Test: The Times of Davening

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Test: The Times of Davening

  1. If you woke up late on morning and it is into the fourth hour of the day what should you do?

  2. Your plane is leaving at 4:45 am and you don’t think that you will be able to daven on the airplane later what should you do?

  3. You are making an afternoon chasunah and you want to start the meal around 12:30 what should you do?

  4. You haven’t davened at all yet today and you realize it is 20 minutes until chatzos what should you do?

  5. What if it is already chatzos?

  6. You get home from work and your wife has dinner waiting on the table can you eat before davening?

  7. If you were involved from late afternoon with tzorchai Tzibbur and you finished around 3:45 am, Amud Hashachar was 3:27, what should you do?

  8. You take your afternoon brake from the Yeshiva and you stopped by a shul that is davening Mincha Gedolah in ten minutes, can you daven with them? What if you have four appointments in a row lined up for this afternoon?

  9. You lost track of time and you remember that you haven’t davened Minchah you consult your calendar and realize that shkiyah is in 30 seconds what should you do?

  10. You wake up in the morning and your head is cloudy what can you do to get ready for davening?

  11. Your boss calls at 5:30 am how do you greet him?

  12. He asks you to take care of this urgent project, (the amount of work is minimal), what should you do?

  13. What if it is an in-depth time consuming project?

  14. It is the beginning of the zman and your chavrusa says that the only time he can learn is 1 hour before davening, can you set up to learn with him?

  15. Its 6:30 am and you just want to crawl into bed for a few more minutes of sleep before davening what can you do?

  16. Hershel made a very greasy lunch and you are feeling drowsy can you take a little snooze in the afternoon if you haven’t davened yet.

  17. You davened minchah around 5:00 pm then you got involved in a project, (Tzeis is at 7:13 pm) what should you do about mariv?

  18. Your wife woke up with a sore throat and the snuffles and she really needs some medicine can you run over to the pharmacy to get some medicine before davening?

  19. You are really concerned about a few of your major clients’ portfolios and you would like to check the closing prices form yesterday can you do it before davening?

  20. You are in a place where there is no minyan, you have to leave at 6:00 am, Neitz is around 6:15 when is the earliest time you can daven Krias Shema, Sheemoneh Esrei, Birchos Hashachar, put on tefillin, and tallis?

  21. You started a project that was important to you 1 hour before Amud Hashachar, it dragged on what should you do?

  22. Your mother calls from the states at 7:15 am just before you were planning on running out the door to daven, there is a later minyan, what should you do?

  23. You get home from yeshiva, its shana rishonah, and your wife really wants to talk about some important things, what should you do about mariv?

  24. You left your tefillin at your friends apartment, you head over there before davening to get them how should you handle greeting him.

  25. You are a big coffee drinker, how should you arrange your morning routine in order to do the ratzon Hashem?

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