Technical description of bvf pdf-files for printing Технические характеристики pdf файлов для печати

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Technical description of BVF pdf-files for printing
Технические характеристики pdf файлов для печати
Colour settings: = Настройки цвета:
Photos and illustrations are in CMYK format

Colour profile: ColorCopy_ECI2002_uncoated U280 K100 9-5

Фотографии и иллюстрации в CMYK формате

Цветовой профиль: ColorCopy_ECI2002_uncoated U280 K100 9-5

Printer settings: = Настройки печати:
Scitex Dolev800 PS L2

A4 extra, portrait = A4 extra, книжная ориентация

Crop marks = Метки обреза
Printing out pdf document in laser printer = Печать pdf документов на лазерном принтере
Set print scaling to: None = Установить масштабирование для печати: нет
Printer summary:
Print Preset: [Custom]

Printer: Scitex Dolev800 PS L2

PPD: Scitex Dolev800 PS L2

PPD File: C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\DL800.PPD


Copies: 1

Collate: N/A

Reverse Order: Off

Pages: All

Sequence: All Pages

Spreads: Off

Print Master Pages: Off

Print Layers: Visible & Printable Layers

Print Non-printing Objects: Off

Print Blank Pages: Off

Print Visible Guides and Baseline Grids: Off


Paper Size: A4Extra

Paper Width: 235,4 mm

Paper Height: 322,4 mm

Page Orientation: Portrait

Paper Offset: N/A

Paper Gap: N/A

Transverse: N/A

Scaling: 100%

Constrain Proportions: On

Page Position: Centered

Thumbnails: Off

Tiling: Off
Marks and Bleed

Crop Marks: On

Bleed Marks: Off

Registration Marks: Off

Color Bars: Off

Page Information: Off

Printer Mark Type: Default

Crop Mark Weight: 0.25 pt

Mark Offset from Page: 2,117 mm

Use Document Bleed Settings: On

Bleed Top: 0 mm

Bleed Bottom: 0 mm

Bleed Inside: 3 mm

Bleed Outside: 3 mm

Include Slug Area: Off

Color: Composite CMYK

Text As Black: Off

Trapping: N/A

Flip: None

Negative: N/A

Screening: Default

Simulate Overprint: Off


Send Data: Optimized Subsampling

Download: Complete

Download PPD Fonts: On

PostScript®: Level 2

Data Format: ASCII

Color Management

Document Profile: ColorCopy_ECI2002_uncoated U280 K100 9-5

Color Handling: Let InDesign Determine Colors

Printer Profile: Document CMYK - ColorCopy_ECI2002_uncoated U280 K100 9-5

Preserve CMYK Numbers: On

Proof Profile: N/A

Simulate Paper Color: N/A

Print as Bitmap: N/A

Bitmap Resolution: N/A

OPI Image Replacement: Off

EPS: Off

PDF: Off

Bitmap Images: Off

Transparency Flattener Preset: [Medium Resolution]

Ignore Spread Overrides: Off

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