Testing allele-specific expression of ten putative imprinting genes

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Mai Dang, Purnima Singh, and Piroska E. Szabó,

Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Student Academy

Department of Molecular Biology, Beckman Research Institute, Duarte, California

Department of Chemistry

Genomic printing occurs as one copy of a gene is switched off by a parent-of-origin manner during development. Previous studies have shown associations between this phenomenon and histone modification. In this experiment, ten genes on distal chromosome seven were listed to test for the imprinting activities utilizing RT-PCR and SNuPE assay. The result shown that the two tested genes did not exhibit any parental-specific mono-allelic expression.


Kelley Crater

Department of Biology

From mid May through early August I interned in New Orleans at the Species Survival Center. I assisted with husbandry, enrichment, diet preparation, monitoring animal behavior, pen design and maintenance, and veterinary procedures as they related to general animal care. I also helped with assisted reproduction technology developed by the scientific staff at the Survival Center. I primarily worked with large and small exotic cats, antelope, and 3 species of storks. I worked 40 hours a week for twelve weeks.

the cincinnati zOO and bOTANICAL gARDEN
Julia Travaglini
Department of Biology
This summer, I served as an education intern at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. I worked with children ages 3-15, teaching them about various topics concerning animals. Each age range had a themed program geared towards their learning abilities. Some themes included animal super powers and animal vs. human senses. On weekends, I had the opportunity to work as an animal care intern. I worked mostly with manatees and was able to see what their daily care entailed, including; diet, water maintenance, enrichment, and guest outreach programming. I also got to work with elephants, rhinos, African hoofstock and penguins.

Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal Maleonitriledithiolate Complexes

Ruth Gentry

Department of Chemistry

The focus of this project was synthesizing and characterizing monometallic and bimetallic maloenitiriledithiolate (mnt) compounds. The molecules of these compounds can align themselves in the solid state producing pathways that enable semiconductivity to be exhibited. I was able synthesis and characterize several mnt metal containing compounds and a precursor compound that can be used to make others. I prepared monometallic compounds of the transition metals Ir(III), Os(IV), and Re (IV). The precursor compound I prepared was the tetraphenyl phosphonium (Ph4P+) salt of mnt. This compound has a greater solubility range than the analogous sodium salt. In addition, I worked with bimetallic compounds of copper and nickel with phenyl mercury attempting to elucidate the structures of these to explore their electrical conductivity.

Physical Therapy Observation Hours
at the Cleveland Clinic

April Hung

Department of Biology

Physical therapy is an effective technique to help patients progressively recover to normal human physical functions.  The process of becoming a physical therapist, while extensive, can be quite rewarding.  An approximate range of 80-100 hours of observation must be obtained prior to applying to physical therapy schools.  The Cleveland Clinic is an excellent place for observation because it provides numerous settings.  Through a co-worker who is acquainted with a physical therapist at the Clinic, contact information was attained and then the internship was set up through the volunteer services department.  One hundred and twenty-three total hours were acquired from the different physical therapy departments throughout
the summer.


Cessna Cubbison Nichols

Conservation Science Program

I conducted a diversity survey of darter species (small, freshwater fish) in Muskingum County, Ohio during the summer and early fall of 2008. I used seining and electroshocking techniques at two locations. Because darters are good water quality indicators, this survey will provide the foundation for an overall assessment of stream water quality in this area. 

Nesting Success of Grassland Birds on a Reclaimed Surface Mine

Alissa Anderson*, Kyle Axe, and Jim Siford

Conservation Science Program

*Department of Biology
Degraded lands are becoming one of the United States most abundant land areas. With this type of land numerous studies are being done on succession rates of animals, and how they reproduce. During the summer of 2008 we compared nesting success of grassland birds on a reclaimed surface mine. Ten different plots measuring 150 M by 150M were established representing different approaches to autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata) removal: The restoration treatment included; controls, mechanical removal, and herbicide treatment. Ropes were drug weekly through the plots to flush birds off of their nests. The nest was then marked using marking flags, and nesting data was recorded. Nests were revisited at least once a week to check the nesting success of the nesting bird species. Several species of birds were observed including; Grasshopper sparrows, Killdeer, Mockingbirds, Robins, Redwinged Blackbirds, Eastern Meadowlarks, Woodcocks, Field Sparrows, and the endangered Henslow Sparrow. The experiment will be ongoing for years to come but form the data retrieved this summer it
seems that over all there is about an even rate of nest success to
nest failure.


