Alternate Combat Animations

7. General Gameplay Hints

8. Known Issues/work-a-arounds

9. Plea for feedback

10. Special Thanks!

11. Update list
1. Introduction
As an adventurer, you have had your fair share of experiences. The greatest lesson learned is that you are little more than a small fish in a rather large pond. This realization weighs heavily on your mind.
You believe that the greatness you desire is obtainable only through the possession of two things: time and guidance. Time is available to all, but guidance is more difficult to obtain. The solution was found in a non-descript tavern. There, an encounter with mysterious rangers armed you with knowledge of a powerful wizard, a former adventurer, who is willing to take under his wing those he deems worthy.
Little is known of this man, Davion. For a brief time, it seemed all the sword coast was whispering his name. As the years past, the people all but forgot the brief time of chaos he ended. His legend survives through a select few. "Who is this man?" "What is the nature of his talents?" "How will you convince him to guide you?" You have taken it upon yourself to answer these questions. You must learn to be a shark, not merely a fish in a pond.

2. Game Description

The game consists of a short adventure or two, easily finished in a few sittings. It was designed with the hope of immersing players in the setting. As a result, the game is heavy in dialogue, though much of it is completely optional (if you don't care to read everyone's back-story, don't ask them for it!). Additionally, every non-monster character has a routine governed by the time of day. Do not be surprised to find them asleep at night or roaming about during the day.
An emphasis was also placed on roleplay. To this end, there are a variety of dialogue options to suit different personalities and there are multiple routes towards completion of the module. If you want to be a devious thief, go for it! If you want to be a selfish mage, give it a try! If you want to be a crazed murderer, go ahead (but, you'll likely die very quickly this way). Still, "good" players will get to see more of the mod than "bad."
There's plenty of combat and effort was made to add uniqueness to every encounter. Many creatures have a weakness, whether to a particular type of damage or a vulnerability to something in the environment. As a consequence, some fights are likely to be too tough until you are properly armed with either items or knowledge or both (Don't be afraid to run... escape is often an excellent option!).

3. Features

- NPCs possess routines with potentially different behaviors for breakfast, morning, afternoon, dinner, evening, and bedtime.
- Multiple paths to follow. Good, bad, and in-between should all be doable.
- Conversation options are dependent upon: time of day, who you've talked with, and what you've done.
- Resting is restricted by the possession of a bedroll and food. Both items are available from the outset in the starting store. If you go too long without resting, your character will grow weary! The time you have before tiring is somewhat dependent upon your constitution modifier.
- Resting does NOT fully heal when you are not using the bed at the tower. A small portion of HP is healed (dependent upon constitution). Thus, the usefulness of medkits, healing spells, and healing potions is significantly increased.
- Alternate combat animations now available. Simply use the new feat accessed via the special ability radial menu and select the style you want to use!

4. Missing Features

- No journal entries are made. The rationale stems from my history of playing antiquated CRPGs. I feel that having to keep your own notes adds to immersion by forcing the player to track events in the game world. Also, quests are few and the game overall is short, so the amount of information that must be maintained is limited.
- No map pins are pre-made. See the above rationale for justification.
- No animated cloaks. Ugh! I wish there was. I had to choose between having combat animations and having cloaks… I decided the combat animations were cooler.
5. Installation
- Current version requires NWN 1.68, SOU, HOTU, and CEP 1.52

- The patch override for visible cloaks is applied due to issues with ACP and adventurer's

clothes by Rosietreats

- Instructions:

  1. Download the executable named TD_APotentialApprentice

  2. Run the file by double-clicking to install the needed files

  3. Click on the link provided to download the CEP version 1.52

  4. Follow the CEP instructions for their installation

6. Alternate Combat Animations (by Ragnarok)

- Use the new feat accessed via the class special ability in the radial menu and select your


- There are four new styles to select from: heavy, kensai, assassin and fencing.

- Kensai resemble samurai or ninja in style and also feature new unarmed combat


- Heavy is designed for strength based characters (strong enough to wield two-handed

with one).

- Assassin wields weapons in an underhand style and look especially good with two

weapons. Converts to Kensai style with two-handed weapons.

