Technical Support Setup Procedure

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Technical Support Setup Procedure

FAQ : How to Configure Schedule Reboot on DSL-2750E

Release date : 1/10/2014
Model Support : DSL-2750E
H/W: V1

Technical Support Setup Procedure

How to Configure Schedule Reboot on DSL-2750E

Step 1: Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and etc. On the Address bar, enter the LAN IP Address of the DSL-2750E. The default ip address is Press ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard.

Note: Please enter the new ip address of the router if you have changed it.

Step 2: A login screen will appear, type in the User Name and Password as “admin” all in lower case (This is the default setting, please enter the new username and password if you have changed it). Click on the Log In button.

Step 3: You are now at the DSL-2750E web interface. Click on “Advanced>Schedule Reboot”.

You may enable ‘Schedule Reboot’ function to set a countdown timer for the router to reboot automatically.

  1. Click on “Enable” button.

  2. Configure the reboot schedule (Sun-Sat) and insert the timer.

  3. Click “Apply” button.

FAQ : How to Configure Schedule Reboot on DSL-2750E

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