Kylie Johnson

Conservation Science Program

It is widely recognized that freshwater mussels are considered to be a “keystone taxon” due to their critical functional roles and impacts on other organisms within aquatic ecosystems. In addition, bivalve mollusks have become of considerable interest in recent years as biological indicator species for use in environmental monitoring programs. Bivalve mollusks have demonstrated generally high tolerance levels to anoxia in invertebrate comparative studies, and it has been found that survival in anoxic conditions serves as an indicator for the presence of environmental stresses such as pollution. In this study, the stress-induced responses due to anoxic conditions achieved through aerial exposure were studied in unionid mussels by extracting hemolymph from the invertebrates using pericardial catheters. Stress levels were determined as a function of catecholamine concentration via HPLC-EC.
The first experimental test exposed a group of freshwater mussels to anoxic conditions for a 24 hour period, with the results showing increased dopamine and norepinephrine levels in the hemolymph after the 24 hour period when compared to time 0. These results suggest that the experimental conditions may have initially activated the stress response since these neurochemicals act as pre-cursors for epinephrine. A second group of samples will be analyzed after remaining in anoxic conditions for a 48 hour period to determine if significant elevations of epinephrine can be induced. This study will provide insight into the effects of stress-responses in freshwater mussels, of which little is currently known. The resistance capabilities of freshwater mussels to anoxic conditions will also present useful information for future use of unionids as biological indicators of stream and ecosystem quality.

Synthesis of Uranyl Peroxide Nanospheres, Dimers, and Monomers

Brittany Weaver

Department of Chemistryr

The uranium mineral studtite, (UO2)O2(H2O), is often found on the surface of stored nuclear wastes. It is formed through a reaction with peroxide created by alpha radiolysis of water at room temperature. It is proposed that safer nuclear waste storage can be achieved through the formation of uranium nanoclusters in crystalline form. These clusters are synthesized by dissolving uranyl nitrate in water, adding peroxide, and adjusting the pH to basic levels. The incorporation of lanthanides, inorganic salts, and organic acids has been shown to create fullerene type structures upon allowing the solutions to evaporate at room temperature conditions. Of these fullerene type structures, U60 is the most significant discovery. Fullerene like substances such as U24, U36, and U44 have also been synthesized in this manner.

Summer Internship at Muscatatuck
National Wildlife Refuge

Andrew Houze

Department of Biology

This summer I had an internship at the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge in Seymour, IN. This internship was a great learning experience in a variety of different biological fields. I participated in multiple research projects, including a copperbelly water snake study and bathymetric study that will be used to manage waterfowl habitat. I also got to continue my wildland firefighting career, by going out west on another 18 day firefighting detail. Working for the Fish and Wildlife Service opened my eyes to several job possibilities for me to shoot for after I graduate.

Katie Easley

Neuroscience Program

Both 3-4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA; a.k.a. Ecstasy) and methamphetamine (MA) are common drugs of abuse that have been shown to cause long-lasting neurological impairments especially in regions of learning and memory. This experiment tested the effects of MDMA and MA administration on neuronal systems by studying the effects of the drugs on both γ-amino butyric acid (GABA) and enkephalin (ENK) mRNA levels. Male Sprague Dawley rats were injected with 4 doses every 2 hours over a 6-hour period of either MDMA (10 mg/kg) or MA (10 mg/kg) or saline (SAL), and brain tissue was collected 1 h after the final dose. The brains were then serially sectioned (at 10 μm) throughout the prefrontal cortex, striatum, and dorsal hippocampus using a Microm cryostat, thaw-mounted onto VWR micro slides and processed for the in situ hybridization localization of ENK and GAD mRNAs using 35S-labeled cRNA probes. Film autoradiographs were analyzed by densitometry using Scion Image software to compare densities of hybridization (mean corrected gray level) in the prefrontal cortex (PFC), anterior cingulate cortex, frontal cortex, somatosensory cortex, striatum, piriform cortex, and hippocampus. Overall, MDMA and MA were found to have and effect on the mRNA levels of GAD and mRNA in areas associated with learning, memory, and locomotion.


Camelia M. Petre and Johannes Strobel

Department of Physics and Engineering

Nowadays as we are approaching the 40th celebration of the Apollo 11 moon landing, it is already known that 400,000 engineers, managers, technicians, doctors, astronauts, and other employees of NASA and aerospace contractors served in key roles during the Apollo Era. However, due to the fact that over the years society and media focused their attention mostly on the astronauts and not on the people behind them, the team is conducting a qualitative research to define how the engineers involved in the moon race constructed their identity throughout their career, what role such an event played in cross-generational stories, and how they perceived themselves in the play of politics.
Hundreds of engineers that worked in different departments at NASA on the Apollo, Gemini and Mercury projects were contacted and one hour long interviews with several of them were already conducted. The interviews are audio recorded, because the final objective of this study is to assemble an online library which will include the audio and text format of these discussions, links to other online sources treating the subject of the moon landing, and conclusions drawn from analyzing data from this research.

