Telling Tales: Narcissus by Andrew Bernhardt

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Telling Tales: Narcissus


Andrew Bernhardt

NEWS READER: He was hot.

He was cool.

He was the greatest.

So what happened?

How did Narcissus rise so high, only to fall so low?

Exclusive here on Apollo TV, we'll tell you the full story.

Narcissus was only three days old when his parents were warned.

WOMAN: He will be the most handsome boy ever known. 11:03:35.24 But this blessing will also be a curse, he must never, ever see his own reflection, or he will lose everything.
NEWS READER: But he wasn't just a pretty face, oh no, the boy had talent.
REFEREE: Fifty, Narcissus wins first prize, but hard luck to AMMONIAS with forty nine, a very close second.
NARCISSUS: Surely you don't mind coming second, to me in well, just about everything?
NARCISSUS: In fact, you can call me the great NC.
AMMONIAS: Great NC? What kind of name is that?
NEWS READER: Ammonias was like a brother to Narcissus and protected him from seeing his own reflection.

But Narcissus was changing and Ammonias was worried.

NARCISSUS: What do they see? What am I like? Who am I?
NEWS READER: Meet Angus Apollo owner of a Apollo TV
ANGUS APOLLO: Don't worry kid, that is the face of a star.
CONTINUITY: Up next it's all about NC, where the handsome athletic Narcissus will be interviewing himself and singing his latest hit, ' why am I so beautiful? '

[Narcissus singing]
AMMONIAS: You've got to slow down. The newspapers are starting to say you're too vain, too selfish, too..
NARCISSUS: Gorgeous? Yes I know, isn't it great?
AMMONIAS: Uh, but.
NARCISSUS: Bye, loser.
NEWS READER: With Ammonias gone, Narcissus had no one to protect him from his reflection. Meanwhile Ammonias, he had other plans.

[Guitar music]
NEWS READER: Narcissus was in trouble.
ANGUS APOLLO: I know you're number one. But you've got to show the world, that boy is going places. You need to think of something.
NARCISSUS: I, the most handsome man in history will end my performance with a five hundred metre dive.
NEWS READER: But narcissus had forgotten something.
WOMAN: He must never ever see his own reflection or he will lose everything.
NARCISSUS: I, I, I truly am the most gorgeous man that ever li, live, lived!!!!
WOMAN 2: You know he looks sort of stupid.
REPORTER: Let's face it, narcissus is so yesterday.

But who needs gorgeous when exclusively here on Apollo TV we can bring you the latest sensation.

et's hear it for Ammonias.

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