- Fencing is most appropriate for a rapier or rapier and small blade. It resembles

European fencing.

- These are selectable via a special ability feat, which is automatically given to all

character classes.

- Some styles (kensai, fencing) are not suitable for using shields, others do not look

appropriate with two weapons. Be sure to experiment with the styles and weapons

available at the start of the game.

7. General Gameplay Tips
- The game has been successfully played through by a wizard, a fighter, a fighter/rogue, and a rogue. I suspect any warrior class should do fine, but I have doubts about bards, monks, and druids. The game was design with wizards, fighters and rogues in mind.
- Explore your surroundings THOROUGHLY and look for hints on to how to best your opponents and on how to gain access to other areas.
- The following skills are checked outside of standard checks: spell craft, search, weapon craft and concentration. However, none of these skills are necessary for completion, regardless of playing style.
- There are only two opportunities to use a store, at the beginning and at the end. So, do not worry about holding on to your gold and be sure to carry around only the good loot (i.e., magic items and gems). You might also want to buy the bag of holding available at the starting store.
- Take advantage of the full refund available at the starting store. Try on the various armors and weapons and pick equipment that you feel suit your character.
- Some encounters might not be winnable... in these situations RUN!
- Talk to people more than once. You’ll more often than not find they have something new to say.
- If you want to earn Davion’s favor, be careful with how you treat people and his stuff. He knows when you’ve been bad or good!
- If you're a thief but have a heart of gold under that gruff exterior, feel free to take SOME of Davion's good stuff (powerful magic items). Just take what you can use and leave anything that'll just be sold to some store. Davion might even respect you for it!
- Stealth is an excellent alternative to combat. Very few creatures can easily detect a skilled rogue or invisible wizard and much XP is earned outside of combat.

8. Known Issues/work-a-arounds

- The wings of Tandril are not compatible with the new combat animations. To fix this, whenever this item is activated, your character returns to using standard combat animations. When the item is deactivated, your preferred combat style is again used.

9. Plea for feedback

I hope you enjoy the mod! If you do, let me know what works by posting on the mod's page. If you don't, tell me what's broken. In particular, I'd love feedback on the features (and missing features) listed above.
Warning: this is my first module and my first scripting project of this scope. There are bound to be bugs, so please try to be forgiving.

10. Special Thanks!

- Ragnarok, for the great combat animations! Really, really cool.
- johnnylump, for fixing robe animations with ACP! I kinda borrowed his hak for Dragon’s Teeth, a module that is frickin’ great, sp or mp.
- The CEP team and contributors! Without the CEP, I'd never have made this mod. All those goodies to play with, how can anyone resist?
-Rosietreats for the Adventurer Gear and the ACP_CEP_Anatomy! I'd been trying for months to find a look for my star, and you gave me the answer.
- Jason Robinson for his Smoking Function! What kind of adventurer doesn't smoke a little pipe-weed?
- Timo "Lord Gsox" Bischoff for his "on rest" scripts! I was totally lost until I found these.
- Ossian Studios® Inc. for the awesome Darkness over Daggerford! I borrowed heavily from their very nice tiring system.
- Sir Craven's Baldur's Gate items! I love this stuff in the games; I'm thrilled someone did the hard work of re-creating them.
- Jennifer Daniels, for putting up with my near-constant raving about NW and for playtesting the mod again and again and again.
- Last but certainly not least, Bioware! Do I really need to justify this?

11. Updates as of 9/21/06

- Now features new combat animations!

- Combat styles changed for most human/near human combatants

- Added export character script that removes useless items and prepares characters for

play in non-ACP modules

- Improved vampire’s outfit

- Moved resist effect from Waters of Healing to another object

- Changed requirements for plot progression

- Changed lighting in the following areas: Bedrooms, Master Bedroom, Abandoned Lab-

Lower Level, Study, Phylactery, and Library.