This research project is putting all these people in the spotlight in an attempt to celebrate their life and give them credit for their overwhelming achievements.

The Affects of Husbandry Situations on the Levels of Cortisol in Persian Onagers
(Equus Hemionus Onager)

Jessica Turner, Jim Dooley, and Mandy Vick

Conservation Science Program

Endocrinology can be a valuable tool in preserving biodiversity by developing insight to promote reproductive success for endangered animals. Levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, can be elevated because of environmental and physiological occurrences.. Prolonged stress can result in failure of reproductive function and it can negatively impact immune system development. A sample group of 11 female Persian Onagers was used in this experiment. These individual Onagers will be divided into two groups. Cortisol levels were measured at three separate phases and it was compared between individual groups. Group one had cortisol measured while they were in pasture, with minimum human interaction. They were then moved to the yard and cortisol would be measured immediately. Two months later cortisol would be measured again to show recovery. Over all there is a significance difference in cortisol levels in the groups.

Conservation Education Internship at Sea World Adventure Park (Orlando, FL)

Jessica Lade

Conservation Science Program

As an intern at Sea World in Orlando, Florida I was an instructor of various day camp programs throughout the summer. The day camp programs involved conservation curriculum, animal facts, daily shows, and various activities to develop the children’s understanding of marine habitats.
This internship involved camp instruction but also management and complete immersion into the education program Sea World Orlando. I developed new knowledge about marine animals and learned new techniques on how to manage children in the camp atmosphere. This helped build on skills acquired while interning at the Cincinnati Zoo the previous summer.


Emily Brown

Department of Biology

Physical therapists are in high demand these days. This specific job requires individuals who love working hands on with patients. PT’s work in inpatient hospital settings as well as outpatient clinics/offices and even some schools. Setting up an internship at the Rehabilitation Services is very easy and a must for anyone who is interested in becoming a physical therapist. Seeing the therapists’ daily routine interacting with patients gives the intern an eye-opening experience, and they can find out if it is what they are really interested in becoming. I interned at CMH Rehabilitation in both the outpatient and inpatient clinics. During the summer I saw several different rehab cases which included rotator cuff tears, ACL injuries, Lymphadema, and post-stroke patients to name a few. The pros outweigh the cons in this profession and I fully recommend interning with a physical therapist as a must for all undergraduate pre-physical therapy students.
Comparison of Stream Morphology in Headwater Catchments that have and have not been Surface-Mined: Collins Fork and Salt Creek Catchments

Matt Konkler

Department of Geology

My Muskingum Summer Fellowship project was to examine stream morphology in a headwater catchment that has been affected by a large amount of surface mining (Collins Fork) and contrast those findings with stream morphology in a headwater catchment that has not been surface mined (Salt Creek). My project involved the following steps: 1) GIS analysis of both the Collins Fork catchment and Salt Creek catchment streams using techniques developed by Rosgen and Silvey (1998), 2) Field survey of selected streams in the two catchments verifying the results of the GIS analysis, 3) Survey of streams in the Collins Fork catchment, 4) This data was mapped using GPS for incorporation into the GIS database, 5) Spatial analysis of the distribution of the various stream types, and 6) Statistical analysis of the data to look for trends and differences between the surface mined and undisturbed catchments. My final results will be presented during the spring poster sessions and at the Northeastern Regional GSA meeting.


Nathan Hedge

Environmental Science Program

Over the summer of 2008, I worked directly with the Environmental Scientist, Robert Roberti, and with the Director of Safety, Dennis Kirby at R. W. Sidley, a concrete batching industry and sand mining company. As part of the internship, I researched and completed air quality permits and storm water permits for the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. In order to make sure that the company was operating in an environmental friendly state, I traveled to other concrete batch plants observing their operations and reported environmental and safety concerns found. I also assisted in presenting health and safety precautions to large groups of workers for the company. With the director of safety we also posted health and safety notifications at all entrances of the plants. We also went to all the concrete batch plants and conducted air monitoring test on individuals. I also trained for a 30 hour OSHA certification , and will be receiving the certificate later this fall. I also inspected the mines and concrete batch plants with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Association) and MSHA (Mining Safety and Health Association) inspectors. For two weeks I researched and tested polymers and flocculants from Tramfloc, Inc. for use in the settling ponds. My test found that the flocculant 304 was most effective.
Through this internship I was able to obtain a good understanding of what to look for in order for an industry to run environmentally safe. A major concern of mine and the advisors at R.W. Sidley was that at the end of the day every worker is able to go home to their family at night. For this reason, Mr. Roberti, Mr. Kirby and I always made sure to take good care of all the employees and make sure everything ran great and that they had all the safety equipment which was needed. I feel my biggest accomplishment in my internship was studying and filling out the different air and water acts as these are the areas I am interested in pursuing a career in.

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