- Added more sound effects to the following areas: Abandoned Lab- Lower Level,

Abandoned Lab- Upper Level, MrE Grove, and Hidden Cave

- Modified the AC of the Evil Freakish Creature

- Modified dexterity of Saman

- Added new vis effect to endgame

- Added floating text and sound to the wall of sound

- Added new equipment to the armory

- Modified the appearance of some items in MrE’s store

- Significantly reduced the power of Mageslayer

- Fixed typo on Waters of Healing

- Made Shryne killable

- Added descriptions to non-generic items and creatures

- Fixed dialogue bug on Stranger in which he believes he asked you to retrieve the sword

whether he did or didn’t

- Made polymorph effect impossible to cancel

- Added ammunition to armory

- Added new, non-generic weapon to Abandoned Lab

- Changed ability check for portal

- Added potions of Fox’s Cunning to alchemy lab (Davion’s)

- Fixed rest script for bedrooms (8 hours instead of 6)

- Fixed endgame dialogue

- Fixed fly-out script at Tower Davion

- Modified several armors for compatibility with ACP

- Adjusted camera speed in cutscene

- Fixed issue with Frah wondering about naked (nearly)

- Increased Mordren’s irritability

- Made alternate appearance of Stranger harder to miss

Updates on 9/30/06
- Made compatible with version 1.68 of NWN

- Removed robes and cloaks incompatible with 1.68, ACP, or both

- Changed door to armory from wood to metal

- Fixed issue with Pather “sleeping” in his clothes

- Changed combat animations for Shinji
Updates on 10/10/06

- Implemented tiring system: every 16 (+ 1 hour per constitution modfier) hours abilities

are reduced by 1 until rest (Copied scripts from the excellent Darkness over


- ACP now supports CEP heads

- Fixed permanent wings issue

- Fixed pipe floating text issue

- Added final quest for player's who choose the evil route!

- Increased constitution and hp of Ruby Golem

- Increased attack, strength, hp of S Ghost

- Increased AC of Degraded Contructs

- Increased attack of Shryne

- Decreased level drain on S Ghost

- Decreased effectiveness of incense burner (only single use now)

- Added additional prison warden

- Fixed typos in the following conversations: Pather, MrE, Journal, and Loisin

- Fixed vanishing effect on Stranger

- Fixed time script for Road to Tower Davion

- Changed Tower Davion area to better hide some objects

- Fixed broken Adventurer's Clothing

- Fixed broken Traveler's Robes

- Fixed camera issue in cutscene

- Changed Shinji armor and weapon to be more samurai-like

- Fixed issue with loss of,and penalty for, stolen goods

- Fixed issue with Claw Ball reseting a variable

- Fixed issue with routines not triggering upon entering Great Hall from outdoors

- Changed bed resting to now require food

- Added two new weapon types to Davion's Armory

- Added additional conversation options with Mr. E.

- Added four new weapon types to Mr. E.'s store

- Modified area outside Tower Davion

- Minor redecoration of the Great Hall

- Increased deadliness of the trap on a particularly useful chest

- Added description to Bracers of the Man-at-Arms

- Added new dialogue to Loisin

- Further increased Mordren's sensitivity to pestering

- Changed routines to end after finale scene

- Added second trigger for finale

- Fixed routine trigger locations

- Fixed music issue with finale scene

- Changed scrolls available in bookcases

- Modified robes and staves in Mr. E. store

- Fixed Farmer dialogue to respond to condition at night

- Adjusted effectiveness of Divine Intervention

- Increased difficulty of armory lock

- Decreased toughness of doors in Abandoned Lab

- Added new option to attack Shryne

- Modified several items in armory

Updates on 10/22/06

- Fixed bug in Truthseer Cave

- Fixed bug with clothing in bedrooms and master bedroom

- Fixed typos in dialogue and descriptions

- Fixed farming script to behave as intended after first farming attempt

- Fixed anvil script to check for skill and to advance time

- Fixed dead-end if on evil path, but completed clawball mission

- Adjusted attack of Prison Wardens

- Adjusted HP of crystal

- Changed fighting style of Evil Twisted Creature

- Changed appearance of Twisted Creature

- Added new items to store

- Increased cost of Sash of Simmering

- Changed message in On Detection

- Altered requirements for learning the portal password

- Adjusted items in armory

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